Destination Dallas 2019

Destination Dallas is a trade show held each year in Dallas, Texas.  In 2019 the show will be September 14-16 at the Wyndam Park Central.

The show organizers have posted a video of folks who attended with some visits to various designer rooms.

Browse Facebook postings of more than one photograph using the right and left side arrows.


Some shops are posting summaries of all the new items on their websites, Facebook pages or blogs:

Suzie Vallerie of Enriched Stitch does a Dallas recap from the viewpoint of both a shop owner and from her design business of Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery and Amanda Lawford.

Pocket Full of Stitches has started posting new items they bought on their blog.

Jude's Twelve Days of the USA is particularly fun and very different.

Homestead shows off many of the new thread colors from Dallas.

Stitch by Stitch Larchmont has a section of their website devoted to new Destination Dallas items.  Once the show starts, click on each day's button to see more new items.

Stitch by Stitch has also done a wrap up article on the show.  Here's part one.

Part two--

Jinny of the Stitch/Style blog shares her take on Destination Dallas along with her dozen favorites.

Stitch Therapy has uploaded ten pages of new designs to their website.

Labors of Love will update their website with new items they've bought also.

Amy's Golden Strand is starting to post photos of new items on their Facebook page.

BeStitched will update their website with new purchases as well.

Waste Knot is posting new items on their Facebook page.

What's the Point? is also posting new items on Facebook.

Family Arts has a sneak peak on their website.

Needlepointing in Your Nest is starting to post canvases on Facebook for Chaparral Needlepoint. has updated their website with all the newest items.


Here Are the New Things:

"Sunset on Pine Mountain" is new from JP Needlepoint.

Needlework Retailer shows off some of the Kelly Clark holiday sayings canvas.

Blue Ridge Stitchery's "Sunlit Fern" is brand new.

"House on the Lake" is new from Mary Charles of Painted Pony.

Barbara'a Needlepoint shows off one of Cindy's witches. This isn't a new design but they haven't stocked it for a while.

The Meredith Collection's new "Three Kings" canvas is beautiful.

Needlework Retailer shows off this lovely new feather bouquet from Renaissance.

Pepperberry has updated their website again.  I really like the Welsh dragon heart.

Melissa Prince has a new sweet dog canvas.

The Needlework Retailer shows off the new colors in Rainbow Linen from Rainbow Gallery.

Mary Tussey has a fabulous new dancing witches, bats and cat design.

The Meredith Collection has a new artist, Ken Tucky Swanson.  Here's his abstract lion with doves.

Pippin has updated their website with their newest designs.  The VW Van canvases are my favorites but there is a lot of fun stuff here.  Click the dots under the What's New photos to see an assortment of new things.  Then click on the link in this area.  The photos are the very latest.

David McCaskill has two new Christmas designs:  a tree topper…

…and a candy cane Santa ornament.

Julia has a new version of Patchwork Santa and Mrs. Patchwork.  It is smaller and on 18 count now.

Laura Perin has a new chart, a Halloween and ribbon design called "Spooky Halloween Square."

This hilarious cat canvas is new from Strictly Christmas.  I call it Her Royal Highness.  LOL

Here's a good look at the 8 new colors of Rainbow Gallery's Eyelash, courtesy of Louise's Needlework.;NpuIoC5ZY~;cjqruFIp7LB3BeBqk~-.bps.a.106075062756937/2632623103435441/?type=3&theater

3K Designs has updated their website to show off new designs from Sue Spargo

Megan Brandner's punny pieces…

…and Cindy Lindgren's woodcut inspired nature pieces which are favorites of mine.

Needlework Retailer shows off some of the holiday enameled magnets from Accoutrement Designs.

Susan Roberts has a wonderful Color Waves Border Elephant.

Accoutrement Designs has new seasonal magnets, too.

Here are the new Big Buddies magnets from Meredith Collection.

Kurdy Biggs of Threedles has posted photos of her 2019 Christmas ornament on Facebook.  The charts should be available at the EGA Seminar shortly.

Patricia Sone has a wonderful new blue and white pagoda piece.

Whimsy and Grace has updated their website, and there are lots of pumpkins, two of which have stitch guides.  Their three egg omelet series is exceptional, by the way!

Zecca has a fun tall stork canvas.

Melissa Shirley has updated her website with the latest designs.

Here's a fun pumpkin trio, new from Mary Tussey.

Annie Lane has added new breeds of dog to her Private Collection.

Tapestry Fair's newest tribal mask design is "Elephant with Tribal Mask."

And More has a new scissors/needle case.  I'm not sure if it is self finishing but it looks like it comes in several patterns.

If you are a fan of the Anne of Green Gables books, you'll want to see the new licensed designs from Devon Nicholson.

"Spooky Cat" is spectacular and is available from Black Rose Needlepoint in either 18 or 13 count and it comes with a stitch guide.  You can see this stitched on the Etsy store by looking at the thumbnail photos.

This darling chickadee piece is from Melissa Shirley.

Brenda Stofft has a great fairy tale canvas.  From Snow White I think.  This isn't on her website yet.

Oasis Needlepoint has a great new colorful giraffe.

Eye Candy has posted nice big photos of all their newest designs.

Accoutrement Designs shows off the magnets released in Dallas.  Some are new, some are former exclusives.

Treenway Silk's 65 Roses collection is a limited edition of colors of six ply silk floss with some of the profits donated to cystic fibrosis organizations.

Canvas Art by Barbi has a new series called "Ribbon Sticks."

Shelly Tribbey shows off her new vintage French magazine covers series on Facebook.

New from Blue Dogwood—"Pumpkin on Black."

New from JP Needlepoint — "Sunset on Pine Mountain."

Deux Bijoux Bijoux has a new lazy susan framing option.

A sweet deer portrait from Sandra Gilmore.

New Thanksgiving with the Gang from Annie Lane.  They are eating tofu turkey.

Judi and Company's "Flower Power" is a riot of pattern.

Stitch Therapy shows off the new cat (and one octopus) designs from Ruth Schmuff's Rebecca Walk.

CBK has updated their website with all the new things from their various artists.

Kangaroo Paw Designs has three pages of fun Mardi Gras small designs.

Needlepoint for Fun shows off two pages of designs from Prince Duncan-Williams.

Oasis Needlepoint has updated their website with the new designs.  Don't forget to click on Show More at the bottom to see everything.

Barefoot Needlepoint Designs has a charming upside down bat for Halloween.

New designs from Kate Dickerson.  Lots of Mardi Gras themes and her signature pinks and greens.

New Buddhist piece from Zecca.

Pepperberry has a new series—flag hearts.

2Bit Ranch Designs has a new witch's brooms canvas that's darling.

Cindy has three pages of Halloween-themed strawberry canvases at Barbara's Needlepoint.

Raymond Crawford has a lovely sunset steer.

Kelly Clark posted models of her newer designs to Facebook.

Another pixilated portrait from A. Bradley.

A. Bradley also has a lovely little white bunny ornament for Easter.

The Wool and the Floss has an exclusive Great Lakes piece available.

Fleur de Paris has a new Curtis Boehringer Henry VIII design, a companion to their Queen Elizabeth piece called "Girls Rule."

Fleur de Paris has a new artist, Cindi Lynch.  Apparently she does a lot of dog designs and this yellow lab family sledding is typical.

Here's more of Cindi's work.  The dog angels are fabulous!

Michelle London Price is posting on FB about her newest designs.

Straw Silk has 8 new colors.

Two new designs from Ewe and Eye.  Love the bears toasting their marshmallows!

Associate Talents has lovely new blue and white china designs.

Funda Scully has new custom hardware for her boxes.

Funda also has 16 new designs, many for the little boxes.

Here's a video of the Two Sisters little shift dresses from Barbara Bergsten and their small box top designs.

Love You More has posted new designs on their Facebook page.

The Needlepointer has posted a fun video of setting up the areas for Straw Silk, Pippin Studio and their hand scrub line.

The newest Annie Lane "gang" canvas is called A Hometown Christmas.

Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery shows off the new Scott Patridge designs.

Kimberly Ann has new ombre' purses.

Maggie shows off a new piece from a new artist, Kerry Ambrosino.

Enriched Stitch is posting photos of the newest Amanda Lawford designs with guides.

Ehrman has released new kits.  Most are brand new but some are older designs being re-released.

Gayla Elliott has posted all her new designs for The Collection on her Facebook page.

Brenda Stofft has updated her website with the newest designs.

Purse (both rectangle and round) available from Planet Earth Fiber.

Video of canvases available from A Stitch in Time.  Lots of colorful animals and fun Christmas pieces.

New designs from Sisters and Company.

VNG shows off new designs from Amanda Lawford.  Follow the link for more details. Naturally the dragon is my favorite!

Two Sisters has three new "stencil" designs.  Love the jellyfish!

Walker's shows off all their designers at Dallas.  Great new dog canvases here, too.

Melissa Prince has updated her website with all her new designs.  "Beach Happy" dog is adorable!

Labors of Love has new fun three part holiday designs from Molly Hurd.  Use the side arrows on the second link to see all.

New canvases from Flower and Vine.

New canvases from Ruby Red Shoes.

The newest Hug Me tote bag is the Amy, named after Amy Bunger.  Four photos here.

A Dragon's Tale is introducing a series of new Tiny Critters, two inch dog or cat ornaments on 18 count.

BeStitched is starting to show new designs.  These are from Raymond Crawford.

Laura Perin has a new chart called Sunflower Days.  Yellow quilt fun with flowers!

Rocket Pig is my favorite!  LOL  (Blue Ridge Stitchery)

Great new small dog portraits from Walker.

More dogs from Walker.

New pink Turkish kilim bag design from Pewter and Pine.

New sayings pillow in two colorways from Kimberly Ann.

Kangaroo Paw Designs has a new series called Places We Love.

Here are all EyeCandy's new designs in one place.

Kelly Clark has new stumpwork Christmas rounds, canvas and stitch guide available from Colonial Needle.

Toni has posted her new pumpkin designs from Whimsy and Grace.

The new Morgan Julia Designs website is live!

Mindy has a new Asian design in pinks—love it!  Works well with the jute tote bags she sells, too.

Mindy's also updated her website with her new designs.

Dream House Ventures has a darling purple confetti Fleur De Lis ornament.

Mindy shows off three new designs, all inspirational words with floral borders.

Kreinik has a new color, Celadon green.  Love it!

Raymond Crawford shows off Santa's Castle.

Gayla Elliott Designs (The Collection Designs) has a great wood nymph with owl piece.

Rainbow Gallery has a new thread called Rainbow Eyelash.

Pewter and Pine has a Gone Camping ornament.

Ewe and Eye and Friends has two new pieces.

Sloths are IN! First up is the new sloth piece from Labors of Love.

Second, here's the new sloth ornament from Princess and Me.

Sundance has a new Sonoran colors collection of beads!

Shapes of Needlepoint Volume One is now available as a PDF download via Sandy Arthur's Etsy store!

Zecca has updated their website with their newest canvases.

Melissa Prince has four new Downton Abbey movie coasters.

Abigail Cecile has two new designs!

Maggie and the chicken are going to Destination Dallas.

A sneak peak from Canvas Art by Barbie.

Madeleine Elizabeth's new website is live!  Plus she has a new classic cars series (second link below).

New designs (all with stitch guides I think) from Sew Much Fun.

Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery shows off a new undersea piece from Amanda Lawford.

Kate Dickerson has new Madras plaid patchwork designs.

Labors of Love is adding to their series of beautiful women.

Barbara's Needlepoint has two new dog ornaments from Cindy.

Tapestry Fair shows off a few new things from their various artists.

JP Needlepoint has two new gingham geometrics!

EyeCandy is having a Mod Christmas!

And they also have Spooky Stars.

CBK shows off Will Bullas's "Bearing Gifts."

Labors of Love has a new three piece snowman.

Labors of Love has four new ocean surf pieces, most with both beautiful shells and fun critters.

Brenda Stofft is starting to distribute Prisms in many colors.

Alice Peterson is adding the watercolor artist Pomm to their stable of talent.

Colour Complements has introduced their Fall 2019 collection—a series of rich chocolate, gold and purple threads.

Kirkland Design Studio has some hilarious new magnets:  Something Wicked This Way Comes (Finishing Deadlines) and Black Canvas is the Devil.  If you need a laugh and like a smooth magnet with lots of space, these are for you.

New pieces from Kate Dickerson.

Eva Howard Designs has new pieces (and old favorites) available.  The funny signs crack me up.

New designs from Sundance.  They are from BeckP, a Tucson artist.

Pip and Roo has a great new straw hat canvas.

Two new Gayla Elliots from The Collection Designs.

A third.

Tango and Chocolate has new "Born to Stand Out" designs.

Kate Dickerson has two new designs.

Maggie shows off a new artist, Kerri Ambrosini, in this colorful floral vase with black cat design.

New from Brenda Stofft—

Painted Pony has lots of new things from their artists.  Here's one of Danielle Murray's Christmas dogs.  Many breeds available.

Here's a lovely new Mary Engelbreit from Painted Pony.

Here's one of Diane Kater's hilarious animal pieces—the Christmas alligator in his Hawaiian shirt and shades.  Also distributed by Painted Pony.

Denise DeRusha has a new travel piece.

Here's a new model from Ewe and Eye.

This fox hunting piece is new from Tricia Heaton Designs.

Terry Dryden posted a sneak peak of her newest piece.  I cannot wait to see the heron, dragonfly and marsh added!

Kurdy Biggs of Threedles just posted a sneak peak of her latest charted piece.

Mindy has a new heart in black, white and pink.

Bohin now carries a thread cutter necklace featuring a cat on a dock looking at a sailboat and kite.

A. Bradley has a delightful new solar system mini sock.

Needle Delights will have new charts available in Dallas—and new classes available.

Rainbow Gallery is republishing Father B's book with the help of Suzanne Howren who redid the charts.  This book had some unique stitches but it was published before computer graphics made diagramming easier.  Now it has graphs that show off his creativity very well.

New from Judi and Co.—Matisse-inspired sampler patches.

New Will Bullas from CBK-love the pirate sheep!

Shelly Tribbey is ready for Halloween—and Valentine's Day.

Associate Talents shows off their new blue and white designs.

Raymond Crawford has two new "filial" collections, one for Christmas and one for Autumn.

New garden design from Ewe and Eye.

New sheep and chick from Ewe and Eye.

Rittenhouse shows off their new Golden Retriever belt.

Mindy has two new colorful sayings.

New African mother and child from Labors of Love.

New Christmas jester stocking design from Ewe and Eye and Friends.

New from Gone Stitching.

Blue Ridge Stitchery has a lovely new fern design available.

Thorn Alexander shows off a dozen new designs on Facebook.

Maggie shows off a darling koala canvas for Destination Dallas.

The Lone Star Chapter of ANG has a new stitch diagram book available. It can be ordered from the Texas shops listed in the second link below.

Handblessings has a new design charted for needlepoint called "Hearts in Black and White and Gray."

JC Creation Needlepoint has a new succulent wreath design that is lovely.  Never needs water!

Lynn Mason of Needlepoint by Sharese has created a Facebook album of all her designs.

Brenda Stofft shows off the new Pumpkin Cottage from Alida Akers.

New from Zecca, a still life with rainbow.

Silver Needle shows off their officially licensed Winnie the Pooh and Friends stockings.

Barbara's Needlepoint has new Halloween-themed strawberries from Ann Hansen.

New from Rebecca Wood — "Hagwarts."

Mindy has a great new beach scene.  And you can buy the tote, too!

NeedlePaint has a fun new project-key fobs!  This printed canvas company does the finishing for you, too.   They will also work with you on a custom design if you need something special for a wedding, etc.

Kate Dickerson has five new pumpkin designs and a witch sign in non-traditional colors.

"Sugar Plum Fairy Christmas Tree Forest" is the latest from Renaissance Designs.  A guide and a kit with all the embellishments will also be available at Destination Dallas.

Barbara's Needlepoint has a series of darling teddy bear Halloween pieces.

Susan Roberts shows off a new Liz Nativity scene.

Here's a sneak peek at David McCaskill's 2020 Christmas ornament.

Looks like Kay Stanis has written a book about metal thread embroidery!  It's not on her website yet.

Melissa Shirley shows off two new Halloween pieces from Mary Lake-Thompson.

M's Canvashouse has a new My Old Kentucky Home ornament, exclusive to the shop.

Heidi has four new designs.

Needlepoint for Fun features the new artist Cindy Lindgren of 3K.

Fans of Raymond Crawford will be intrigued by this large Christmas tree in progress.

Here is the finished version of Raymond's tree.

These two African animal rounds are shop exclusives from Pewter and Pine.

Ruth Schmuff's iStitches Volume Five is now available as an app at the Apple store.  It's not available on Android yet.

And More has the new "Red Truck Christmas."

Barbara's Needlepoint shows off a new Thanksgiving piece from Cindy.

Enriched Stitch's shop newsletter has a sneak peak of two new Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery designs.

DMC is partnering with the Victoria and Albert Museum in London to offer several William Morris style designs.  The ones with the navy borders are needlepoint kits.  The others are all cross stitch.

Sally Corey has added two more designs to her Global Needlepoint series, this time using Native American imagery.

Laura Perin has reworked a class piece into a new floral addition to her Long Panel series.

Collection Designs has a new artist, Paul Brent Designs.  He has many ocean-themed canvases that are lovely.

Fleur de Paris has a new artist, Cyndi Lynch.  Dog lovers will adore her angels with dogs.

A. Bradley has a new and adorable snowman baby sock.

CBK shows off "Shut the Duck Up" from Will Bullas.

Jody Valentine has a new instant download of lettering in her Etsy store.

Victoria Whitson's VW Collection has some lovely new accessories.

The Meredith Collection has a new Santa—the US Shaped Santa— in their Santa State Shapes collection.

Blue Ridge Stitchery has the new Dachsund, Bavarian Style.

Here's another beachy canvas with birds from JP Needlepoint.

New from Zecca, another bird (a toucan) for their large chair back canvas series.

Dominic Bourbeau's Nativity will be a needlepoint canvas from Tapestry Fair shortly.

Alice Peterson will release these darling tool zips at Destination Dallas.

Labors of Love shows off three new canvases for Destination Dallas.

JP Needlepoint will have "You Are My Sunshine" available to order at Destination Dallas.


Jane Evans said...

Hi Jane, This is Jane of Threads: A Needle Necessity Editions 1 & 2. In our book, we mention that using a 4" piece of Kreinik threaded into a needle is an excellent way to pull those stray threads to the back of the canvas. Insert from the front and pull to the back. There is no damage to the canvas or other stitches.

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Hi, Jane! Lovely idea! Thanks very much!