Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tardis Door Attached

The Tardis' right door is attached!  I poked the four beading wires that were stitched to the hinge side of the door through the main canvas' holes, then twisted the two wires from the top half of the door together on the back side.  After twisting the two bottom wires together, I stitched each pair to the rear of the main canvas.

You may remember I'd planned to use magnets to make the door stay closed but the advertising magnets that are easy to cut aren't strong enough.  I decided I would have to use a pair of my rare earth magnets.  While I looked for them in my stitching tool box, I left the ornament sitting on the table and noticed that the door when it is partly open, looks quite inviting.  So I decided I would let the door be partly open rather than sacrificing magnets to let it open and close. I'm a bit worried that the door handle beads won't stay attached if they are tugged on constantly to open the door. So my Tardis ornament doesn't have a locked door.

Last night I turned under the raw edges of the main ornament and tacked the corners in place.  The untacked edges are sticking out some because I pushed down on the ornament on the scanner bed.  I will spend the rest of the weekend hand sewing the backing on the ornament.  I need to add a loop of #8 perle cotton to hang the ornament with but that'll wait for a while. I plan to start stitching the backing on at the base of the Tardis so I will wait to add the loop so that it is not in my way while I do some of the hand stitching.  I have black velvet for the backing and will use black thread to attach it.  Hopefully the edge will look clean enough I don't need to put trim around it.

Wish me luck.  Finishing is not my favorite part of the process.

Written by Jane/Chilly Hollow
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