Friday, May 9, 2014

Public Service Announcement

A friend who doesn't have a Facebook account did a little testing for me. (Thanks, M!)  She tried the various Facebook links in the TNNA Indianapolis May 2014 tab where shops or designers posted photos of new things on their Facebook pages.  She says she can see most everything.  So if you have been ignoring all those Facebook links because the photos were invisible, try again.

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Opening a Shop: Erin's Adventure UPDATED

NP Land Logo
Needlepoint Land is making the transition from a business run out of Erin's home to a real brick-and-mortar shop.  I thought everyone would like to read about Erin's adventure, particularly those of you who dream of opening your own stitching shop one day.    Start here.  I'll update this as Erin gets closer to Opening Day.  So far you'll laugh, you'll cry, you will be astounded!  (By the way, I never thought to mention that Needlepoint Land is located in Stuart, Florida.  It's not open until July, though--the formal opening will be in October--so you'll have to wait a bit longer while Erin gets ready.)

Where will the furniture and displays go?

Why We Hate The Electric Company

Twitter (not to worry, I'll get her into NP Nation)

The land of plastic bins....

Choosing a Layout

Display Options


Near Disaster

The Shop's Findable Via Google Maps

Well, Maybe the Google Maps Widget Doesn't Work That Well!

Back to Layout Planning

The Power Went Out (and the Implications)

Tape for Canvas Edges

Choosing a Cash Register or Other Payment System

A Peek Inside the Shop

How to Display?

Choosing a Checkout Counter

Business Card Hell

The Plan

Using Amazon as a Sales Tool

Locks and Racks and Deadbolts and Getting Jeff to Listen

Getting Jeff to Listen Part Two

Finding a Carpenter

The Pegboard Blues

The Slideshow of Progress

Paint and E-Commerce

Paint and the Firemen

Big Plans

Bookshelves and Panels (and accident prone tradesmen)

The Table Adventure

More Display Gadgets

The Hidden Costs of Online Shopping

Keeping Your Cool

The To Do List

We Might Have a Phone Line!

Call Me

Thread Tower and Panel Display

Display Test

We have Threads!

The Counter and Cable

Needed:  Custom Display Racks

Challenges to the Left of Me, Challenges to the Right....

Things Are Looking Up

Signs and Counters


Looks Like a Real Shop

Not a Real Desk

"Limited" Liability

Banking in the 21st Century

The To Do List (Bureaucracy Included Free of Charge)

Moving Right Along on All Fronts


We have a merchant account!

A New Sign and a Peek Inside

Visits from Friends


Belts and Blinds and July 18th

Credit Card Sale!

Photography and Other Challenges

Starting to Look Like a Shop!

We Have an Opening!

A Bench to Park the Waiting Visitors

Soft Opening Scorecard

Erin Goes Dark

Opening a shop is an amazing amount of work.  Running one is even more work. Some days I wonder how shop owners manage to do it!  Many hugs to all of you doing retail needlepoint.  You are much appreciated.

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Friday Finishing: Lights and Tables

Trust me, you have never seen a glow-in-the-dark Halloween piece like this!

This was the fall mystery from Bedecked and Beadazzled, using a canvas from Hal Mayforth.

The second piece is also from Bedecked and Beadazzled.  This is a Lani collage stitched in a Meredith Willet class by the wildly talented Palma Seljan and made into a table.

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