Saturday, January 2, 2010

Surfboard and Surf

Surfin' Santa is a small piece, maybe 6 inches high and 5 wide at the base.  So he doesn't take long to stitch.  Above you see he has faded cut off jeans (split stitch in Needle Necessities' Madras), a stitched surfboard (Byzantine stitch using three plies of the two shades of brown DMC floss from the Surfin Santa kit),  green water (random long diagonal stitches using the two shades of teal green DMC floss and the blue green metallic from the kit) and white French knot foam (in the white DMC floss from the kit plus some shading using the white-touched-with green and silver Kreinik metallic).  I also have stitched his hair and beard using the white Medici from the kit supplemented with some light gray Medici from my stash.

I've also given him a bracelet using a length of chocolate milk colored Kreinik #16 braid and have started on his lei.  I'll talk about the lei tomorrow but it is basically eyelet stitches done in ribbon floss.

He's coming along nicely!

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