Where to Donate Unwanted Stash

Stitchers are very giving people, so I get questions occasionally about where to donate unwanted stash to give other folks the peace and serenity that needlepoint gives us.  This listing was assembled in December 2016 by Janice who kindly gave me permission to post it here.

UPDATE:  The Hearts for Hospice Program is a good way to stitch and then donate hearts to various hospice programs.  Here is what I know about the program so you can get started to both use up your stash and give to others.


1. ANG—will take threads, charts, kits to sell during their Auction. No partially stitched pieces. For shipping information contact auction@needlepoint.org which is the email address for the ANG Auction Chair for the current year.

The New Jersey Needle Artists Chapter of ANG also is taking donations.  Contact them via their blog to make sure they need what you have to give.  I'm not sure of their tax donation status but I suspect there isn't one, unlike the main ANG Auction.

2. Rittenhouse Needlepoint (Rittenhouseneedlepoint.com) has a charity department but they are not accepting anything at this time (December 2020) because they are swamped with folks cleaning out their stash during the coronavirus. The web site is http://charityneedlepoint.com

The site explains the charities that they donate to. They accept all needlepoint donations. They can be contacted at Linda@charityneedlepoint.com or 215-563-4566—Mail to Rittenhouse Needlepoint: Attention: Charity Department, 1737 Chestnut St. #201, Philadelphia Pa. 19103. (will issue tax credit).  Because the shop has moved, check the address before you ship, ok?

3. Linda Irrgang belongs to a woman’s service group the sells needlework items for multiple fundraisers that support women.  Questions to linda@irrgang.net. Mail to Linda Irrgang 22505 SE 329th Street, Black Diamond WA. 98010 (no tax credit)

4. Pine Ridge Ridge Reservation The resource center will accept all types of needlework, knitting, crocheting, quilting, craft and sewing supplies. NOTE: This site will not verify delivery of boxes. You must purchase delivery conformation from shipping service (no tax credit) if you want this.

UPS/FEDEX/US Mail deliveries
Alice Phelps, Director
First Families Now
2904 BIA 27
Porcupine, SD 57772

5. Contact: Elizabeth Wright (Elizabeth.Wright@odrc.state.oh.us ) Warden’s Assistant, Ohio Reformatory for Women. (Update? Roxanne Swogger is the contact at the Ohio Women's Prison.)

Items can be sent via UPS, Fed-Ex, or US Post Office to:

Community Service Stitching Post Ohio Reformatory for Women
1479 Collins Avenue
Marysville, OH 43040-9102

6.  Some shops allow unwanted stash to be sold during yearly events.  Often the proceeds go to charity.  Here is what Quail Run in Arizona plans for 2017--

7.  Jenny Huff (nearly married so now Ms. Santos) runs a needlepoint club in a school in Southern California (Lakewood) that uses our unwanted stash to help her students unwind and learn something new.  There is a Facebook group showing off their work. Currently (February 2019) Jenny doesn't need any supplies.

Contact Jenny via her Facebook page (second link below).


8.  Tracy Johnson has started a needlepoint club at her elementary school.  She needs threads and beginner canvases right now (June 2019).  Contact Tracy via her Facebook page (second link below).


9.  A member of Needlepoint Nation put a box of old kits she was never going to stitch in her front yard with a free sign on them. They rapidly disappeared.  If you have giveaway programs in your local area, make up kits and let them fly away!

10.  Pat Cooney is teaching needlepoint at a senior citizens center and needs threads and canvas.  Contact her via her Facebook page.


THE TEZ said...

i have been looking for a place to send my stash. i have needlepoint and lots of yarn for knitting. will keep thisinfo and get moving on a donaation.

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Great! Happy destashing for a good cause.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Our EGA chapter is dealing with an extensive Estate Sale. This will help.

Edy Fenster

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

You are welcome, Edy. Good luck with the sale.