New in 2024

I'm going to arrange this listing of the newest items available at the various wholesale trade shows and throughout the year differently than what I did in the past.  The latest will be on top, but any shop or designer that posts a large group of new items on their website or blog or Instagram/Facebook page will be in BOLD letters and highlighted in yellow.  I won't put those in a different section any more.  Hope this works well for you!  

Note that you will need a Facebook or Instagram account to see items posted on most social media pages.  Sorry.

The upcoming trade shows for 2024 are not open to the public.  Only the designers and shops can go to these:

The Winter Virtual Needlepoint Show was the weekend of January 20-21

Fleur de Paris had an open house showcasing their designs in CA in January (?)

The Nashville Needlework Market will be the weekend of March 1-3
(this is mostly cross stitch but some designers and tool/thread manufacturers go)

The Spring Needlepoint Show is in Charlotte, NC the weekend of March 22-24

The Summer Virtual Needlepoint Show starts June 22.

The Autumn Needlepoint Reunion will be October 13-15 in Frisco, Texas.


JP Needlepoint has a brand new wonderful peacock feather glasses case.

She's also done a butterfly the same size that would make a great glasses case.

Misty Morrow and Tilli Tomas of Planet Earth are collaborating to offer a series of small Kewpie doll canvases plus a troll doll (remember those?  mine had orange hair) and some other small designs which are a little different but still charming.

Raymond Crawford is offering the 4 inch round Rockefeller Christmas Tree ornament exclusively through Annie and Co. in NYC.

Planet Earth is bringing these color edged ribbons back in 7mm width only.

Rachel Barri has a new red nutcracker--Monsieur C. Cracker.

This darling "Counting Sheep" canvas is new from Rachel Barri.

Ada from Eye Candy shows off a new kitty pattern that's coming soon.

Barbara's Needlepoint has new small embroidery scissors in either Christmas or Halloween patterns.

Raymond Crawford has two new wreaths, available in August in either cranberry or blueberry.

Morgan Julia and Penny Linn have collaborated on The Hamptons Collection design and project bag.

Plum Designs' "Nutcracker Stocking" will join their line this summer.

JP Needlepoint's new "Blue Urn with Peony" is a delicate design on 13 count.

"The Leopard" is new from the Meredith Collection.  Available on a hot pink or a coral background.

Lauren Bloch Designs has updated her website with all the new designs, including the Twelve Days of Needlepoint ornament series.

Morgan Julia and NOLA are collaborating on the Sweethearts collection, little hearts with sayings that range from sweet to sarcastic.

JP Needlepoint has a new flock of colorful butterflies!

Wheelhaus Needlepoint has created large acrylic thread organizers with room enough to hang full skeins of your threads of choice.

New from Ruth Schmuff at Bedecked and Beadazzled is the cheerful "Birds!" from Helen Heins Peterson.

Elizabeth Taylor Needlepoint has a lovely statement piece adorned with monarch butterflies.

Chris Lewis Distributing shows off the new Needle Deeva Nativity ornaments.

The latest Stitch Therapy newsletter shows off the new Rittenhouse designs--I love the glasses cases showcasing the styles of famous glasses wearers, there are lots of food items, Philadelphia iconic scenes and a new hilarious poison bottle.  There are also reworked, smaller Tapestry Tent designs, Melissa Shirley's reworked double-sided Santas, and Raymond Crawford's new glasses cases.

The Needle House has these shop exclusive 3-D cowboy boots from Janice Holden Designs.

"Lady with Parrot Tulips" is available for pre-order from Colors of Praise.

Lauren Bloch has created a darling custom and exclusive design for The Needle Bug in Montgomery, Alabama.  This can be a stand alone but apparently there will be a Twelve Days of Needlepoint set eventually and this will be Day One.

Mopsey and Grandy Deb Designs have two new geometrics.  Use the side arrow to see both.

Jane Hardy Hudson of JJ Needlepoint Designs has a new Six Wives (plus Henry) series.  They aren't on the website just yet.

Melissa Shirley has some new designs by herself and Mary Lake-Thompson, plus she's reworked her popular double sided Santas.

Sign of the Arrow has announced their 2024 Limited Edition canvas, "Santa's Wonderland."  It's a Santa Claus with small Christmas trees.  Available as a kit with a matching magnet and also available either as a chart or painted canvas.

Lauren Bloch now has a "Spring Castle" and a "Fall Castle."

Moore Stitching's "Kate" is adorable and available on either 13 or 18 count.  These are beautifully printed designs.

The Tara Roma Gill Collection/Plum Designs will offer the Strawberry Series this summer.

Penny Linn has new style project bags.

Remember Melissa Shirley's magnificent "Bench" series?  Looks like some of the benches are now available on a smaller 12x8 size (18 count).  "Seaside Bench Mini," "Desert Bench Mini," and "Lake Bench Mini" are the ones I know about courtesy of Stitch Therapy.

DMC has new needlepoint kits.

Morgan Julia's latest is the "Spring in Your Step" kit which has the canvas, threads, a needle threader, needle and a Packed Party Essentials Everything Pouch to keep everything tidy in.

Rachel Barri is introducing new colors for her self-finishing clutch.

Alice and Blue's latest is "Grazing Sheep."

Raymond Crawford has created an exclusive NYC Christmas stocking available only at Annie's Needlepoint in Manhattan in July.

JP Needlepoint shows off their new blue ornaments that will debut in June with the summer virtual show.

The Book Canvas shows off her new Taylor Swift Album Stack design for Mopsey.

Doris Katz shows off a unique couples heart on 13 mesh.

To celebrate the Kentucky Derby and her "Derby Bar Cart" design, Morgan Julia has created a "free" border for the bar cart pattern which you can see at the second link below.

Victoria Whitson's Stitch Card Deck 2 is now available.

Elizabeth Taylor Needlepoint has created four Christmas stocking designs.  Use the right side arrows to see them all.

Moore Stitching is going summery with her "Tickled Pink" flamingo and hibiscus heart and her larger "Summer Cocktails" design.

If flamingos are your spirit animal, you'll want to see Mary Tussey's latest for Colors1, her Etsy shop.

The Gingham Stitchery's Phancy Phoenix canvas now has a matching needle minder.

The Gingham Stitchery also has a Derby 150th Anniversary ornament exclusive to the Stitch Needlepoint Shop.

Ruth Schmuff has added four amazing pieces from a new artist (Heather Gauthier) to her shop.  That "Paper Flower Tiger"!

Rachel Barri shows off her two new designs, the garden Hamsa and the peace dove.

Lani's updated her website with her newest designs.

Heirloom Design Studio features Nauti Dogs.  <BG>. These are from Walker Distributors.

Thorn Alexander has a "Love Story" book-shaped clutch.

Penny Linn shows off new Kentucky Derby-themed pieces from Grey Hall Design.

Kansas City Needlepoint now has $90 acrylic boxes with lids available on their shop website.  I think these are exclusive to their store.  Both sizes cost the same and hold a 4 1/2 inch square design.

JudyAnn has new Passover-themed hearts and stars.

Penny Linn shows off the four jockey design (in two color ways) from Grey Hall Design.

Stitch Style has new First Christmas reindeer in pink, blue and green.

If you are feeling really ambitious, why not pick up Stitch Style's new Christmas stocking full of animals.

Stitch Style also has new classy and beautiful needle minders.

NeedlePaint's newest printed kits are geared toward beginners.

Elizabeth Bradley's newest tapestry kit is called "Kew Garden:  Gardens of the World."

Chris Lewis Distributing shows off the new golf series from Kristine Kingston.

Susan Johnson of SJ Designs has a slew of new Victorian patterns charted for your stitching pleasure, plus she has new colors of her Lumiere metallic yarn.

Saturnalia Stitching is collaborating with Talking Out of Turn on three sizes of project bags made from recycled plastic.

Olivia Grace Needlepoint has the most darling cardigan ornament, even for us non-Swifties!

Mopsey reveals that The Book Canvas' latest canvases and two versions of their "But Daddy I Love Him" chart will drop today.

The Book Canvas will have this 13 count EmHen book stack design should be available in June 2024.

Saturnalia Stitching's latest Alive canvas is for those hungover mornings.

My Pink Sugar Life is making me hungry with her Pimento Cheese sandwich ornament.

Lynda Cook Designs has a great new cherries and plaid two sided scissors case with matching fob.

Lynn at Needlepoint by Sharese shares her newest pumpkin design which is nearly ready.  There will be a stitch guide available once Lynn finishes stitching this.

Penny Linn offers a choice of new NYC or Paris ornaments.

Penny Linn also offers the new "Party Animal" series from Evelyn Henson.

Kelly Clark is now offering her colorful hand painted wooden stands in sets of two or four.  It takes 4-6 weeks from order to delivery as they are done to order.

Moore's Stitching has quite a few new "Run for the Roses" fancy hats, perfect for the Kentucky Derby.

Rachel Barri shows off all new new designs and the new blue suede self-finishing clutch in one place.

Straw Silk has three new color pallettes-reds/pink, grays and blue/purples.

The Squirrel and the Snail has this Derby exclusive from The Gingham Stitchery.

Blue Ridge Stitchery is releasing their previous shop exclusive "Roanoke Star" to everyone.

If you want a canvas no one else is likely to have, check out the Marquin Designs trunk show at Greystone Needlepoint.

Stitch by Stitch also has compact kits.  Looks like they are available in gold, silver and rose gold metals plus several designs.

Stitch by Stitch Larchmont is taking pre-orders for acrylic napkin holders, suitable for two 5 inch square designs.

Needle Paint has introduced a new collection of glasses cases, all printed.  I'd like the book worm one for my reading glasses.

"Main Street" is brand new from Plum Design.

KC Needlepoint now has leather coasters with 4 1/2 inch openings available exclusively from their shop.

Gayla Elliott's "Elephant" is gorgeous!

Mopsey Design has new canvases to enjoy at this spring and summer's stitch time.

Planet Earth Fiber is launching a new woven leather self-finishing bag.

Rachel Barri's "Duke of Diamonds" is her latest nutcracker.

If you are a fan of pink or flamingos, you may need a pair of pink flamingo scissors. is still adding new items purchased at the spring trade show to their website.

Dan of Needlepoint Dads has worked more color magic on this charted design--

Purple Palm has started creating ornament-sized designs.  Here are two.

Stitch by Stitch Larchmont's latest newsletter is full of photos of new items from the spring show.

Goodpoint Needlepoint has updated their website with new canvases and needle minders.

Enriched Stitch is bringing back their Mystery Box.  This one is hydrangea-themed.

Jolly Red has added Tulip Time to their line of tapestry kits.

Ruth Schmuff has updated her What's New? page with the newest things from her artists.

New from Melissa Shirley--the "Halloween Bench."

Louise's Needlework has a Columbus Zoo round that is a shop exclusive.

Quite a few shops now have dedicated Spring 2024 sections on their websites:

The Labors of Love shop in Atlanta has updated their website with all the new things they bought at the Spring 2024 trade show. has updated their website with a section on Spring Market 2024 purchases. Not all are brand new designs but a lot are.

Plum Stitchery's Alice in Wonderland ornaments are available in Technicolor now, as well as several toy soldier designs.

The Gingham Stitchery has updated their website with their new Spring designs.

Finger Step Designs now offers Trifles, small designs which can be finished many ways.

Penny Linn has three new blue and white faux toile designs, all on 13 count canvas.

Waste Knot shows off the market display from Pippin/Silk Road Fibers/Sweet Treats.

Plum Designs' "Secret Garden" collection is for fans of the book and those who love pastels and gardens and all things English.  I particularly love the garden viewed from the keyhole....

Evergreen Needlepoint goes Korean with a jar of kimchi from The Gabby Pineapple.

Penny Linn has updated their website with their new designs.  The standout to me is their set of four coasters (either 4 inch rounds or squares) in a stand.

Pocket Full of Stitches has posted new items they picked up at the spring trade show on their blog.  This listing includes The Meredith Collection, Kangaroo Paw Designs, Love You More, Kate Dickerson and Elm Tree Needlepoint.

The next PFOS posting covers designs from Walker Wholesale, The Gingham Stitchery, Penny Macleod, Lizzie Clark, The Collection, Droopy Designs, Pippin, Laura Love, KCN Designers, Danji, Blueberry Point, A Stitch in Time, Alice Peterson, and Gayla Elliott.

The third PFOS posting has designs from Sew Much Fun, Renaissance Designs, NDLPT, Beau Verre Arts and Meredith Collection needle minders, and Straw Silk threads collections and single skeins in new colors.

Rachel Donley has two sizes of her "Flag Cake."

Blue Ridge Stitchery has updated their website with their new designs.

Melissa Price has updated her website with a very handsome "Winter Owl" stocking and a series of Twelve Days of Christmas ornaments.

Planet Earth says more Bitty Boxes are available now.  Available in orange, aqua, hot pink, and light blue.

KC Needlepoint has ten pages of brand new canvases on their What's New page.

Rittenhouse is launching their own line of needlepoint painted canvases.  If you are a fan of Philadelphia landmarks or food, check these out! The movie themed glasses cases are very clever, by the way.

Pepperberry's website has been updated with new things.  I think the candycane letters will be very popular.

New from the Meredith Collection.  The tooth fairy pieces are really darling.

Rachel Donley has a new pool float collection.

Colors of Praise shows off their new things (as well as the old) in their room at Spring Market.

"Seaside Santa" is brand new from Julie Pischke.

A Stitch in Time has more elves!

And other ASIT things....

Gingham Stitchery shows off their room at Market with all the new designs in this Instagram video.  These aren't on their website yet but I think many are on their Instagram account.

Chris Lewis Distributing shows off the new Needle Deeva rounds.

Rachel Barri now has a blue suede clutch.

Some new Gayla Elliott and Alice Peterson items on the Stitch by Stitch newsletter--

Melissa Shirley's updated her website with a few new designs for spring and summer.

Maggie's newest designer is Sunita Khedekar.

Blueberry Point's rose and plaid pillow is perfect to add a monogram.

Patricia Sone has a new Marrakech series.  She also goes all in with her "Maximist" pillow!

If you need Patricia, she's "In the Library."

Evergreen Needlepoint has new colors of their bunnies.

Rachel Barri has three new nutcrackers.  Here is the Prince of Palm Beach.

Mopsey Designs has added a five part update of their Spring 2024 designs to their Instagram. The Hogsmeade travel round and the Swift Albums should be quite popular.

Colors of Praise has updated their website with their Spring 2024 designs.

Kelly Clark has a new topiary in a blue and white pot.

Anne Fisher Needlepoint has added a video of the new designs available for pre-order at the spring market to her Instagram.

Available this summer is Blue Ridge Stitchery's new red and green version of their Dirndl, inspired by Kate Dickerson.

JP Needlepoint has a set of four pumpkin ornaments to keep you happily stitching until Christmas.

Blue Ridge Stitchery adds the charming "Sleeping Bear Dunes" in two shapes for coast lovers.

Lauren Bloch shows off all her new 2024 pieces.

Cheryl and Annie go Christmas!  The game board sets are very different.

Rachel Barri is "Feeling Lucky."

The Paisley Clutch is brand new from Julie Pischke Designs.

Stitch-Stash is doing market previews on their Instagram.  Click on any of the blue clouds and use the side arrows to see the unidentified designs.

Colors of Praise has turned some of its most famous designs into needle minders!

Saturnalia Stitching has two new playing card influenced designs.

Blueberry Point Canvas shows off eight new designs, all touched by Mid Century Mod design influences, on Instagram. Use the right side arrow to see them all.

Blue Ridge Stitchery has added the "Sea Turtle Margarita" and the "Seahorse Mint Julep" to her drinks coaster collection.

Eye Candy lists all their new Spring 2024 fun.  "A Little Black Cat Goes with Everything" cracks me up!

Stitch by Stitch Larchmont shows off new items from Jeni Sandberg, Lovembhstudio and Elizabeth Crane Swartz plus the Curious Cowgirl and Hedgehog's college licensed items, Initial K, and PLD's Sally Corey and LM Robinson.

Rebecca Wood has a sneak peek at her new series of stockings and cuffs.

"Black Capped Chickadee" joins the aviary at Blue Ridge Studio.

If you are a book reader, you'll want to check out Jenny Henry's "Cozy Book Shop" and...

...her "English Library."  Both 13 mesh.

Kirk and Bradley has two new truck canvases:  the Flower Truck...

...and the Veg Truck.  Both are printed designs from's Needlepoint to Go series.

Janet of JCB Stitches/Plum Design is going bird egg crazy for the summer.

Use the side arrows to see new things from Love MHB Studio.

Blue Ridge Stitchery's latest are Christmas dog and cat pieces with gifts.  (a mouse?  a SKUNK?)  LOL

Ginny's Gem Minders on Etsy now offers needle cases as well as lovely needleminders.

Colors of Praise has some wonderful new coasters for the Spring show.  They are also releasing five new "Cigar Boxes" designs (second link below) that I adore.

Eye Candy's bunnies in a car are hauling a giant carrot home.

Wheelhaus Needlepoint has a Rolex watch if one's on your wish list.

Plum's "Fiddler" will be available this summer.

Lauren also has two new winter themed snow globe designs.

Lauren Bloch is going pink with their Christmas and Winter ornaments.

Coco Frank has a new nutcrackers stocking coming this summer.

Judy Ann has added new Easter egg designs including this bunny.  The second link below takes you to her extensive collection of Easter egg designs, latest on top.

"Ex Libris Bookplate" is coming this summer from Plum.

Mopsey shows off three new designs on Instagram.

Canvas Art by Barbi has some new belt designs in pastels with lovely patterns to make stitching these fun.

Patricia Sone has new 13 count angel ornaments of angels available at the Spring Market.

JP's new "What's Up Doc?" is a real charmer with the carrot wallpaper, necklaces and that hibiscus flower.

"Black Bunny with a Bow" is brand new from Ann Hanson.

If you aren't a dog person, how about Patty Paints' "Twelve Cats"?

Penny Linn mixes dog and little boy themes in these two cuties.

Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery's four drinks coasters are charming and a fun stitch to boot.

Lauren Bloch's "I Love You To The Castle And Back" is a must have for Disney fans.

Stitch by Stitch Larchmont offers a preview of some new spring market designs, mostly Kate Dickerson, Voila, Laura Love, Wipstitch, Rachel Donley and Lauren Bloch, Raymond Crawford, Camilla Moss plus Gingham Stitchery.

Beth Gantz has Peeps, a charming round with little chicks.

Tina Griffin Designs has two new floral sprig with bow rounds to welcome spring.

Saturnalia Stitching is going Art Deco with four new shapes in four colors.

Blue Ridge Stitchery is collaborating with The Stitching Fox for this darling shop ornament.

Raymond Crawford has three new 10 inch tall nutcrackers on 18 count.

The Sun and Moon canvas is brand new from Barbara's Needlepoint.

Hedgehog Needlepoint has new round self-finishing leather luggage tags in five colors (for 3 inch round designs) and also is continuing to collaborate with Kangaroo Paw on Collegiate Hearts.

Atlantic Blue is now selling their most popular ornaments already stitched and finished.

Planet Earth now offers the Some Bunny Hearts You bag charms in hot pink, lavender and light pink.

Jody Valentine has a new large dog bone customizable with your colors and dog name.

Raymond Crawford is going pink in his ornaments for spring.

NeedlePaint's new Mama Bear ornament set is sure to delight.

EyeCandy will release new pumpkins at the Spring show.

Penny Linn has two new graphic squares for spring.

Gingham Stitchery is adding three new French animals to their series.

The "Tulip" series is new from Mopsey.

"Ahoy!" is brand new from Plum Design.

Needlepoint Cottage sells this concert ticket with space for your venue and date to be added.

Rachel Donley has new bracelet canvases.

If you are a fan of Color Complements' "What a Hoot!" owl ornament series from last year, you'll want to check out the newest owl.  Pharaoh is a color variation for last year's Theros owl and is a limited edition owl. Note that these are kits that come with all the threads you'll need.  I think you have to provide your own canvas, though.

"Ducks and Daisies" is brand new for spring from Mary Tussey of Colors1.

Stitch by Stitch Larchmont's newsletter shows off a lot of new items available at the March trade show.

Colour Complements is releasing new Sampler Thread Kits.  Each selection includes a rayon metallic, a silk perle, two skeins of size 5 perle cotton, one skein of size 8 perle cotton, and a skein of floss, all dyed in CC's beautiful color range and chosen because the various colors work well together.  If you struggle to pull together color combinations or you are a threadaholic who just wants to try out new threads and colors, this is a $20 well spent.

Eye Candy will do new tropical color ornaments for Spring 2024. has four new "Concert Clutches" in their printed Needlepoint to Go line.

Doris Katz shows off two new self finishing items from Planet Earth--a canvas tote and a canvas wristlet.  Note that the wristlet holds a 3 inch round, not the 4 inch shown in the picture.

You can see the five wristlet colors here-

You can see the two colors of the tote bag here and look at the removable strap and the inside fabric and pockets.

Wheelhaus' latest in their tote series is the needlepoint boat tote.

The Gingham Stitchery will introduce "Fall Aspens" by Amelia in the spring.

For spring, Ada will release her EyeCandy Mini Baubles to everyone. These were a shop exclusive.

Lauren Bloch has two new polar bear snow globe designs.

Beauverre Art has several different glass bunny designs for spring.

Grey Hall Designs/Penny Linn has two new lovely blue and white pagoda designs.

Froopy Designs does a Dunkings Boston shirt canvas for the Duncan Donuts/Ben Affleck/Boston fans.

Lauren Bloch Designs has four new pickleball frames.

Rachel Barri Designs will introduce three new floral animals to her series at the spring show.

Fire and Iris has a new marshmallow ornament.

Rittenhouse has three outlined "Moorish Tile" designs that you color in with your own threads to your preference.  Great stash buster!

KC Needlepoint's three "Polka Dot Easter Egg Vignette" canvases come with guides by Jinny McAuliffe.  Right now they are being sold as a set.

Penny Linn's pastel D.C. travel rounds from Grey Hall Designs will be available this spring.

So will these Grey Hall Design designs ready for a monogram or date.

Navy geometric prints from The Gingham Stitchery will be available at the spring market.

Rachel Donley will have two new bow monogram rounds in the spring market.  Does the blue one look like Mickey Mouse ears to you?

Stitched using a Patricia Sone guide, "Buck at Twilight: is from Kate's Finepoint Designs/Chris Lewis Distributing.

Morgan Julia has a new vegan leather clutch in cream plus two new inserts for it.

Patty Paint's Ikat belts are on 13 count.

Raymond Crawford has two squished nutcrackers, one pink and one blue.

Enrich Stitch's new limited edition kit to benefit women's heart health organizations will be out shortly.

Wheelhaus has six new small designs in their signature bright, happy colors. Use the side arrow to see them all.

New tallit bag from Raymond Crawford.

Saturnalia Stitching has a snow cat bookmobile canvas now.

Ridgewood shows off a few new designs from Alice Peterson.

Kristine Kingston has created a wonderful line of long sleeved pastel Easter sweaters.

New from Planet Earth Fiber--the pink golf cart key fob.

R by Rudy Needlepoint has released the "Palm Beach Malachite Backgammon Board."

Gingham Stitchery is gearing up for the spring show with the French Dots ornaments and...

...with the Jaws Backgammon board.

This charming snowman with a green plaid scarf is brand new from Ewe and Eye.

Mary Lake-Thompson has four new Easter Egg rounds that are lovely.

"Swiftie" is brand new from Raymond Crawford.

Jolly Red has two new stocking designs: Angel Skies...

...and White Christmas.

Poppypointe shows off their newest trade show finds on a special section of their website.

The Gingham Stitchery's bubble collection will be new in Spring 2024.

Mary Tussey of Colors1 has a lovely pink heart with daisies for Valentine's.

Blue Ridge Stitchery posted a video showing off their two new snow gondola designs, the three NYC designs that will be widely available in March 2024 and some finished versions of older designs.  It's a fun watch!

Needlepoint Dads' latest chart is pure sunshine -- "Yellow Brick Road."

The Gingham Stitchery's Tumbling Pumpkin ornament and belt are new for the spring show.

So are the Poinsettia insert and ginger jar.

Cheryl and Annie have a new tic-tac-toe board with pieces.

There's a new Halloween tic-tac-toe board, too!

Mindy has two new dog ornaments, both dressed for inclement weather.

More dogs in hoodies.

These two are dogs without clothing, but just as cute.

And Mindy did a kitty, too.

Mindy's also done a lovely new Hanukkah round.

Chaparral has posted new items they bought as "LA Market Finds."  Note that many are not brand new, just new to the shop.

The Gingham Stitchery has four round Halloween coasters that are very fun.

There are three new book canvases coming from their same artist (Maggie Sweet) as well.

My Pink Sugar Life has two new Valentine pieces--a heart...

...and a confectionary shop window.

Barbara's Needlepoint shows off new Ann Hanson snowy houses with chimneys and smoke.

Mindy has two new veggie designs!

The Gingham Stitchery is showing off new items for the Spring Needlepoint show.  This is an ocean bird clutch...

...and this is a blue lobster belt.

Eye Candy has new black and white (with touches of pastel colors and gold) designs.

The Wool and the Floss has a new champagne bottle key fob complete with glass of bubbly insert.

Rachel Barri's "Tiny Dancer" is sweet and brand new.

JudyAnn's preparing for Valentine's Day with this candy box heart, the first of several new heart designs at her Etsy store (second link below).

Mopsey Stitchery's latest Mandala is exclusive to Needle Arts and is New Orleans-themed.

The Gingham Stitchery has three new designs from Kate Woodward for your favorite shop to order.

Fussy Gussie's "Santa Pop Trio" is a fun stitch for winter.

Stitch Rock has new Valentine's Day hearts.

"Cabana Christmas" is a shop exclusive for Needlepoint Junction.  Designer unknown.

Kirk and Bradley has some new travel rounds, listed at the top of this page of all they sell.

Stitch Therapy has listed lots of new designs (and a few older ones) on their latest newsletter.

Beth Gantz Designs has new L O V E designs in her three inch red easel back frames.

JudyAnn's new Hydrangea Clutch is gorgeous.

My Pink Sugar Life's "All Wrapped Up in Love" bear is adorable.

Eye Candy shows off three new series from Ada's clever mind.

Stitch by Stitch Larchmont is also shopping at the Winter Virtual Needlepoint Show and posting to their website.

Needlepoint-For-Fun has started posting items from the Winter Virtual Needlepoint show on their website.

Kirkland Design Studio's Etsy shop has a fun leap year magnet for those trying to stitch as many pieces as there are numbers ending in the year.

Barbara's Needlepoint has new heart canvases for Valentine's Day from Cindy and Beth.

Stitched Up Needleworks shows off new architectural designs from Maggie.

If you are a fan of charted pieces, Textured Treasures has something you'll want to see--"Whirlwind Revisited."  She hopes to sell kits later once she manages to get the threads from manufacturers.

JP Needlepoint just finished a new design called "Magic Carpet Ride."  If you like animals and a challenge, this is perfect.

f you are dreaming of snow, Lynda Cook Designs has a darling watermelon bookmark for your stash.

And now she's got a strawberry bookmark!

Lani has added lots of Halloween and more perfume bottles to her design line.

The latest re-publication from Susan Johnson of SJ Designs is charted Late Victorian motifs.

EyeCandy has "Shadow Cats" and "Mod Cats" as the first new designs of 2024.

"Faith and Grace Snow Day" is the latest ornament from Lynn Mason of Needlepoint By Sharese.

Coco Frank has added Love Bug ornaments to her line.

Lauren Bloch has added a "Peeps" frame along with a pillow sayings design to her line.

Colour Complements is now selling a series of six gnome kits complete with PDF instructions from Marilyn Owen and all the threads.  You will have to supply the canvas, needle and scissors.

"Magic Bubbles" is brand new from Jolly Red and a fun companion piece to their "Magic Circles."

Fussy Gussies Needlepoint has an adorable box of Smooches and Kisses for Valentine's. has new printed ornaments, hearts and key fobs to celebrate Valentine's Day.  I adore the Love Monster!

Penny Linn is partnering with Lazy Doodle Designs on these pop culture ornaments.

Lauren Bloch Designs has two new picture frames.  The first is the "Castle with Fireworks" and...

...the second is the new "Candy Corn Frame."

Louise's Needlework now has a shop exclusive Columbus Boarding Pass canvas.

Raymond Crawford has turned his popular reindeer into the "Sven Christmas Stocking."

If you want some of Kreinik's limited edition soft metallic, check this out.

Cindy at Barbara's Needlepoint has two new purse canvases.

Two Sisters has a new series of Nautical pillows.

Mary of Colors1 is making snowmen ornaments.

Jody is creating penguin ornaments to celebrate winter cold.

Raymond Crawford's "Yellow Lab Christmas" is funny and sweet.

Park Avenue Needlepoint has teamed up with Patty Paints to offer custom house portraits with a zip code.  Available in two sizes.

Raymond Crawford's "Tropical Wreath" is a honey.

Stitch by Stitch in Larchmont, NY shows off new designs (some available now, some not until the spring) from Cooper Oaks, Nanci K Kreations,  Stitch Style's Alli Eagan, Blueberry Point Designs, Raymond Crawford, Plum Stitchery, and Kate Dickerson.

Kate Dickerson will jump on the Taylor Swift bandwagon this spring with "Merry Swiftmas."

Raymond Crawford's "English Flying Nanny" is now in stocking form.

Ruth Schmuff has something totally different -- snowmen laying tools!

Colour Complements is introducing the Mitten Kit of the Month in 2024.  If you want to indulge in some downloadable PDF charts plus add lovely overdyes to your stash, start here--

The Peabody key fob is the newest from Needlepoint by Laura.

Kate Dickerson's hobby horses will be available in Spring 2024.

Ehrman has a new Candace Bahouth design called "Dutch Golden Peacocks."

Raymond Crawford has been busy for March 2024 new designs.  First he's created the "Christmas Choir Kids."

And Raymond is working on the Christmas-themed "Singing Sisters."  Judy and Betty are finished.  

Now Raymond has the "Sweet Treat Nutcracker."  He's on fire!

The Jingle Bells Christmas stocking from Raymond Crawford will be available in March 2024.

Plum Stitchery is celebrating the band with these two new designs for 2024.

Abigail Cecile's latest charted small design is a Christmas wreath monogram featuring a bow, greenery, oranges and an initial.  This is a digital download of the pattern and instructions.