Thursday, October 28, 2021

For All the Dolly Parton Fans UPDATED

Are you a Dolly fan? Dolly Parton's from my neck of the woods, and we admire her musical talents, her business acumen and her charity work immensely.

But I had no idea that she had a needlepoint connection until I stumbled across this--her momma's a needlepointer.

And of course Dolly's immortalized in needlepoint.  Here's one of her fun sayings:

Over the Hill Needlepoint wants Dolly for President (there's a red, white and blue version, too).

Whenever you are trying to make a decision, just think, "What would Dolly do?"

Froopy Designs has sold this but I bet they'll make you another.

Ditto this charmer from Paige Mattie Designs.

Or simply stitch the big hair, cleavage and wild makeup.

UPDATE:  And here's Cup of Ambition from Froopy Designs.

Froopy has Dolly's saying about being called a dumb blonde.

The "Have a Holly Dolly Christmas" is a winner.

Dolly forever!!!! 
(And if you aren't familiar with Dolly Parton, here's a nice introduction.)

Sing like Dolly!

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