Friday, November 11, 2016

Custom Pet Portraits UPDATED

Those of us with companion animals in our families sometimes need a custom portrait of our cat and dog (or parrot or whatever) friends.  I thought I'd compile a listing of folks who will paint a portrait of your pet from a photograph.  Here they are, in alphabetical order.  (By the way, most of the examples are of dogs.  Apparently most customers want dog portraits.)

Alice Twiggs Van Trease, Needles and Threads of Ruxton, is said to do lovely dog portraits. I haven't found any examples to show you.  Sorry.

Barbara's Needlepoint has a painter (Cindy) who does lovely dogs.  Contact Barbara's Needlepoint via their Facebook page to arrange this at the second link below.

Heidi does very nice dog portraits.  You can view Heidi's designs on Flickr by searching Heidi Stanley or heididesigns. She can be reached by email at

She also has an Instagram page.

Labors of Love does a series of very nice cat and dog canvases but they will also do a custom portrait for you.

Some of their customs are at the bottom of this page.

Lisa Ferguson does nice dog portraits that are like the animals but not too complicated to stitch.

Contact her via her FB page (second link below).

Sandra Gilmore/Blue Moon Studio will do custom dog portraits.  Contact her via her distributor, Fleur de Paris.

Jackie at Smiling Cat Studios does a lovely dog that doesn't appear too complex to stitch.  The only contact information I have for her is via Needlepoint Breeze (second link below).

Gail Hendrix at Squiggee does nice dog portraits.

My Pink Sugar Life does pop art style portraits.

Tammy Syrigos Irrera does fabulous dog and cat portraits.  Contact her via her Facebook page.  You can see a lot of examples of her work there, too.  UPDATE:  Tammy is temporarily closing her custom painting business as she needs to concentrate on her ill parents right now.  (January 2019)

UPDATE:  As Mary Agnes reminds us, many local shops have painters who will do custom pet portraits.  Just ask if you are lucky enough to have a shop nearby.

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