Thursday, December 15, 2016

Angel Queen Hearts (A Winter Mystery)

The latest shop e-newsletter for Bedecked and Beaddazzled has revealed the Winter 2017 mystery class from Ruth Schmuff--Lulu My Pink Turtle's Angel Queen Hearts!  This is a 10 inch square design on 18 count, so there is a lot of room to run wild. And you know Ruth--"Run Wild" is her motto!

As always with Ruth's mystery classes, I'll update this article with links to her class progress photos so you can see all the fun.

UPDATE:  Ruth starts the same way I do, with faces and backgrounds.  The background especially is a charmer, plus she does the wings.  I alway find wings hard.  Lots of great ideas here, even if you are not taking this class.

Now the angel queen has hair, a dress and lots and lots of bling.

And suddenly, Ruth adds beads everywhere!  (I know you are SO surprised.  LOL)

Final UPDATE:  The Angel Queen makes a superb pillow.

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