Saturday, June 11, 2011

Robin's Feet Hurt

And who can blame them? It's hard work being our reporter at the trade show!

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Gail Hendrix has added a new black poodle to her Squiggee series of roll up designs.  It's named after her own dog, Omar.  I love the tiny blue nails!

Colleen is back with a better look at the Halloween hats from Kelly Clark, along with some wonderful Sandra Gilmore rooms and dede animals.

Leigh Designs' latest newsletter shows five of the newest Fash Insert canvases for the Lee bags.  The kicker is that we don't know which of the ones shown will be ordered from Lee and which will be ordered from Leigh.  And there are ten more just released that join the original five.   (Got all that? LOL) The suspense is killing me.

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Geishas Are Big This Year

Colleen of Needle Works has started reporting on what she's seen so far at the Columbus show.  She showcases Robin King' Creepy Creatures for Needle Deeva and a wonderful Maggie tree in her first posting.

In her next report, there are geishas everywhere!  Some nice Rebecca Wood and Kelly Clark designs, too, but I only have eyes for the geisha canvases.

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TNNA Breakfast Report UPDATED

Michele reports in on breakfast and yesterday's class, with a great trip on stitching trees.

UPDATE:  Janet Perry has a written report on some of the new items at TNNA.  No pictures, sorry.

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We are waiting.... UPDATED

TNNA Show Not Open Yet
I had to laugh at this photo of the entrance to the TNNA show in Columbus, Ohio which isn't open yet.  They have guards to keep people from sneaking in!?!  Boy, they understand needleworkers well, don't they?

This is courtesy of Serendipity Needleworks in Tuscaloosa.  Keep an eye on their Facebook page as they promise more photos once those doors open.

UPDATE:  The doors are open and Serendipity is inside among the crowd!

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The TNNA Reports Begin

Folks at the trade show are starting to report in!

Robin King helped set up the Needle Deeva booth, then went to the Sample It and then the Needlepoint Showcase events where she saw her finished Creepy Creatures ornaments for the first time.  These are really spectacular made up and I know everyone who watched Robin stitch these on the Needlepoint Study Hall blog feels very proud of her success.  By the way, Amy Bunger won a big TNNA award.  Congratulations all round!

Vicky DeAngelis is also reporting on the Needle Deeva's day at the trade show (which isn't really open yet, these are just the preliminary events).  Her little heart kits sold out at the Sample It event.  Congratulations here, too.  Vicky took a class yesterday from SharonG and has another today with Julia Snyder.  Are you as green with envy as I am?

The Stitching Studio and Gift Boutique in Richmond are having trouble with Blogger so they are posting photos of the goodies they've acquired on their Facebook page.

Today is the real first day of the trade show.  I expect we'll start to see more new things when folks get back to their rooms tonight.

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One of my favorite things about needlepoint blogs is that folks show off their finished (or almost finished) canvases.  For example, The Front Range Stitcher has almost finished her nutcracker that came with a dynamite stitch guide by Susan Portra.  If you ever wanted help making bullions, this article is for you.

Vicky's Rainbow Birds piece is back from the framer, and it's a show stopper!  I think she is entering it in the ANG Seminar exhibit this fall so if you are going to be there, check it out in person.

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