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Paternayan About to Reappear UPDATED

I emailed Ken at Saco River Dye House to get the very latest news about the new Paternayan his company is about to release. He very kindly took time out from preparing for the TNNA show to send us the following news, which I think should make Paternayan fans very happy.  Thanks, Ken!


Thanks a lot for asking and please feel free to post all or part of this:

The dye house began to operate a few days before Thanksgiving, 2012.  During the intervening time we evaluated a number of samples of Paternayan Persian dating back 40 years.  We then asked three spinning companies to produce samples. One of those companies produced a sample which Don Morton, who has been dyeing Paternayan yarn for 40+ years, felt was "perfect".  Even more amazing was that as we began dyeing the Persian in traditional Paternayan colors we noticed it once again had some of the "sheen" that had been lost in the changing composition and manufacture over the past 20 years.  We are all extremely pleased with the product and anxious to get it into our customers hands.

The Persian consists of three plies of 2 strands of yarn--all the same size. This decision was based upon a number of comments we received early in our evaluation process from long-time Paternayan needle-pointers (actually, I think the three different sizes were lost in the late 70's).  Preliminary samples have since been evaluated by 6-8 needlepoint artists who seemed to think this yarn now closely represents the Persian they had used before.  By the end of the month we will have 25 of the most frequently requested colors available and will continue to dye 25-40 lb. batches as the yarn and orders become available.  We currently have approximately 800 lbs. to dye and will be purchasing an additional 1000 lbs. in early March.  It will take us a year to develop the full color palette.

We will be at TNNA in Long Beach with about 20-25 colors in 8 yd skeins for samples.  Donna Joseph ( will be there with us as our sales representative.  We feel that: 1) by hiring  Don Morton as dyemaster with 40+ years experience at JCA in both commission dyeing and production of Paternayan Persian, 2) hiring Donna Joseph with her long time sales presence for Paternayan, and 3) contracting with a spinning company familiar with Paternayan Persian dating back 30-40 years, we have been able to produce a product many previous users of Paternayan Persian will find extremely satisfactory for their personal as well as their customers needs.

Thank you for your questions


Ken Raessler
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UPDATE:  Janet Perry has published the lists of available colors as of January 2013.  This should start rapidly growing as the company has more time to produce more colors.

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Thread Collector Alert

If you want to pick up a limited edition color of DMC cotton floss, Needle in a Haystack has stocked up.  This was created for a pattern in Just Cross Stitch but we all love new colors.

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The Restaurant Wall

Thanks to Donna's sharp eyes and inquiring mind, I have a wonderful cross stitch art installation at a Toronto restaurant for you to admire this morning. Stitching certainly goes faster with one person on each side of the "canvas"!

I think, but I am not certain, that the screens are two layers, with a portrait of a woman underneath the geometric trellis pattern.  Here's a direction link to the Vimeo page that shows the work being created and installed so you can check for yourself.

Nope, the bottom layer is custom wallpaper.

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