Monday, January 29, 2024

Mary Corbet Talks Bullions

Mary Corbet has often written about bullion knots and how to make them.  Here's her latest article-

Here's the technique she recommends to make your bullion.  Mary isn't the only one who recommends practice when it comes to bullions.  Gay Ann Rogers advocates doing some every morning before tackling a project with bullions until it becomes natural.  

Mary highly recommends milliner needles, sometimes called straw needles and sometimes called milliner straw needles.  Basically, these are long needles with an eye not much bigger than the shaft (you can buy milliner needles with larger eyes but I don't recommend that for making bullions).

I think buying an assortment of milliner sizes is wise so you can find the right size for the threads you are using for your bullions.

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