Thursday, January 27, 2011

Off Topic: Snow!

Last night we got our biggest snowfall of the year.   Some of us really like snow.  It is fun to plow with our nose.

Some of us like to lay in snow, preferably after sliding down the steps on top of the snow.

Some of us pose for photographs in snow.

Some of us don't like being on a leash in the snow.

Some of us come inside and participate in a vigorous round of Canine Olympic Trials in Mouth Wrestling with the big dog.

Some of us love snow.  This does not include me, you understand.  All this activity means I am too tired to stitch!

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Eighteen Pages and Ten Million Beads

Those interested in monthly clubs will want to visit Needlenook of La Jolla's home page to see more of their monthly stocking club finished.  These A Collection of Designs pieces are being stitched by Julia Snyder.  Click on any of the three finished models to see the bare canvases these are based on.  By the way, there are photos of some of David McCaskill's custom eBook reader covers right under the stockings in case you would like a custom cover created just by you.

While we are visiting NN of LJ, check out the coming attractions.  There's a retreat, a cyberclass with videos, what seems to be a question and answer video series, and a new monthly club featuring the Halloween bats that Kelly Clark just released.  My thanks to Becky who noticed this and has emailed to get more information about the classes and videos from David McCaskill.

Barbara demonstrated an unusual and effective way of using overdyed threads as a dividing band on her stocking.

Susan, who loves couture clothing as much as I do, takes a careful look at the beaded and embroidered Chanel collection for the spring.  I love Karl Lagerfeld's work but the petal pink (my favorite color), embroidery and beads make this a collection to delight in.

Speaking of beads, Peggy shows off a new magnet with a sticky top, made to hold beads.  These are new from the TNNA market so expect to see them turning up in your local shop over the next couple of months.

If you are interested in historical textiles or are planning a trip to London that will include a visit to the V&A, then you'll want to read about the closure of the textiles rooms in order to move them to a more easily viewable location.  Tricia has all the story here on her Thistles Blog.

Written by Jane/Chilly Hollow Blogging at Archived Yahoo 360 postings at