Friday, December 9, 2022

The Daylight24 402039-04 Full Page 8 x 10 Inch Magnifier LED Illuminated Floor Lamp

Teresa just ordered this floor light-magnifier from Daylight and really likes it.

The Daylight website has more details.  Apparently it comes in black or white or silver. Shop around for the best price.  It only weighs eleven and a half pounds, though. I'd be worried it would tip if one of my large dogs bumped it and I'm not sure how much the goose neck arm will bend to put the illuminated magnifer straight over your stitching.  Note that this is an LED lamp which means I doubt you can replace the LEDs when they burn out.  The magnifier is plastic, not glass.  It must be assembled before using and I don't know how long the cord is.

As a fire safety tip and to protect the magnifier from scratches and dust, it would be wise to cover the head when not in use.

Thanks for the tip, Teresa!  Bet this is just perfect for someone!

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