How to Clean or Restore Needlepoint

Cleaning and restoring needlepoint is a specialty art.  If you need something cleaned, don't take it to the dry cleaners unless you know they are experienced in handling needlepoint and other specialty textiles. 

The latest great How to Clean Your Needlepoint article is from Nancy Lukoskie.

Here's a brief helpful article for spot cleaning from Needlepoint for Fun.  The other links below are more involved and from specialists.

You can sometimes find help at a museum if you are in a large city.  There are online tips as well.  Here is what the Museum Conservation Institute says about textiles.

Information from the Smithsonian.

Information from the Victoria and Albert.

Piecework Magazine has a great article with plenty of links for help finding a textile conservator whether you are in the UK, USA or Australia.

You can download care tips for textiles here and...

…you can also look for an expert to hire.

Nancy Lukoskie and Melissa Beck are experts on needlepoint conservation and cleaning.  The first link below has some tips from Nancy about cleaning soiled needlepoint.  Amy Bunger took a class with her and wrote it up.  The second link is an interview with Melissa.

Here is Nancy Lukoskie's website, Fancywork Finishing.  She has quite a bit of helpful information on repairing and cleaning needlepoint available there.  Note that Nancy's new business address (as of December 2021) is now 27469 Rest Cir, Easton, MD 21601.  Her email address and phone number remain the same.

If you are in the UK, Sara Dennis might be able to help you with cleaning or restoring your needlework.

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