Thursday, May 19, 2011

After Luna

dede's Cat Topiary Garden
I have finished work on Red Geisha (sorry, no pictures until after the Columbus trade show), which means I am now doing the last sections on my Ladies of the Night piece.  Luna's cloak is huge and I'm still working to get that area done before I can pick up the last bit, her sleeves. I have probably more than two weeks' worth of stitching before I finish Luna.

But I am already planning for my next project.  I'm going to be working an 11 1/2 x 13 1/2 inch canvas from dede Odgen which I call the Cat Topiary Garden.

This is intended to hang on the door of my mother's new apartment.  All her neighbors have floral wreaths on their doors but Mom says they look like funeral wreaths, so I've been hunting for something to stitch for her to put on her door.  This canvas is perfect as it combines her love of gardens with her love of cats.

The reason I'm mentioning this so early is that I picked up Cat Topiary Garden at the Canvases Be Gone website at a good price, and the owner of the business tells me she has several of these same canvases (in both 13 or 18 count--I bought an 18 count version) still in stock.  She got them from dede herself as they are a discontinued design.  So if you want to stitch along with me, get in touch with Canvases Be Gone and get your canvas now before I start mine.

There won't be a stitch guide for Cat Topiary Garden since it is discontinued, so I'll be talking about this canvas here in enough detail you'll be able to stitch with me whether you got the 13 or 18 count version.  I plan to use light coverage stitches, tulle, beads, and perhaps old Czech glass buttons as I create a door hanging that'll make Mom proud.  I'll also talk about how I finish this piece so you can follow along there in case you want a wall or door hanging as well.

So if you are interested in stitching with me, get your canvas now before I am ready to start.  Full disclosure:  I know Dale who owns Canvases Be Gone but I didn't know she had multiple copies of this design until after I ordered mine.

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Smart Cookies UPDATED

Liz from LizArt is a magnet collector who's a little tired of a clump of magnets.  So she designed a way to keep them organized, thus winning my first Smart Cookie award of the week.

Art Needlepoint has some thoughts to share on choosing your next canvas to stitch.

Does turkeywork make you want to hide in a closet?  Mary Corbet has tools to make the turkeywork look better, and there's a link to her turkeywork stitch tutorial video, too.

Finally, Laura Perin has announced her next cyberclass--on shadow stitching, which is a form of light coverage stitching.  The details are on her website (second link below).

UPDATE:  Laura clarifies what shadow stitching means.

Smart cookies, these ladies.

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