Destination Dallas is a non-TNNA trade show held each year in Dallas, Texas.  In 2018 the show will be September 15-17, with some classes on 9/14 I think.

The newest items I find will be at the top of the list starting July 1st.  Browse Facebook postings of more than one photograph using the right and left side arrows.  Items listed below have been announced but won't be available until after Destination Dallas.

Stitch By Stitch Larchmont has a Pinterest page with photos of new canvases.  They don't have a lot of information available when it comes to size or price, just the photo and a short designer name.  You can see their "board" by clicking on the link below even if you do not have a Pinterest account.  Just look for the Not Now link at the bottom of the window that opens asking you to log in or set up an account.


New Neon Rays+ colors are coming out in Dallas.

Denise DeRusha Designs has a new travel "postcard" for Seattle.

Pip and Roo has a new Christmas reindeer.

Louise's Needlepoint shows off the newest book from Gone StitchingGot Stitches Two:  Size Matters.

Elegant Stitch also posted about the new Gone Stitching book.

Kam's Handpainted Needlepoint has a new series of Halloween-themed "bowl fillers" which are small pieces meant to be displayed during the holidays.  Very creative!

Labors of Love has two new small beach canvases.  The starfish will be featured with a guide in the September Needle Pointers magazine.  The companion turtle will also be out at Destination Dallas.

Maggie has posted more new animal canvases from Terry Runyan.

Rainbow Gallery shows off new colors in their Rainbow Linen thread.

Sally Corey has another new Medallion design.  This one is called "Contentment."

Heidi Stanley Designs now has an Instagram page.

Alice Peterson has a new Christmas bookshelf design.

Melissa Shirley has a new flamingo piece by Vicki Sawyer.

Gone Stitching has a new book out!  It is called Got Stitches? Two:  Size Matters and is all about what fits where.

Melissa Shirley has a new Halloween books design.  This is in more traditional Halloween colors than her first Halloween books design.

Maggie shows off four new designs from a new artist, Terry Runyan.

New S'Mores Luv canvas from My Pink Sugar Life.

Here is the newest Liora Manne/CBK piece, "Mutts and Putts."  Hilarious!

David McCaskill has a new design called "Indian Summer," available as a download for the chart only, as a full kit with the line drawn canvas or as full instructions including how to outline your own canvas.

Leigh Designs' Holiday Collection ornaments are now available!  All have stitch guides by Carolyn Taggart.  Your favorite shop can order the canvas and/or guide from Leigh for you.

Stitch by Stitch Larchmont is posting photos of canvases you can pre-order before Destination Dallas on their Facebook page.  No designers are identified.

Penny MacLeod has a new cat canvas—which she is stitching, too.

Maggie loves rugs and is stitching this one.  A smaller version of the design will be available from Maggie in Dallas.

Tapestry Tent (Liz Goodrick-Dillon) has a new peacock, available from Susan Roberts.

Needlework Retailer shows off two pretty drink flasks with canvases from Viola.

Melissa Shirley has shared brand new witch hat designs on Facebook.

CBK has a new artist, Leslie Murray, with new designs available soon.  Check out Saturday Bath Night.  It cracks me up.

Jody Valentine has a new series now—Harlequin Letters.

Barefoot Design has a new Shark Week ornament.  LOL

Sally Corey Designs has a new medallion canvas in her series of them available in her Etsy store.

Chaparral shows off some new Sandra Gilmore designs.

There are new Fob Friends from Accoutrement Designs, plus re-releases and some limited editions, too.

Here's a new Sandra Gilmore for Fleur de Paris called "Mail Call."

The newest JP Needlepoint design is called "What's That?"—you can see it and read how it got its name here-

Needlework Retailer shows off four new Halloween lollipops designs from Pepperberry.

Kelly's posted new canvass from 2Bit Ranch Designs on Facebook!

Kate Dickerson has a new artist, Megan Carn, and has posted photos of the new canvases on Facebook. Use the side arrow to see all 8 canvases.

Raymond Crawford Designs has updated their Facebook page with new designs.

The Needlework Retailer shows off a new Rennie Marquez from Strictly Christmas.  There are other coordinating designs in this series in case you like florals with a pun.

CBK just announced they are going to reproduce artwork from Will Bullas on needlepoint canvas.

Puffin has a new needle minder-the USA heart.

There are new colors available in size 8 metallic Painters Threads.

Needle Accents has new needle minders available.  These are a little different than most, so have fun browsing!

Natalia Frank has a new Persian carpet chart kit ready for your stitching pleasure.

Michelle at Little Bird Designs shows off her new bookmark/belt designs.

JP Needlepoint has updated their website with their latest designs.

BeStitched has a section of their website called "Summer Debuts" which not only has new things this summer, but shows off items that will be available soon.  Items with "Coming Soon" on the photo are about to be released by Janet Gaynor/Fleur de Paris.

All I can say about Purple Palm's newest series is "groovy!"

Pip and Roo Needleworks has new designs.

David McCaskill has a new design coming out for those who like layered stitches.  It's called "Indian Summer."

It should be upon David's website shortly.

Suzie is dropping hints about the new Valerie Needlepoint Gallery (VNG), Scott Partridge, and Amanda Lawford designs….

I've also become a fan of Marine Devine's female portraits. She is distributed by Kate Dickerson.

Kate Dickerson has new patriotic treats for summer stitching.

Jody Valentine has new primary color bird/birdhouses that are darling.

Today's Frida Kahlo's birthday so of course we have a new canvas.   (Design by Sandra Vargas for Ruth Schmuff)

Whimsy and Grace has new additions to their "Fred and Ginger" series—the Bride and Groom!

"Cactus Smacked Us" is a colorful cactus piece from JP Needlepoint.  Check out the owl!  One of these will be given away to a shop attending Destination Dallas.

"Frozen Reflections" by Lorene Salt will be available in October 2018 at A Stitching Shop as either a kit or chart only.


  1. Hi Jane, This is Jane of Threads: A Needle Necessity Editions 1 & 2. In our book, we mention that using a 4" piece of Kreinik threaded into a needle is an excellent way to pull those stray threads to the back of the canvas. Insert from the front and pull to the back. There is no damage to the canvas or other stitches.