Friday, January 18, 2013

Counting Your Valentines UPDATED

Nimble Needle is sending a big Love You note to all the counted canvas work lovers on their blog.

UPDATE:  The shop loves painted canvas fans, too.

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And Now What the Pros Have Been Up To

Yesterday we looked at what regular stitching bloggers have been up to. Today's excitement is provided by the professional designers and teachers among us, long may they thrive!  Laura Perin has started a new free mystery chart that uses "winter colors" whatever you consider those to be.  She will post more of this free design over the next 2-3 Mondays.

Sheena shows how clever Ruth Schmuff is in her stitch choices, plus she will be taking Ruth's next mystery class, an Egyptian cat.  (By the way, I own another Egyptian cat canvas from Tapestry Fair. Lucky me!)

Ruth Schmuff has more about her newest mystery class here plus a new thread color club for 2013.

Needle Delights has finished the last of the Double series.

Kelly Clark's just finished her Christmas crazy quilt piece, complete with out of this world seam treatments.  It is amazing!

Terry Dryden is almost finished with a quadrant of her newest geometric and has started a realistic poppy series.

UPDATE:  Here is the arrow geometric, called "Autumn Arrows."  I think it is beautiful!

Barbara Elmore has released her teaching schedule.  Wish I could be there!

Catherine Jordan has done a lovely tree mirror.  I hope this becomes one of her classes because it is beautiful.

Quail Run is going to have a Margaret Bendig class.  Hopefully folks can take this long distance because Margaret's work is lovely and her charts aren't usually available except through her classes.

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