Saturday, January 23, 2010

More TNNA News

There's still more TNNA news appearing all over the WWW.  Needle Works has a special TNNA newsletter out featuring the new canvases they liked best.

Bristly Thistle has photos of the new Silk and Ivory colors.

The Nimble Needle has added photos of the new Kreinik holographic threads and of a new clip to hold your rolled canvases.

I also have some new monthly clubs to show you.  First up are clubs from Family Arts Needlework in Arizona. Their newest club which is called Bottoms Up and is shoes or feet isn't pictured.

Needle House has announced a new club called All That's Christmas from A Collection of Designs.  It is holiday ornaments, a snowman, Santa, a wreath, a nutcracker, etc.  They have done lovely monthly clubs over the years, especially last year's All That Glitters which was sparkling glass ornaments.  You can see prior clubs by going to their website and clicking on Projects to Go.

Anyone who knows either shop, tell them to get photos up on their sites pronto!

I'll continue to post updates as I find them.

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You Know Me

Regular readers of Blog know exactly how I start each painted canvas project--I make a color copy of each canvas and if I plan to finish it myself, I also make a black and white copy.  I use the color copy to see where details I've covered up with other stitches are so I can add them later on and the black and white copies are used as paper patterns to cut out lining or backing or both.

My next step is to look at the design carefully and then figure out what this is like in real life to help me choose threads.  Looking at the shapes on the design help me pick out threads that are also that shape.  Then I look at what is prominent on the design and what isn't to help me refine the threads and stitches I started out with (no shiny threads on the areas that should be in the background, for example).  These are rules I normally work by.  But they are my rules--not THE rules.  They define my style, not describe the only way to work a canvas.

I know this and am always interested in what other people decide to do with their canvases.  I treat any needlework show I am lucky enough to visit as a seminar.   I read Needle Pointers and Needlepoint Now cover to cover.  Doesn't matter if I like the projects or not.  I'm there to learn from other stitchers, not add to my project list.  I even study the ads carefully.  I look online at stitching blogs and store sites to watch other stitchers work.  I always learn something.

And occasionally I am able to take a class.  I eagerly signed up for the SharonG Network (the elegant lady above is Sharon Garmize herself) and rummaged through my stash of 20 or so of SharonG canvases to find one that had me puzzled. I asked SharonG what to do with the camouflage bra and tap pants set and she came up with something that totally surprised me--

I sm going to bead it.  Totally. Every inch of the painted canvas will be covered in beads except for the coat hanger.


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