Trade Shows 2022

Apparently there will be a Destination Dallas in 2022 and both a virtual (April 9-10) and an in-person spring trade show in Atlanta (March 19-20).   Here is the Atlanta trade show website.

Some of the shops have started doing sneak peaks.  Stitch by Stitch Larchmont has previews from Zecca, Pippin, Kate Dickerson, Eye Candy, PLD, Patricia Sone, Love You More and Needlepaint, Cooper Oaks, and DJ Designs plus new designers (ELF Needlepoint, Halcyon House, Initial K, Mimi in Stitches, Mopsey Designs) I hadn't heard of.

More from Stitch by Stitch Larchmont:  Alice Peterson (but no Gayla Elliott), painted canvases from Tilli Thomas (the owner of Planet Earth), and Melissa Shirley.

A great summary of many new designs from quite a few designers from Stitch by Stitch.

Chandail has set up a page for new Market items on their website.

Another shop has started posting the new canvases.  This time it's Labors of Love.

Pocket Full of Stitches has joined the parade of new items.  They also identify the designer, which is nice.

Here is Knotted Needle's Market Peak page from their website.

Here's Megan (of St. Louis Clubhouse) in a video about what's been happening at Market in Atlanta.  Guest apprearance by Patrica Sone, Jinny of Stitch Style,  and many more.

BeStitched also has a New From Market page.

Waste Knot in Virginia has posted a batch of photos of their new canvases on their Facebook page.

There are laying tools, too.

Wool and Willow has posted new things on their Facebook page.

Enriched Stitch shows off some of their market finds.

NJNA has a review of their favorite new canvases.

The Needlepoint Clubhouse has a video of new designs on their Facebook page and they have a section on their website, too.  (second link below)

Stitching Fox has a page of 2022 Atlanta Market finds on their website now.

M's Canvashouse has posted new designs in a photo album on their Facebook page.

Third Coast Stitches has added a New Arrivals section to their website.

Stitch by Stitch Larchmont showcases the new items from the virtual needlepoint show.


SJ Designs' newest book is ready.  These are Renaissance period designs.  Fifty are included and twenty of those are charted.

"Box Turtle with May Apples" is new from Canvas and Thread.

Alice Peterson has new scissors.

Mindy has a new flowers and dots design that fits the Turtle Bags.

Raymond Crawford's "Hawaii" is new.  Gussie at Needlepoint Etc. in Honolulu will be doing a guide for this.

The "Penelope Rabbit" gingham heart is new from Mary Tussey.

"Farmer's Market Florals is new from Stitch Rock.

Stitch Stash has a new artist-Opera Stitch.  If you are a fan of opera, these ornaments are for you.

Annie Lane has added Day Four to her 12 Days of Christmas DOGS set.

ThreadworX has added new colors to their line of overdyed cotton flosses.

If you are a fan of blue and white, you'll want to check out the chinoiserie needle minders from Judy Tasch.

There's a new sled from Anne Fisher, exclusive to KC Needlepoint.

Pippin Studio's "Watercolour Heart" is lovely.

"Apple Tree Wedding" sampler is the latest printed needlepoint design kitted with wool from Jolly Red.

Sally Corey Designs/PLD has a lovely "Pucci Fantasy."

Needlepoint by Sharese has a darling Mrs. Santa stocking cuff that can be customized.  (See other photo)

There's a matching Santa's outfit stocking cuff, too.

New from Mindy--"Just Dance."

Morgan Julia's latest is the "Derby Bar Cart."

JudyAnn's "Tiger Santa" is available as a stocking...

...and as a standup.

The Meredith Collection has two new cacti Big Buddies to stick your needles to.

Lynda Cook Designs has a cute as a bug scissors case and matching fob.

Prarie Designs Needlepoint has two new bunnies.

JP Needlepoint's Christmas otter ornament is sweet and charming.

But my favorite is JP's seahorse Christmas ornament.

NeedlePaint has great printed Mother's Day ornaments available as kits and I think canvas only, too.

New design all moms will love from Needlepoint by Sharese.

Kelmscott Design has added four scissors fobs to their line of stitching accessories.

Kimberly has a new set of needlepoint tool accessorites called "My Gypsy Soul."  There are six designs, each of which comes with her stitch guide, for a scissors case and fob, a frame weight, a biscornu and needle book.  An optional thread kit is available.

"Provincal Squares" are new small designs from Ann Hanson at Barbara's Needlepoint.

"Red Foxes at Spring Mountain" is new from JudyAnn.

The Quarter Stitch has little jazz pieces for fans.

New from Strictly Christmas--the patriotic Christmas tree stocking.

JP Needlepoint now has eight individual Ukrainian egg canvases.

Raymond Crawford's sparkle unicorn canvas will be available laste summer 2022.

Raymond Crawford has new colors in his striped Christmas ornament series.

Textured Treasures has a new chart--"Intersections."

"Spicy Margarita" is new from Morgan Julia Designs.  There's a matching magnet, too!

Judi and Co.'s "Pineapples" is very colorful!

Walker's Needlepoint has fun new Valentine or winter-themed small designs from a new artist, Marnie Long.  Love those birds!

JP Needlepoint's "Japanese Fans" is perfect for Asian-themed canvas lovers.

Rachel Barri Designs has new nutcracker designs and a summer toile that I think beautiful.

Glorifilia has a new "Stitching Made Easy" collection of small designs that can be coasters.  The set is also available assembled in a pillow design.  Note these are kits with a printed design.  Wool is available for an extra payment.

Moore Stitching's celebration of Queen Elizabeth II's 70th year on the throne is lovely.

She's got a great Queen Elizabeth silhouette, too.

J. Child's "Candy Cane Beach Chairs" is a perfect summer stitch.

A Poore Girl Paints has a wonderful little wedding ornament.

Annie Lane is starting a "Twelve Days of Christmas Dogs" series.  The first three designs are finishing.

Ewe and Eye has a new winter bird canvas on 13 count. has a hilarious new "stitching assistant" magnet.  I don't know if it comes in a dog version.

The latest needle magnets from Accoutrement Designs are miniature color wheels that actually work.

Kimberly shows off her latest design, off to be reproduced for our stitching pleasure.

Kathy Rees of Needle Delights Originals has new designs and classes coming soon.

Lee/Colonial Needle has a new "happy thoughts" series.

Gone Stitching's "Colorful Elephants" is charming and a good stash buster.

Alice Peterson has three new hamsa designs on 13 count. has a new line of sayings kits they call Sassy Pants.  Funny!

Alice Peterson shows off the new "Spring Nature Girl" and her fox from Gayla Elliott.

The "Fire Truck Santa Delivery" ornament is brand new from Needlepoint by Sharese.

Judy Tasch Needlepoint has added lots of sayings and spring designs plus new magnets to their line.

Morgan Julia Designs will add an Easter bar cart "in a few months."

Canvas and Thread has a lovely rabbit and daffodils piece.

Jean Smith's "Bunny in My Garden" is gorgeous.

Kitty and Me Designs has two wonderful chick and bunny eggs.

Strictly Christmas has a lovely Easter bunny stocking.

Strictly Christmas also has a fun bunny gift tag.

"Rocky Mountain Sunrise" is new from Blue Ridge Stitchery.

JudyAnn has a new Ireland egg for fans of the Irish countryside.

Judy Keenan's "Boston Terrier"is a fabulous new design from Canvas and Thread.

Morgan Julia has two new food inspired designs.

Audry Wu's newest design are passport arrival stamps. 

NeedlePaint has four new blue and white chinoisere egg shapes.

Barbara's Needlepoint also has a new Ann Hanson chocolate bunny in two sizes and shapes.

Barbara's Needlepoint has a limited run of these new bunny eggs from Cindy and Beth.

SJ Designs will release a series of small charts called "Jewels of the Byzantine" as a chart book at the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023.  

Annie Lane has a new series inspired by Downton Abbey.

Emma's Bear and Popcorn kits from the UK are charming and suitable for new stitchers.

Lauren Bloch's "Castle with Stars" is available with a silver or gold background.

Starke Art reveals their newest designs on YouTube.

Meredith Collection has two new traditional designs from Harrison Howard Design.

I adore Raymond Crawford's new "Hula Girl."  Six inches tall on 18 count.

EyeCandy has a new Easter train set.  Bunny-chick-carrot cuteness!

Fiori Designs/Chris Lewis Distributing sells these lovely blue and white star tulip designs.

Needlepoint by Sharese's "Peter Rabbit Sugar Egg" now has a female companion egg.  Use the left side arrow to see Peter Rabbit.

Edie and Ginger/CBK have a series of "happy place" signs that resemble license plates.

"Daffodils" is new from Carol Curtis Needlepoint Design.

Morgan Julia Designs' "Gin and Tonic" will be available late summer 2022.

Laura Perin is releasing her "Easter Egg Hunt" class as a charted design.

Laura Love Designs has a new Ukrainian clutch chart available.

Kate Dickerson has inserts for the new Planet Earth passport covers.

NeedlePaint has a new gingerbread house kit.

Melissa Shirley has new Vicki Sawyer designs.

The Melissa Shirley website has been updated to include the new Vicki Sawyers.

Textured Treasures has a new sampler chart, available in late April.

Alice Peterson has four new food-themed sayings.

Stitch Style's Dog Park ornament series is darling. Free stitch guides included with each canvas.

"The Beachcomber" is new from Kelly Clark.  She's stitching this to teach at Chandail in the spring.

If you like romantic designs that echo the 1920s, you'll want to see VS Designs' latest lady on the terrace.

"Faith and Grace Sip and Stitch" is the newest ornament from Needlepoint by Sharese.  The stitch guide will also be available soon.

Cloisonne Eggs from JP Needlepoint is finished.

Jolly Red has two new kits--Bouncin' Blue Cat and Brighter Days Daffodils.

Kate Dickerson has added a starfish to their Five Shells series.  Available in both colorways.

Kate has a great new mermaid and a fun flamingo, too.

Painted Pony has four new angels for their iconic series.

Stitch Style's latest are Christmas PJ designs.

Kate Dickerson has posted more new canvases on Facebook.

Three ornaments from Alice Peterson.

PLD (formerly Julia Mar) has updated their website with their new creations.

The Wool and the Floss shows off new Pippin designs.  I like Nine Dogs myself.

Pip and Roo has a new stacked animals canvas with a cow, a sheep and goose.

Needlepoint for Fun shows off buckle kits from Superfine Stitches.

New from Love You More.  Use the side arrows to see them all.

More new Kate Dickerson.

New from Stitch Style.

Colors of Praise has listed new designs on their Instagram page.  Use the right side arrow beside the parrot picture to see them all.

VNG has eight new snowglobes designs.  Use the right side arrow to see them all.

A Stitch in Time is posting new designs from their line on their Instagram page.  I adore White Roses and the Mermaid Lemonade piece that is finished as a can.

Maggie has a new cats on a bus design.

Here's a video of Tina Griffin's display at market.

JudyAnn has three new Ukrainian-themed egg designs.

Kate Dickerson shows off two animal designs from a new artist, Sarah Saltus.

Love You More has these fun pumpkins.

This hilarious stitching girl canvas I think is from Gayla Elliott.

The Meredith Collection has new designs from Ellen Skidmore, Ken Swinson, and Harrison Howard. has five new Needlepoint to Go printed canvases:  three travel oriented and two signs.

The Meredith Collection now has basketball themed states.

Anne Fisher has three new magnets to match some of her designs, too.  The second link is to a video of her newest things on display in Atlanta.

Here's a closeup of Kate Dickerson's new Easter rabbit basket.

Rachel Donley now has four new needleminders to match her most popular canvases.

Needlepoint by Sharese's latest is "Faith and Grace Have a Garden Tea Party."

New from Patti Mann's Rose Hill calender girls collection.

My Pink Sugar Life has a really charming blue and white bunny.

Rachel Donley has quite a few new small inserts.

New from Alice Peterson and Gayla Elliott.

Two new Asian abstracts from Mindy-

Tapestry Fair shows off six of their new pieces.

New French floral scissors case and fob from Rachel Barri Designs.

Alice Peterson has two new Stitch and Zip designs.

More Zecca, animals, a bird and fish this time.

New from Melissa Shirley and Mary Lake-Thompson.  Use the right side arrow to see all 28 pictures.

Or visit Melissa's website.

Kristin Gatch of Good Buy Needlepoint has a new opera ornament series.  Very cool!

She's just added Madam Butterfly.

Eye Candy has a fun Halloween ornament series and some darling flower carts.

Raymond Crawford has a new snowman design, available in three sizes/shapes.

Raymond also has a new series of 5x5 designs for the 6x6 Planet Earth self-finishing boxes.  Use the right side arrow to see all three sets.

Hilarious new sign from A Poore Girl Paints.

New from Zecca--colorful butterflies and feathers. (And a raccoon stealing cupcakes. LOL) now has tooth fairy designs.

Plum Stitchery has a new Alice and Wonderland series, all in blue and white, plus a series of shells and flowers.

New design and new designer--Tout La Mond Needlepoint.

If you like florals with dragonflies, you'll want to see this new larger design on 13 count from The Quarter Stitch in New Orleans.

This new portrait of Iris Apfel is from Kate Dickerson.  Miss Apfel just turned 100, by the way.

So Gayla Elliott of Alice Peterson has a portrait of Iris, too.

This Iris portrait from KCN isn't new but it's lovely.

"The Queen's Jubilee Crown" kit is new from Appleton.

The Quarter Stitch has a new design from Clementine Hunter called The Blue Door.

New from Penny Macleod--

Stitch Rock's needlepoint kilim collection is new.

"Mermaid's Chandelier" is brand new from Barbara Elmore.

"Playing Cards" is new from Lycette.

Barbara's Needlepoint has a new shamrock-themed strawberry and egg from Ann Hanson.

This New York themed floral is new from Bad Bitch Needlepoint.  Right now it's a shop exclusive at Stitch by Stitch Larchmont.

Morgan Julia is introducing four new designs today.  There's a pink cowboy boot, Christmas and chocolate chip cookies and a drink can.

Feeling like a New Orleans-style party?  Morgan Julia has a new Mardi Gras-themed bar cart.

Accoutrement Designs has a new "shop" series of needle minders.  Here are the Cafe and the Needlepoint Shop.

Judy Tasch has four new small ornaments in pink and green, all on 13 count.  I adore the larger pink ginger jar, though.

Textured Treasures has a new counted design.

Machelle Somerville has been busy.  She has a new floral and a group of new stocking cuffs.

Lynda Cook Designs has a lovely small calla lily piece.  If you aren't a fan of calla lilies, check out the varied florals available in her Etsy shop (link below).

It's available in her Etsy shop.

Giddy Paperie has branched out into needlepoint canvases.  They have a blue and white collection and a straw purse collection.

Mindy has two new canvases sized for the Turtle Bag side windows.  The first is Asian-inspired, in muted colors.  The second is sunflowers and bright with color.

Morgan Julia is introducing "Pub Sub" as her latest food inspired treat.

The Quarter Stitch has a new design from Clementine Hunter.  This is "Festival at Melrose" which is where she spent most of her life.  

Mary Engelbreit's newest is a bunny that's a companion to her Cherry Santa.

Jolly Red's latest traditional kit features dachshunds. It can be done as a glasses case or open for a small pillow

"Spinning Silk" is also new from Alice and Blue.

"Olive Branch" is brand new from Alice and Blue.

The Meredith Collection's latest series is called "Teeny Towns."  Each little ornament spotlights a town or state.

NeedlePaint has a new ornament series-- endangered and threatened species.

The Mardi Gras Star is from Beth and Cindy at Barbara's Needlepoint.  Available in two sizes.  The larger one can be painted on 13 or 18 count.  Contact the shop for details.

This charming Christmas ornament from Needlepoint by Sharese shows Lynn's cats wrapping their Christmas presents.  Lynn's stitch guide will be available with the canvas later this spring.

JP Needlepoint has a series of cloisonne butterflies.  Here are four but there are more.

JudyAnn's new "Moonlit Koi" is fabulous.

Raymond Crawford's new polar bear is charming.

Needlepoint by Sharese has a new simple but elegant Christmas ornament.

Morgan Julia in collaboration with Packed Party has the new Party Animal canvas.

Texturd Treasures has a new lovely charted geometric.

Colour Complements has reintroduced two overdyes from past years and added two new colors to their thread line.

Two new heart themed items from Mindy.  Use the side arrows to see the second.

Pocket Full of Stitches has posted photos of new Maggie designs on their blog.

Mindy is on a roll!  She has a new series of seashore initials sized for Turtle bags that is fabulous...

...and a fun "Color Your World" canvas with crayons.

In honor of Valentine's Day, JudyAnn has added lots of new heart designs to her Etsy shop.'s latest printed canvas kit is "Outrage."  Clutch your pearls in ironic style!

New from Annie Lane are characters from Stitchton Abby.

Emily G has a series of self finishing cuffs under the NPJ Design's name.

Penny Linn has a new Advent sleigh design plus cute baby things called "Babt Months" to stitch and put in the photo with the little one to mark their growth.  She has also created a series of Firsts ornaments.  See them all here.

Abigail Cecile's latest is her three "Victorian Valentines" e-download chart pack which includes instructions, stitch diagrams and stitch guides.

NeedlePaint has ten new printed Easter-themed designs.

The"Southwest Modern Collection" is new from Initial K Studio.

Morgan Julia's first piece in her planned "brunch" series is eggs Benedict. has four new "Vacation Girls" in their NP to Go printed canas collection.

EyeCandy's Bejeweled Bargello 2 series of charts are now shipping.

New from Annie Lane--"Cardinal Knowledge."

Ashley Dillion has a birdhouse trio complete with cardinals and chickadees available from Susan Roberts.

Zecca has two new bird canvases featuring chickens and flamingos for your stitching pleasure.

My Pink Sugar Life's love elephant is perfect for Valentine's Day.

Needle Crossings has a lovely new ornament of a snowy pine forest around a lake.  If you adore the mountains, this is perfect for you.

Sajou is jumping on the needlepoint bandwagon with their "Small Squares" kit.  I know the kit includes wool and 7 count canvas.  Apparently you choose from four colorways and then stitch a 5x5 square in random colors.  

This ornament from Jody Valentine celebrates Rubber Ducky Day.

EyeCandy shows off two small custom pieces, one for a local shop and one for the Thistle Hill "A Needlepoint Love Story" exhibit which raises money to restore unique houses.

Viola's Love ornament is perfect for Valentine's Day.

If you are a fan of blue and white designs, you'll want to see Dream House Venture's new pieces.

New from Zecca--"Menagerie aTrois."  A stitch guide by Ruth Schmuff is available.

Cindy and Beth, in-house designers at Barbara's Needlepoint, have two new Easter stockings.  The jelly bean house has a stitch guide by Barbara.  These can be ordered on either 13 or 18 count.

They also have two autumn-themed stockings.

New from Brenda Stoft--"Cat on a Brick Wall."  The Ruth Schmuff stitch guide will be available from Bedecked and Beadazzled soon.

Needlepoint by Sharese has three new small designs. 

The nutcracker squirrel is brand new from Annie Lane.

"Three Pigs" is brand new from Lulu My Pink Turtle.  Ruth Schmuff of Bedecked and Beadazzled will have a stitch guide and thread kit available shortly.

Pip and Roo has a new paddock Christmas piece available soon.

Raymond Crawford has updated his website's What's New page with the latest.

Want something truly unique in terms of a Christmas stocking?  How about Raymond Crawford's new Santa holding a burger stocking?  It will be available in May 2022.

Cleopatria's Needle has a new pillow kit, on 12 count, with wool.  It's perfect if you need something traditional to stitch.

If you like travel ornaments but want something a bit different, look at Denise Derusha's new Christmas Trees Around the World ornaments.

Needlepoint by Laura now offers "Movie Marquees" which you can see in the middle of the page here.  Just below the photo you can see Audry Wu's Year of the Tiger ornament for 2022.

Speaking of Audry Wu, she's updated her website with the latest releases.

My Pink Sugar Life has a reboot 2022 canvas that is hilarious.

Needlepoint by Sharese's new American Flag is amazing! has a new kit called "Cheers" available from SilverStitch Needlepoint.

"Space March" is the latest in Ashley Dillion's March series, avialable from Susan Roberts.

New from - "Verone Baubles" ornaments join their popular printed Tuscan and Florentine bauble series.

New from Needlepoint by Sharese--"Faith and Grace Wrap Presents."

Kate Rheese of CBK has the perfect fisherman's lure pillow.

Canvas and Thread has a cute geometric keychain that comes with hardware.

My Pink Sugar Life is having a sale on all her 2021 ornaments.  Great place to see them all together.

"Faith and Grace Making New Friends" is brand new from Needlepoint by Sharese.  Lynn Mason will do a stitch guide for this.

New from JudyAnn--the "North Pole Santa" plus his furry friends.  

JudyAnn has several large and small Santas in her Etsy store besides this new one.