Thursday, January 17, 2019

(Fill in The Blanks) Scares Me to Death

At various places online people tell me that doing _______ (fill in the blank) scares them silly.  Not to worry, my dears!  We have help for the frightened stitcher!

Is beading your bete noire?  Just wander over here and browse the online help for those facing beading their needlepoint canvases for the first time. (Or the millionth—we don't judge)

Is your bugbear needle felting with all the sharp needles?  Fear not, I have a tutorial with plenty of tips.  (Tip #1:  Don't poke yourself with the needle! Otherwise it is really easy.)

What else drives you to drink?  Post a message below in Comments if you have a Google account or email me at chilly hollow at hot mail dot com and I'll try to help.  Needlepoint should be fun, not frightening.

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