Friday, July 31, 2020

A Goldwork Book and Needle Painting Tips

Goldwork and needle painting are wonderful techniques when used entirely on their own but needlepointers also use them as accents on pieces.  So I was interested to learn that Mary Corbet loves the Alison Cole book entitled Goldwork Masterclass so much that's she's stocking it to sell.

I haven't seen this book but I adore Alison Cole's first book on goldwork.  She's a wildly talented Australian teacher and embroiderer.  Browse her website and see if you agree.

Today I've also found a great blog entry from Margaret at The Sharp Needler.  Margaret has plenty of tips for doing needle painting, which is shaded needlepoint.  Her examples are flower petals and she shows how to handle setting up a petal, how to blend colors, and how to do shading correctly—and incorrectly.  It's invaluable information that I've not seen elsewhere.  If you have a needle painted area on your canvas to work, you'll want to read this.  Thanks, Margaret!  (As always, you might want to use a sharp needle like a crewel needle or one for beading if you are needle painting or shading on needlepoint canvas so you aren't limited to just stitching in the holes, but can put the stitch anywhere you need it, even though the needlepoint canvas threads.)

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