Thursday, September 29, 2022

A DIY Acrylic Tray

Patricia wins the Smart Cookie Award for September with this Do It Yourself lucite tray.

For those who don't have a Facebook account, Patrica described how she did this:  "...purchased Lucite tray from Amazon ( about $20). They come is multiple sizes. Choose one closest to your canvas. Very carefully (to the 32nd) measured the inside on the tray and went to Lowes where they will cut to size a piece of plexi ($15) that ultimately will be used to cover canvas once placed in tray. Then went to Michael’s and ordered a custom double mat with spacer and a piece of card stock.. ( $70). Total spent $105 compared to hundreds for a custom tray from LNS. Cut cardstock to fit bottom of tray. Layer canvas down on top of cardstock and adhered with the tiniest dot of glue stick. Layer custom mat on top of canvas and covered with plexi. I don’t plan on serving liquids with this so no need to seal. Fit is super tight."

Congratulations to Patricia for this very clever way to create a lucite tray.

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