Sunday, November 4, 2012


Check out the wonderful photograph of this blue ribbon winner from ANG's Seminar this year.  The  canvas is from Leigh Designs and the stitch guide is by Brenda Hart.  Vicki L. Minkin is the talented stitcher who exhibited it.

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Wonderful Finished Things

I love it when shops post photographs of finished pieces their customers have stitched!  Quail Run has an original design drawing from Southwestern pottery to share.

Nimble Needle isn't happy with their own ribbonwork (which I think is spectacular!) on a J. Child canvas, but they are very impressed with how a customer's Glorafilia design looks.

Here are the sites for J. Child and Glorafilia if you want to browse more of their work.

Diane's gotten a boatload of finishing back.  Feel better soon!

You can see the woodwork and counted thread pieces of Old Colonial here.

Ada is showing off some great seasonal pieces.

Melinda just got a box of spectacular finishing back from Marlene's.

This stitched menorah is charming.

How about this fabulous hobo bag?  Or the pillows?  Love the Princess Initial one!

Wait'll you see Suzanne's collection of finished ornaments!  They are wonderful.

Before I stop, you'll enjoy seeing the Keep Calm and college logos that Diane's finished.

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