Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Acrylic Coasters and Trays for Self-Finishing

Needlepoint by Laura just announced their new 4 by 4 inch acrylic coasters for self finishing are now in stock.  The opening is half an inch wide and you slide your finished needlepoint in or out.  It looks like this is an open box with the needlepoint sliding in the side and the top serving as a coaster.  There is a little curved notch on the bottom to facilitate inserting or removing the needlepoint.  These have rubber feet on the bottom.

Here is where you order the acrylic self-finishing coasters on the Needlepoint by Laura website.

Note that Needlepoint by Laura also sells self-finishing acrylic trays.  These are all 6 by 6 inches in diameter.  One style has a quarter inch high space in the bottom to insert your stitched canvas.  Again, you slide your needlepoint in on one side.

The other 6 by 6 acrylic tray has a half inch high space to insert your needlepoint in case you have a fatter canvas with lots of raised items.  It doesn't appear that the trays have the rubber feet that the coaster has.

Heirloom Designs also has a variety of acrylic coasters and trays and even a paperweight for self-finishing.  You can see the variety of available items here.  The paperweight/coaster and the coaster with pink edges are unique.

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