Destination Dallas 2021

Destination Dallas in 2021 has been cancelled.  See you in 2022!  The Nashville Market for May 2021 has been cancelled, too, but there is a virtual version May 15-17, 2021.  I understand there will be a virtual trade show in September or October and a by-invitation-only in person small show in November in Texas.

To help designers get the word out about their latest, I'm still listing all the newest things below.  Latest on top.  By the way, Goggle removed this page as malware on May 14, 2021.  They did restore it, but to a much earlier version.  My apologies to the designers and shops but I have no control over this.  I've done my best with restoring from backups but when Google removes a section as malware, much of the data is lost since I only do backups monthly.

Stitch Therapy has posted a lot of new designs from many designers.

Stitch By Stitch has posted several newsletters with multiple designers featured.  

Here's the latest from Stitch By Stitch--- 

Bestitched has new Alice Peterson, Danji and Gayla Elliott designs on their website.

The Pointing It Out podcast talks about the virtual market.


"Steamboat Springs" is new from Max and Oscar/Painted Pony.

Dragonlady Canvaswork Designs has finished "Starstruck."  Instructions available shortly.

Sue Hillis Designs has a fabulous new "I play like a girl, try to keep up" sign.

Rainbow Gallery has two new colors of Angora:  a peachy-tan and a bubblegum pink.

This beauty is "Stars Quilt" from Susan Roberts.  It's a great stash buster and a lovely design.

New from Annie Lane and available in October--"Patriotic Piggy."

Merry L Needlework Accessories now has reversible fabric ort collectors.

Morgan Julia's chocolate chip cookies on a cooling rack will be available next year.

"Beach Day" is new from Pippin and is on 13 count.

Beau Verre Art has some darling spooky glass needle minders.

Stitch-Style has released the first ornament in their new military collection, the Army camouflage blouse.

Rachel Barri Designs has a new disco ball design in either blues or pinks.

Kelly Clark has added new needle minders to her Etsy store.

AND Ginny's Gem Minders is having a sale on her needle minders.

Viola! has some cute clutch bags.  And they do finishing!

Annie Lane has two new cat canvases, both small and both funny.  Use side arrow to see the other one.

Strictly Christmas continues the Year of the Chicken Canvas with Debi Hubba's "There's a Chicken on My Head."  Prepare to giggle when you stitch this.

Colour Complements has four new fall colors!  I think these are all available in perle cotton. has three new stocking tops.  These are printed canvases with stitch suggestions.

The cardinal on a holly branch is new from Canvas and Thread.

Kathleen Taylor's new "Eye Roll Sisters" for Maggie is hilarious.

Kate Dickerson has a new mermaid, "Simply Mermazing."  Elaine Aidonidis will have a guide for this shortly.

Morgan Julia will launch four new designs and a needle minder on September 2.  I particularly like the ginger jar champagne bucket and matching needle minder.  All canvases come with a Jinney Barney McAuliffe guide.

JP Needlepoint has updated their website with all the 2021 new designs in one place.

New from Needlepoint by Sharese is "Noel Sees the Northern Lights."

Strictly Christmas will have three of Amy Hartman's chickens in September, starting with the No One Takes Me Seriously chicken.

Annie Lane's Private Collection now features knitting and needlepointing sheep.

Jinny Barney McAuffle has launched her own line of canvases under the Stitch Style name with this stitching bus and beautiful bird. A free guide comes with the canvases.

Michele Mohr is a new artist for Maggie Needlepoint.

Painters Threads has size 8 metallic braid in their signature colors.

Laurel Wheeler has a variety of op art designs to dazzle your eyes.

Colour Complements' overdyded Floche is back in stock.

Laura Perin has released the chart for Bee-utiful Garden now.  This was last year's cyber class.

Kristi of Initial K Studio has her series of quilt-inspired canvases ready for purchase. If you like geometric patterns, this designer is right up your alley.

Morgan Julia's latest is an espresso martini.

Shelly Tribbey is doing new small travel ornaments.  Here is her Arc d'Triomphe.

Winnetaka/Chris Lewis has a darling hot air balloon tooth fairy design.

Anne Fisher Needlepoint now offers tennis racket covers.

Barefoot Needlepoint Designs' "Chill" is a beach charmer.

So is "My Happy Place."

She also has a red and a green gnome.

Patricia Sone has a honey bee glasses case. has added four gnome Christmas ornaments to their Needlepoint to Go printed kit series.

Judi and Company has a great evil eye design to keep you safe.

R by Rudy Needlepoint has a new summer collection exclusive to Lycette Designs in Palm Beach and Newport.

Strictly Christmas' "Cat in a Box" comes with a June McKnight stitch guide.

"Washed Up Blonde Doll" is the latest from Morgan Julia.

"Ichabod" the vulture is ready for Halloween.  Design by Sandra Gilmore/Fleur de Paris.

VS Designs' latest is a lovely decorative moth inside a pretty leaf border.  You can see her work on Instagram (second link below).

New chart from Textured Treasures, done on 30 count silk gauze with Kreinik silks.  Available as a chart or kit shortly.

If you love monograms, SJ Designs has a new chart book full of them. They are all Victorian and all lovely.

The newest Morgan Julia is a whaler.  For those not familiar with boats, a whaler is a little motor boat with a roof over the wheel.  There's also a "Rose Drunk" canvas being introduced.

JudyAnn has been busy with new Halloween and fall designs.  There are lots of new strawberry shapes, darling cats and a charming fox.

 Design Studio has plenty of new needle minders coming soon.

"Barbi's Dream House" is the new design from Rachel Barri Designs.

New from Sundance, a house with a Southwestern vibe and plants.

Morgan Julia's cute beach "Spritz Cart" will be available later this year.  Her "Eggs Benedict" canvas will be available then, too. (Second link below)

Laurel Wheeler has a flock of new angels (front and back) that can be personalized.

Barbara's Needlepoint has a wonderful Blue Bittersweet Pumpkin.

Here's something you don't see every day--a Mardi Gras masked reveler from Needle Arts in New Orleans.

Ginger and Edie have a new Southern welcome design.

Barbara's Needlepoint shows off two pages of their Under the Rainbow Santas.  Use the right side arrow to see page two.

Annie Lane's farm animals are in costume for Halloween.  "Batcow and Robin" is my favorite.

Meredith Collection has a new, cute cat wreath.

Kelly Clark's newest sampler is the Heart in Hand one, with four sayings.

Do you love the VW camper vans?  If so, you'll adore Jolly Red's new campervan pillow.  They also have a smaller version of this design (second link below) you can fold into a glasses case or frame or use as a pillow insert.

Morgan Julia's 2021 Christmas ornament design is this holiday bar cart.

NeedlePaint has a new Halloween collection.  The printed designs are both large and small but all are jolly and fun.

New Joji scissors from Kelmscott come in pink or blue.

Also beach-themed is Edie & Ginger's "Sea la Vie" from CBK.

Lori Seibert of Painted Pony has a new retro girls piece--ice cream, gossip and the beach!'s latest "Needlepoint to Go" kits are based on quotes from Jane Austin.  You can buy just the printed canvas, you don't have to get the kit.

"Blue Fishes" by Alice Peterson has blue and white fish perfect for your beach house porch chair.

Stitch by Stitch Larchmont shows off new Maine-themed designs from Jessica Tongel, new clutches, inserts and glasses cases from SCT Designs, a few new assorted designs from Cooper Oaks, new things from Raymond Crawford and Skooter's Designs, more cooking utensils from Rachel Barri, and colorful new things from Kate Dickerson.  Note that many new things won't be available until 2022.

SG Designs' newest plaid state design is for New York.

The "Shh" sign with dinosaurs is from J. Child.

JP Needlepoint's bears are at the beach with their animal floats.

Accoutrement Designs has a new pink sugar skull magnet for Halloween stitching.

Kelly Clark has a new "Autumn Floral" still life.  She'll be teaching this in the fall, by the way.

Barbara's Needlepoint has a new strawberry patterned strawberry canvas.

My Pink Sugar Life has a new series --Beach Stitcher is the first.

New from Pepperberry--a snowman with cardinal ornament.

The latest "nines" from Pippin Studios is "Blue and White Dishes with Oranges."

J. Child has a darling starfish brick cover to prop open that door or use on your bookcase.

Kate Dickerson is adding new shoes to her popular series.

The "Hot Cocoa Snowman" is the latest from Barefoot Needlepoint Design.

New from Barbara's Needlepoint, the "RIP Peyote Star."

Rachel Barri Designs has five new kitchen utensil canvases and two bakery canvases, for the foodies among us.

Pippin Studios has two new beach-themed canvases.

You can see the self finishing button canvases from Patty Paints here.  Use the side arrows to browse the designs.  The self-finishing button forms are included with the canvas.

David at Barbara's Needlepoint has four new tree shapes to add to your stitching fun.  Use the left side arrow to see how these look finished.

Colors of Praise has posted a video of their newest in-stock designs on Facebook.  Ask your favorite shop to order for you.

"American Pi-Napple" will be available from Lynn Mason of Needlepoint by Sharese in January 2022.

JP Needlepoint's latest is a ribbon pattern in black, white and pink.

Annie Lane's latest is a chicken fortune teller.

My Pink Sugar Life's watermelon cake is a great addition to their cake stand series.  Visit her Etsy store (second link below) to see the others.

Patricia Sone's new "Dogwood Cross" for her series of crosses is beautiful.

Rainbow Linen has six new colors.  

Raymond Crawford has updated his website with his newest designs.

There are seven new colors in Twinkle, Gone Stitching's rayon/metallic thread mix.

Kate Dickerson's "Queen Bee" canvas is a perfect fit for the new Planet Earth Fiber boxes.

Pippin has a new seagulls stocking for that beach Christmas.

Morgan Julia's new "Maryland Flagpole Canvas" is not available, either as just the canvas or as a kit.

Blue Ridge Stitchery's new "rainbow bridge" design is available in six dog breeds.

Judy Tasch Needlepoint has new, fun I Love four inch round ornaments.

Textured Treasures has a new pixelated chart, perfect for beads.

There is a new white swan on black from Holli Huser at Painted Pony.

Treenway Silks has seven new colors in Silk Eyelash.

More emoji canvases from Sew Much Fun.

Wellesley Needlepoint has a new New England-themed Christmas stocking from Julie Paukert.  Use the right side arrow to see closeups.

Poppy Monk Needlepoint London, Paris and NYC travel pieces that are based on vintage fashion.  Very nice! (The new baby things are cute, too.)

Unwind Studio has new designs.

Laura Perin has released a new chart called "Patchwork Parfait."   It is easier than it looks at first glance and the original colors are serene and pretty for a summer cool-off.

Chris Lewis has a new lake sayings canvas that isn't fussy but has fun stripes.

Jean Smith's "Garden Party" is a collection of colorful blossoms.

Victoria Shluper of VS Designs has a colorful elephant teapots design to add to her teapots series. There's a great blue and white bird one on her Instagram page (second link).

Blue Ridge Stitchery has turned their Blue Ridge Mountains canvas into a hat band/dog collar style and is also doing a belt.

Mindy has another lovely abstract sized to fit Turtle Bags.

Melissa Shirley has updated her website with the latest designs.

"Hot Fun in the Summertime" is JP Needlepoint's vision of what flamingos and a toucan do at the beach.

There's a new small impatiens canvas from Jean Smith, who does the best flower designs.

Madeline Elizabeth has a new champagne celebration canvas.

The Canvasback Needlepoint Shop has a new style of deep acrylic tray available.

JP Needlepoint has a new pet family crest and a crown.

The Point of It All Designs trunk show at BeStitched shows off many of the new canvases not on their website.

Needlework Retailer News shows off the Kate Dickerson inserts for Planet Earth leather goods.

My Pink Sugar Life is ready for Shark Week!

Annie Lane has added a polar bear called Mr. Chilly (no relation) to her "Christmas Critters" series.

Susan Roberts has three new stockings from Ashley Dillion-Davis:  snowman, birds/birdhouses and Santa.

Mindy has started painting canvases sized for Turtle Bags.

Judi and Co. has a new hearts design.

Meredith Collection's first Christmas house key design is unique.

Kelly Clark is planning a new mermaid as a companion piece to this year's Marina the Deep Sea Mermaid.  Use the right side arrow to see the new sketch of Delphina the Gulf Sea Mermaid.  The colored drawing is this year's. 

Alice Peterson has a pretty hydrangea basket.

Kelly Clark is now offering cross stitch kits for those who like counted work.

Pajamas and Chocolate/Chris Lewis Distributing has a fun USA design.

The patriotic wreath is a shop exclusive for Needle Works from Melissa Prince.

A new sweet unicorn from Labors of Love.

Sew Much Fun's Uncle Sam is a charmer but it's the new party and USA emojis that caught my eye.

J. Child has a fun golf tee frame.  Add a photo or date or initials to the center to celebrate a great game.

The World in Stitches has new little leather self-finishing bags with matching leather tassels.  Randi can add the canvases if you wish or you can make your own designs.

Kelly Clark has a new Welcome sampler featuring a hospitality pineapple.

Rachel Barri Designs has a new summer  toile pattern available in either pink or blue.

If you are a fan of animal canvases, especially those of birds, you'll enjoy seeing Judy Keenan's newest designs.  There are also National Park travel posters from Anderson Design Group.

Love Painted Pony's angel canvases?  Now you can buy angel needle minders similar to their designs.

Fleur de Paris is now distributing a rechargeable clip on light with an 8 inch bendable neck.  It's described as "small and compact" and is available in white, black, blue and lavender.

Zecca has a fabulous new ibis design called Sunrise in the Swamp.  Available on 13 or 18 count.

Patty Paints has new button cover designs.  Finishing instructions and the buttons are included.  There are 26 designs, all available from The Collection Designs, Patty's distributor.

Needlepoint by Laura has a new pagoda series that is lovely.

Skooter Designs has a new storefront series.

WIP Stitch has a new jeep collection.

Morgan Julia Designs has two new kits available, a paper cup and a g-wagon.

The Meredith Collection has a new Big Buddy magnet--a lemon.

avid Pringle now has painted versions of his unique squiggle designs.  He'll be selling them through his LNS and Etsy eventually but you can message him via Facebook if you want one.

Pepperberry has added Colorado's state flag to their "Heart Flag" collection.

Kangaroo Paw shows off their patriotic stars and hearts.

Annie Lane has the new "Patriotic Piggy" available next October.

Treenway Silks has new greens and a pink in their Silk Eyelash thread line.

My Pink Sugar Life has a great new Lady Liberty ornament.

The "Needlepoint to Go" series of kits with printed designs from has five new summer designs. 

Melissa Shirley has a new design in her bench series--"The Lake Bench."  It's a classic.

This is a companion to "Seaside Bench."

There is also a very beautiful garden bench. called "White Bench."

Pepperberry has a new "Daises" glasses case.

Rainbow Linen threads have new shades of pink, courtesy of Rainbow Gallery.

The latest "March" canvas from Ashley Dillon-Davis at Susan Roberts is Lunar New Year March.

Looks like Fairy Tale March is new, too.

Also Snow Parade is new to me.

The newest glasses case from Pippin features gardening snips.

My Pink Sugar Life also has a fun small beach piece.

Annie Lane has two new beach animals.

"Snow the Reindeer" from Holli Huser of Painted Pony is gorgeous!

The newest tall piece from Zecca is based on French murals from the 18th Century.

The stylized sun design is new from Judi and Company.

JP Needlepoint's new "Gray Flair" is perfect for an initial in the center.

Jean Smith, master of all things floral, has a new series of three summer florals.

J. Child has a very pretty swan glasses case design.

Morgan Julia has two new canvases, a matching needle minder,  is now partnering with Jinny Barney for stitch guides, and now sells pill shaped beads.

Gone Stitching has a wonderful challah cover for your Shabbat.

CBK has a skating polar bear and a reindeer ornament from Ginny Diezel.

Mary Tussey has added three new summer beach canvases to her line.  Love those blues.

Love needle minders?  BeStitched has a Accoutrement Designs trunk show with many magnets I've not seen before.

The Needlepointer has the Patti Mann trunk show in the shop and has a video of the many canvases they have.  It's a good chance to see new Patti Mann pieces as the website is rarely updated but her work is delightful.

Lee has released a red leather four inch round gift box, with room for a three inch canvas in the top.

JP Needlepoint has a lovely new crown on navy canvas for the kings and queens among us.

Laura Perin's "California Gold" poppy cyber class has been released as a chart!  To purchase, visit the Two-Handed Stitcher's website (second link below).

Patt's "Good Luck Elephant"

Dream House Ventures now carries designs from Carol Manning Designs.

Rebecca Wood has added a few new items to the What's New page of her website.

Sandy at Duo Designs has four new vehicle designs.

Accoutrement Designs now has snap trays in three colors.

Prairie Designs Needlepoint has some lovely work featured on their Facebook page.

The Meredith Collection has a new collection of bug and insect Big Buddies to hold your needles.

Zecca has updated their website with their latest treasures.

Patricia Sone's latest is her stained glass cross.

SJ Designs' latest chart is out!  "Simple Elegance" is a sampler of open stitches and designs that expose the background canvas.

JudyAnn has new summer botanical ornaments.  Follow the link to her Etsy shop to see them all.

Sew Much Fun shows off their Zombie Mermaid and their other popular Halloween pieces.

The Needlepointer, which distributes Pippin's needlepoint, has two pages of new designs.

Suddenly I'm hungry  I blame Madeline Elizabeth's cereal canvas and My Pink Sugar Life's lemon meringue pie.

Stitch by Stitch has a joint trunk show of Silver Needle Needlepoint and Audrey Wu Designs needlepoint canvases.

NeedlePaint has added Nutcracker-themed ornaments that coordinated with their printed Nutcracker stockings.

Patricia Sone introduces a Byzantine cross design to her line.

Puffin has a new tiger kitty needle minder.

Julia Snyder of And More has designed a set of wedding pillows and is open to creating customs.

VNG has updated their website with new items.

Lani has updated her website with her new designs.

Fabulous florals from Leigh Designs, all 15x15 on 13 count. These have been in the line for years but are being revived.

The panda glasses case from J. Child is darling.

Stitch Therapy shows off new designs from Patti Mann, CanvasWorks, Ricki Henry, Sew Much Fun, Kate Dickerson, and Amanda Lawford.

Liz from Susan Roberts has two versions of a Spirit of Christmas stockings, one city and one country.

New from Ewe and Eye and Friends.

The Needlepointer has added new Alice Peterson designs to their website.

Anne Fisher has updated her website.

Mindy has updated her website with her newest designs.

Turtles are in!  Here's "Turtles Racing" from JP Needlepoint and "Patchwork Turtle" from Pajamas and Chocolate.

Madeline Elizabeth has a fun monkey portrait.  You can see her other new things on her website (second link below). has two new colors in their Needlepoint to Go printed chess board kits.

Maggie has posted ten photos of designs from her new artist, Valerie Weberpal,

There is a new Big Buddy needle minder from Meredith Collection--three stacked teacups.

Finger Step Designs has three new charts.

Pocket Full of Stitches shows off the new colors of Silk Lame Plus ribbon.

Mary Engelbreit has a new Whooo Loves You? for Painted Pony.

There's a new stitching girl in Gayla Eliott's series for Alice Peterson--and she's stitching on a boat.

Pippin Studios has updated their website with the latest painted canvas designs.

Treenway Silks has new limited edition colors in their 65 Roses collection.

The latest Jean Smith pansy is on 13 mesh but available in three diameters.

Melissa Shirley seems to have updated her website, too.

Melissa Prince has updated her website.  I like the Golden Alphabet series.

I've shown Beau Verre Art fused glass needle minders before but Google deleted that.  (Grrrrr)

Stitch by Stitch shows off the first day of the virtual market.

Follow the link to Stitch by Stitch's website to see much more, but remember, all this is for preorder.  Canvases won't arrive for 6-7 months.

Duo Designs has this darling bees on honeycomb design.

NJNA has a report on new items.  Note that there are usually more than one photo to see.  Use the side arrows to browse new items from Pippin, Dinky Dyes scissors, needle minder from South Beach Button Company, plus Gayla Elliott stitching ladies.

STC Designs has a fun Halloween countdown canvas.

New from Aviva Needlepoint!

Annie Lane has Halloween critters now.

Bestitched has new Alice Peterson and Gayla Elliott designs on their website.

My Pink Sugar Life has a new food cart series.


GOOGLE deleted a bunch of links that were here.  Sorry.  

Stitch By Stitch in Larchmont has started to post their reports on the virtual needlepoint show.

Pocket Full of Stitches is also reporting in.

BeStitched has posted new Alice Peterson and Gayla Elliott canvases.

Kreinik has a new color of Facets and Petite Facets, their thread for couching that resembles a string of beads.  It's a pretty aqua blue.  Nice!

Kangaroo Paws has new "Love Home" versions of their state shape designs.

Treenway Silks has six new shades of green silk ribbon.  These are limited editions so buy all you need.

Lauren Bloch Designs has a lovely Martin Luther King quote canvas.

Sundance has new Talavera squares and a heart for fans of this painted pottery.

Painted Pony has a new botanical tulips design from Suzanne Nicholls.

Penny MacLeod has two new girl in mask ornaments available for pre-order which you can see at the very bottom of this shop newsletter.

Rainbow Gallery has six new pastels in their Entice rayon-metallic thread line.

Laura Perin has a new chart called "Mountain Trail," which is a sort of band sampler with a winding road leading to various sights on your stitching vacation.

Art Diva has a new English thatched cottage design.

Annie Lane has a new "C Ya 2020" canvas.

And More has school name canvases now.

Judy Tasch Needlepoint is expanding into a new website with both her new canvases and her needle minders.

JP Needlepoint has a fun new Halloween design called "Spooky."

Colonial Needle has a new large mermaid design from Kelly Clark.

Madeline Elizabeth has a new design for folks who love camping.

Silk Road Fibers has two new hunger-inducing colors in their line of Straw Silk.

Kate Dickerson has new chess and checker boards, Planet Earth has new colors of their leather boxes, and Whatagem is a new designer who only does gemstone and jewelry designs.  Plus JCB Stitches has new wedding cakes designs with initials and dates which come in a chart so you can add what you want to your cake.

Morgan Julia has six new designs premiering.

Alice Peterson has a new winter scene that also is available as a stocking.

CBK's new polar bear ornament is a wonderful piece from Leslie Murray.

The latest Art Diva piece is a lovely pastel hearts sampler.

"Madame Cluckowski The Fortune Teller" is the latest charmer from Annie Lane.

Needle Delights has a new mystery class available.  Details here.

"Chirp" is brand new from David Galchutt, distributed by Ruth Schmuff who has a stitch guide available.

Nooxie Noble has new four inch rounds, available from Chris Lewis Distributing.

Sullivan has a new Add-a-Table system.  These fold up for easy storage and the height is adjustable, too.

Kate Dickerson has two new colorways of her Interlocking Squares.

JP Needlepoint has a fun new beach scene.

Stitch Rock Designs has new kits available. has a new series of kits they call Needlepoint To Go.  The designs are all printed on 12 count canvas and come kitted with Elizabeth Bradley wools.  They vary in size but are meant to be a fun, easy stitch that's not as expensive as painted canvases.

The black-headed grosbeak is a new Charley Harper ornament from The Meredith Collection.

Kirkland Design Studio has a hilarious Will Stitch for Toilet Paper needle minder magnet.

Blue Dogwood has a darling beaded reindeer ornament kit for Christmas 2021.

Rebecca Wood has a new Coronavirus Easter Rabbit ornament.

Labors of Love has a new 2021 Hopeful ornament.

Sandy Arthur has a new book out!  Leaping Thru Leaves is available for the shops to pre-order for January shipping now.

Jean Smith's latest amazing flower canvas is Tropical Daisy.

Kangaroo Paws has new sleep mask designs with sorority emblems, officially licensed, too!

Rainbow Gallery has added four new colors to their Alpaca 18 line of threads.

Kelly Clark has three Christmas Kitchen Nutcrackers.

My Pink Sugar Life's latest is a Santa cake.

Laura Perin has a festive new pattern with a gorgeous border and a center poinsetta that is just right.  The chart is called "Winter Poinsettas" and it is available on her website.  The beads are included in the price for the chart.

New from Raymond Crawford - "Not Today Satan."

Julie Pauket has a new Home Town canvas for New England.  No idea which town this is supposed to be.

There's a New Year's "Faith and Grace" design from Lynn Mason of Needlepoint by Sharese.

Abigail Cecile has updated her website with new butterfly, fruit and floral designs.

Alice Peterson's Hot Cocoa Cups is a perfect canvas for a winter storm's stitching.

Annie Lane has new Woodland Critter Christmas ornaments.

Santa's watching you!  Fun from Barefoot Needlepoint Designs.

Mindy has a new dragonfly box and custom design for the lid.

Maggie shows off two new landscapes from Cathy Horvath-Buchanan.

Eye Candy has new releases.  As always there are some fun holiday pieces (National Ice Cream Day anyone?) and lovely geometrics.

Ehrman has a new Magie Hollingworth pillow kit, a Frida portrait on 12 count.  These kits are stitched with tapestry wool and make a fun, fast project.  They are also perfect if your eyesight isn't what it used to be.

Pink Petals has a new quarantine stole Xmas canvas.  

A. Bradley has a lovely new Christmas candy cane stocking cuff.

Denise DeRusha has a new sugar skull wearing a face mask for the Day of the Dead person in your life.

SCT has a new chess board.

Plum Stitchery has two new blue and white sayings canvases.

Pippin has a new oranges doorstop.

Froopy Designs has a fun new 2020 wine glass canvas.

Barefoot Needlepoint Designs' sparkly tree canvas would be a quick and fun stash buster.

Annie Lane's Private Collection has a new bear canvas.

Savannah Needleworks has a new ready-to-finish dog bowl stand, available in three colors.  Pop in your ornament and it's ready.

Orna Willis has a brand new counted design called "Fields of Gold," currently available only as a class through the Shining Needle Society.

Love You More has a darling new Stay Home canvas.

Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery has a new deck of cards box and a matching canvas for the lid.

Tina Griffin Designs has some darling dog ornaments on plaid backgrounds.

Lauren Bloch Designs has three new ornaments for the Thanksgiving season.

Morgan Julia will have the new charcuterie needle minders available on Black Friday.

Jenya Rose has a new pink iced donut ornament which is charming.

Kirk and Bradley has added to their Midnight Dog series of ornaments and all of these come with guides.

Suzanne Hunter has new gingerbread cookie designs, six of which have stitch guides by Patricia Sone.

Ginny's Gem Minders has face mask needle minders now available in white, black, pink and blue.

Abigail Cecile has a new kit available for a Pommed Winter Hat.  It's available in either red/green or red/blue and you can ask for your preferred single letter on the front.  Stitch guide and threads included in the kit.

EyeCandy shows off her new holiday pieces for Christmas, Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day (plus ice cream pieces just because).

Stitch Rock shows off colorful new designs.

Jody Valentine has posted all her Christmas pickle designs on Facebook.

Ruth has posted new Kimberly painted canvases on the Bedecked and Beadazzled website.

PFOS has posted new items from Mindy, Prairie Designs and A Stitch in Time.

Lynn Mason (Needlepoint by Sharese) has five new winter design.  Love the caroling cat and dog.

Gone Stitching has a fun new glasses mini sock in their GSK line.

Barefoot Designs has the hilarious Miles Turkey as a stash butter canvas.

Candace Bahouth has a new rainbow heart kit that is on 10 mesh printed canvas for Ehrman.

Sew Much Fun has two new pet mini socks, one for a cat and one for a dog.

Puffin has a new Merry Block, which is a magnet.  Puffin calls these needle nannies.

Annie Lane has two new cat beverage canvases.

Art Diva Designs has a new Jewish gingerbread house.

Funda Scully has posted her new designs on Facebook.

Laura Perin has released her former cyber class of "Harvest Time" as a chart for the wine lover.

CBK has a new Santa with Puppy ornament from Ginny Diesel.

New from Mindy, "Folk Art Heart."

Chris Lewis Distributing has six new rounds in pretty colors with interesting patterns from Noxie Noble.

My Pink Sugar Life has a new (and hilarious) broken Christmas ornament canvas for 2020.

And More has a new Christmas photo frame that can be customized with a monogram or date.

J. Child Designs has a cute new blue starfish frame.

Tapestry Fair has updated their website with their latest.

Pepperberry has a new Dala horse welcome sign.

Love You More has updated their website with their newest designs.

Rebecca Wood has a new "Saved By the Mask" turkey ornament.

New from JP Needlepoint—"Heart of Flowers."

Sandy Arthur of Duo Designs showcases her new Long Necked Friends on her blog. If you like whimsical animals, these are for you.

If you like funny Halloween designs, you'll love the witch with her pet crow from Leslie Murray of CBK.

The newest Pippin is Cat Twelves, a real charmer.

Fleur de Paris has updated their website with new stockings from Leigh Designs, new Sandra Gilmore designs and a Halloween bear from dede Odgen.

Abigail Cecile has two new chart packs for monograms.  I love the Chinoiserie one!  This are digital downloads that you can work from stash but you can also order the kit to stitch them.  You just have to specify as you order.

"Harvest Bike" is new from Danielle Murray/Painted Pony.

Pepita has some great pairs ornaments in her Etsy shop.

Patti Paints has some smashing new Southwestern and cowboy designs.

Sandra Gilmore's new Thumbelina under the tree is a charmer.

Point2Pointe has a hilarious new 2020 in the rear view mirror design.

Devon Nicholson has a great Phoenix Rising.

Love You More has a lovely Nativity.

Tapestry Fair has re-relased the Art Deco Smoking Lady.

Love You More has a lyrical Patridge in a Pear Tree.

Kelly Clark has posted large photos of her new designs.

Mindy has two new dragon boxes with matching designs.  Use the right side arrow to see everything,

VNG has posted the new Amanda Lawford pieces.  Love the cardinal piece!

Pepperberry's "Little Blue Wagon" also comes in red.

New from Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery!

Annie Lane has two new Harvey Woolskein designs.

Madeline Elizabeth has a nice new tiger canvas, a cactus still life and two new sign canvases.

Canvas Art By Barbi has some new really cute pocket canvases.  Love the dragon and the robot.

Eye Candy has a series of new intricate pumpkins.

Duo Designs (that's Sandy Arthur, folks) has updated their website with all their new designs.

Fleur de Paris has a new Gnome!

I think all these Robbyn's Nest designs are new.

Tapestry Fair has two cute turtle designs.

Raymond Crawford has updated his website.  There are new designs in the What's New section, too.

Rachel Barri Designs has new letters available in their Etsy store.

A new Rachel Donley canvas—

Kelly Clark has new acorns, pumpkins and Easter nutcrackers.

Pippin has a new "Frisky Foxes" stocking.

Pepperberry is updating their website.

Mindy has a new "Welcome Autumn" heart.

More new Kirk and Bradley and Rachel Donley.

Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery has two new Covid-19 themed gingerbread people.

Kirkland Designs has three new drinks canvases. Use the right side arrow to see.

Jude has new flag canvases.

Sullivan's has pretty new scissors with what they call "teardrop" handles.

Stitch by Stitch Larchmont shows off new items from Penny MacLeod, Patty Paints, Plum Stitchery's Vintage Stamps collection, and Poppys Needlepoint has new ski area patches.

Susan Roberts has three new Cone designs for your holiday table.

Needlepaint has a new Seashell Collection of printed designs.

Kirk and Bradley has new designs.

Treenway Silks has new colors in their six ply line of silk floss.

Bohin has released a new wire needle threader with an intricate rose gold base that allows for tassels to be added. is having a Pippin trunk show.  They say they have the newest designs included, so if you are a fan, browse starting here.

The Collection is also doing blue willow pumpkin designs.

Kate Dickerson has two new blue willow pumpkin designs on an orange background.

Laura Perin has released her "Pumpkin Patch" chart.  This has been available as a cyber class only until now.

Annie Lane has new sheltie and collie designs for the dog lovers in your life.

Art Diva Designs has a new Thanksgiving owls and pumpkins piece that is quite nice and autumn-like.

Two Sisters is feeling naughty-cal.  LOL

New from Vicki Sawyer/Melissa Shirley—"Bah Bah Bah Ram."

And More is doing small 4 inch word canvases on their signature stripes.

Alice Peterson now has gnome Christmas ornaments.

Mary Tussey has two new pumpkins.  Use the right side arrow to see the second.

Sew Much Fun goes seasonal with their Halloween pumpkin or owl wreath designs.

Suzanne Hunter Designs has four lovely new Christmas hearts, all with Patricia Sone stitch guides.

Victoria Whitson has a lovely new stitcher's necklace.

Colour Complements has new colors out this fall, based on the sun at sunset.  Lovely!

Rebecca Wood has a hilarious new Halloween Masked Witch with Coronavirus ornament.

Rebecca Wood also has two snowmen and a cardinal, all in their masks.

Renaissance Designs has a fun new "Smile" canvas.

NeedlePaint has three new Merry X-Mask Santas designs—two ornaments and a stocking.

Patricia Sone
has a new topiary eye glass case on 13 count.

Morgan Julia Designs has a new canvas—Peony Basket.

Jean Smith has a new floral, a pink and green mum.  Beautiful!

New from Jenya Rose—a wiener dog Halloween ornament!

Pocket Full of Stitches shows off many of the new colors in Rainbow Gallery's thread lines.

Abigail Cecile has a new limited edition autumn bouquet monogram kit.

Griffin Designs has a funny "Be Thankful You're Not the Turkey" sign for Thanksgiving.

Chris Lewis Distributing has a fun new sign for those blah days.

Patricia Sone's "Blue and White Nativity" figures are all small enough to make this a project you can finish within a reasonable time.

Judi and Co.'s "Kindness Matters" is a sweet one.

Raymond Crawford has two new saints—St. Clare of Assisi and St. Francis of Assisi.

Annie Lane has a new pumpkin design.

J. Child has a darling mini choo choo stocking.

Treenway Silks has new colors.

This snow globe piece is new from Lynn Mason.

Megan Carn has new mini dog portraits, available from Kate Dickerson.  There are 20 breeds, all four inch rounds.

Vineyard Silks has new colors!

This portrait of Justice Ginsberg is available from Kate Dickerson.

ThreadworX has some lovely fall colors.  I don't think these are new.

Are you a pumpkin lover?  Then you'll enjoy Kelly Clark's series.

And More has a new Halloween piece from Ilone Fekete.

JP Needlepoint has updated their website with all Juli's new designs.

Kate Dickerson has a new "Keep Calm and Vote" ornament.

Kangaroo Paw Designs has some Halloween ornaments with the right colors and spooky words for a quick stitch.

Barefoot Needlepoint Design has a new pumpkin and oak leaves design.

The World in Stitches has a shop exclusive Mayflower oranment from Kathy Schenkel.

Lori Seibert over at Painted Pony has a new cartoon spider.

Donna shows off the new Rainbow Gallery colors.

Leslie Murray has a new "Boo Witch" available from CBK.

Alice Peterson has two new canvases in her popular Woman's View series.

Available this fall, Pippin's "Three Witches" has witches, cats, bats and an owl.

Pepperberry has a new series of small Animal Squares.

Viola has a great new glasses case and pouch.  They will also do the finishing for you.

Mindy has a new design for her dragonfly boxes.

Liz of Tapestry Tent has a new dragon, available from Susan Roberts.

Patricia Sone has a hilarious new "All the Stories Are True" canvas.

Cheryl Schaeffer has a new trash can on fire canvas for 2020.

Kurdy Biggs has two new designs.  The finishing with magnets on one is unique.

I didn't realize Kate Dickerson has 35 new little shoe canvases.

Carolyn Hedge Baird's latest book is out.  It's called Needlepoint Notebook:  Stitches Inspired by Carolyn's Travels.

Machelle Somerville has a canvas for those who overthink everything.

Pepperberry has a set of Lucky 13 Halloween ornaments.

NeedlePaint has a new "Winter Wonderland" collection, with a stocking, ornaments or a pillow design for your holiday fun.  These printed canvases are available with or without threads and on a variety of canvas sizes.

Rachel Barri has four new designs in her Etsy store.

Annie Lane has new Yorkie designs.

Barbara's Needlepoint has four Halloween stockings from Cindy and Beth.  Each has a stitch guide.

Pepperberry has a little red wagon. It's also available in blue.

Jody Valentine has a new large floral bunny with a pink bow.

Meredith Collection has new styles of Big Buddy magnets.

Rainbow Gallery now offers their five and a half inch wooden laying tool on a wrist ring, so you can keep it with you.

Renaissance Designs has a new watercolor-like piece with blue birds and flowers that is feminine and lovely.

Susan Roberts has a new Nativity design.

Viola has a very cute beach babe piece.

Susan Roberts has a new stocking-the Windy Snow Gifts Stocking.  If you like snowmen and wild animals, this one's for you.

Madeline Elizabeth has a new honeycomb/bee hive canvas, modeled on her Uncle Wayne's bees.

Hope the Donkey is new from Holli Huyser/Painted Pony.

Sandra Gilmore has a new floral rabbit called Sweetie available.

Patricia Sone has a Nativity set in blue.

New from Lynn Mason, a Victorian curtain sort of ornament.

Jody Valentine has a new "tall" rabbit in pink and green Buffalo check.

Mindy has a new abstract black, white and red design for her red dragonfly box.

The UK's Jolly Red has a new tapestry kit in neutral grays with hearts.

I think their colorful Ditsy Daises is new, too.

Lynn Mason has a new Halloween cat design.

Patricia Sone has a new "Bless Your Heart" design in ombre lettering.

Magie Hollingworth is adding to her dog portrait canvases for Ehrman Tapestry.  They are spectacular and very detailed for 12 count canvas kits done in wools on a printed canvas.

Annie Lane has three new Woodland Critters Christmas ornaments.

Laura Perin has a wonderful new "Summer Magnolias" chart, to relax you and give you something serene and cool to stitch. has new Rachel Donley take out coffee cup ornaments for Christmas.  These are kitted and available as a cyberclass.

New from Princess and Me, the "Global Angel" medical person with mask.

New from Gayla Elliott— "Three Musical Mermaids."

New from Sandra Gilmore — "Vue d Eiffel."

Michelle Ink Designs has new silver thread minders.

Rainbow Gallery has new colors in Fyreworks.

And More has a great new snowy town piece from Ilone Fekete.

Kate Dickerson has new Christmas plaid ornament, available either plain or with a monogram.

She's updated her website with the Fall 2020 things, too.

Hyla Hurley has posted quite twenty-five new designs for Point Of It All on her Facebook page.  Use the right side arrow to see them all.

Jean Smith's latest is a fabulous still life of ripe red tomatoes.

Annie Lane has a new Who Wants A Treat design with either a cat-themed or dog-themed border.

Abigail Cecile now has two e-pattern monogram charts.  Each pattern has three variations.

Victoria Whitson has a new QR code canvas.

Froopy Designs has a new stylized horse pattern.

Kelly Clark has new needle docks in her Etsy store.

Judi and Company has a medical marijuana insert for a case to carry this in.

Pepperberry has new Halloween designs.

New from JP Needlepoint --"Chinese Lanterns."

Puffin has a new flower needle threader, available in both their regular and micro sizes.

Annie Lane has lots of state cardinal birds now.

Kelmscott has four new colorful scissors.

Sullivans has new scirrors—rainbow unicorns!

Nine Pumpkins is new from Pippin.

Joseph's Workshop has lovely hand made wooden needle minders like this turtle.

Painted Pony has two new sea creatures canvases from LoriLynn Simms.

Morgan Julia has four new food and drink designs.  There's a drinks cart magnet to match, too!

Love wreathes?  You'll adore Gayla Elliott's Forest Animals wreath.

Hingham Square Needlepoint now has backgammon boards with sports team themes.

Eye Candy's "Joy" cardinal canvas is now available on 13 count as well as the original 18 count.

The Point of It All Designs is doing a series of four Christmas-themed ornaments.  Here's the first.

Delda has summer-themed needlepoint kits for kids  On 10 count canvas, the kit has everything (even a needle threader) except scissors.

Pepperberry has a variety of Swedish Dala patterned horses now.

The six stranded floss from Painters Threads is now packaged on spools.

Annie Lane has a new "I Love VA Cardinal" design that can be customized with other state abbreviations.  Stitch guide from Ginny Stapleton is available.

Needle Minders US has two new paw print designs.

Chris Lewis Distributing has two new saying canvases.

New grandson piece from Needlepoint By Sharese as a companion to the granddaughter version.

"Three Paper Lanterns" is a lovely new Asian piece from Renaissance Designs.

Denise DeRusha has new Day of the Dead pieces, including one in a mask.

Acoutrement Designs has a great new pink Ohh-la-la magnet for the Francophiles among us.

David McCaskill has added sayings to his new Patriotic Heart.  He also has a new small Three Candles design for your holiday tree.

Finella laying tools are available again from Pamela Harding.  Two sizes and available in either sharp or blunt tips.

Sandra Gilmore has a new armchair design.

A designer new to me, Pure Joy Designs, has a really sweet fairy ballerina stocking.

Pippin's new "Twelve Cats" will be available in September.

CBK has new Nepture and mermaid designs, that are prefect for your bar.

Victoria Whitson has new Q code canvases, each available in four color ways.

Sisters and Company Designs has a new and very beautiful "Rose Dove" design that reminds me of classic crewel.

Accoutrement Designs has three colors of Keep Calm and Stitch On magnets.

Grffin Designs has an inspirational saying from Dr. Suess.

The Meredith Collection has new dog collar canvases.

Kate Dickerson has a new July 4th celebration box.

Kangaroo Paw has a new patriotic heart.

Unwind Studio has a new printed Black Lives Matter lady from Otis Eddu.

"Home Sweet Home" from JP Needlepoint shows a dauschund acting as a table for all those sweet treats we love.

Kristine Kingston has a new great Liberty stars and stripes canvas, available from Chris Lewis Distributing.

Viola has a fun series of bathing beauty canvases for summer.

Raymond Crawford has updated his website with the very newest designs at the top of his "What's New" page.

Maggie now has a sloth barista canvas.  LOL

David McCaskill has a new patriotic ribbon design that's perfect for July 4th!