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Threadaholic Alert: A Comparison of Crewel Wools WITH MORE

Mary Corbet has started a series about crewel-weight embroidery wool.  She's starting out by comparing what Appleton crewel, Fine d'Aubusson wool, Heathway, and DMC's Eco Vita are like when just cut from their skeins.  You'll see how thick they are, learn the number of colors and shades available from each brand, and compare prices for each.

Here's how each of the four stitch up.  Remember, the examples are done on cross stitch fabric, so what you get on needlepoint canvas will be a bit different.

Next, Mary uses her four wools in long and short and satin stitch so you can see how they look when stitched in these filling stitches.

Mary is continuing her exploration of crewel wools with five more:  Bella Lusso (Fleur de Paris), Simply Wool (Gentle Arts), La Nollin (formerly Renaissance Dyeing), Overdyed Italian Wool (ThreadworX's overdyed Bella Lusso), and Array Wool (Zollie). Hang on!  It's going to be fun!

The next crewel weight wool Mary is exploring in depth is Array Wool from Zollie.  It's originally intended for weavers.

Mary continues to look at Array Wool, Bello Lusso, ThreadworX, Renaissance Dyeing, and Simply Wool brands of crewel wools.

By the way, Mary's creating an article index so you can find all the crewel wool articles easier.

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