Sunday, November 8, 2020

Corraling Beads

With the Tacky Bob bead box being discontinued, my friends and I have been talking about the various gadgets one can use to hold beads as you work a canvas.

Beadsmith's Sticky Bead Mat is a favorite.  It comes in gray or clear and in various sizes.  You peel off a plastic cover and the beads stick to the mat.  If you peel off the plastic cover off the back it will also stick to your canvas.  (Keep the plastic covers to cover the mat when not in use.)  The nice thing about the Sticky Bead Mat is that when it gets pet fur and thread bits on it, you can wash it off and let it dry and it'll be as sticky as when new.

Accoutrement Designs has a metal box for beads and needles that has both the sticky pad and a magnet to hold your beading needles and the beads.  These come in various designs.  You can attach them to your canvas by using a magnet on the back, too.

The Meredith Collection has the Bead Buddies, which is an inch and a half long by one inch wide plastic box with a magnet on the back.  The inside has a sticky paper strip that holds the beads.  If you want something very small, this is probably the right choice.  

There are people who make their own sticky bead holder using masking tape that is rolled into a little loop and stuck into the beads and then onto the canvas, or who use a small container they have around the house.  Whatever works for you is the right choice.  

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