Thursday, August 1, 2013

Today is Newsletter Day

Today is the first of the month and you know what THAT means!  Newsletters!  In alphabetical order, here are the ones that have come out so far today.

The Amy's Golden Strand newsletter shows off their newest magnets, does a mini review of the newest Sandy Arthur "shapes book" (number four is stitches done in Diagonals, Horizontals and Verticals) which will be out later this month at the St. Charles trade show,  reviews Ruth Schmuff's newest book, Stitches Vol. 3, and talks about many new versions of old favorites--Walker bags, scissor fobs and snap trays just for beads, and a new clip on bird variety from Labors of Love.  There's more, particularly history about Anne Boleyn and Queen Elizabeth I and a big Tudor Rose magnet to order.

Bedecked and Beadazzled announces their newest club (Zecca fun ornaments) in their newsletter, discusses stitches with both horizontal and vertical movement, and talks about new clubs, new mysteries and new canvases.  Fun!

The big news for Exclamation Point is that they are getting an online store ready for business.  Keep an eye on their Facebook page.  They'll let us know it's ready there.

If other shop newsletters turn up today, I'll update this article.

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TNNA St. Charles August 2013

This trade show is scheduled for August 24-25 in St. Charles, Missouri. Stay tuned for postings!


Facebook: Kirk and Bradley posted a photo of their latest garden gnome canvas (an exclusive for now at What's the Point? Needlepoint) on their FB page. Do you think he might belong to a motorcycle gang? LOL

Facebook: Needlework Retailer has posted a lot of photos from the trade show on their FB page. There are lots of shop owners, cross stitch designers and painted canvas designers shown.

If you knit or just like Fair Isle sweater patterns, these two new Fair Isle stockings from will be right up your alley. They will be customized with the name of your choice, too.

The new colors of Planet Earth Silks, very cleverly photographed.

The latest Manual Salas Day of the Dead lady has arrived at Tapestry Fair. Her name is Yolanda and orange is her favorite color!

There's another new designer appearing at the trade shows! It's CH Designs, which will be distributed by Danji. You may have seen the darling candy cane Santas on eBay at the CH Designs store, which will be closing. Cheryl will be adding to her website as the line grows. (Personally I can't wait for the gnomes to appear.) The designs you see there now all have stitch guides by Cynthia Thomas!

Petei's new owner, Painted Pony, is releasing from their huge catalogue a bit at a time. Enriched Stitch shows off the first batch (all various Santas) you can order and the Nativity set (second link).

Melissa Shirley has finally updated her website with the new canvases for the fall. There is a darling little Debbie Mumm Thanksgiving set, a magnificent turkey from Mary Lake-Thompson, a Halloween fall basket, and Melissa's Sourpuss Pumpkin set.

Amy Bunger has updated her Amy's Golden Strand shop website with new items, including a few new canvases and quite a few new magnets, including the coffee mug magnet, a monkey, several quarter moons in various colors, and more. There are scissors and fobs, too, and more.

Needle Nicely added more information about their St. Charles purchases on their blog.

Bedecked and Beaddazzled got together with Accoutrement Designs and came up with two exclusive magnets for the shop. There is a matching scissor fob for one magnet as well. Pink cats and blue crabs....

In Stitches (the shop near Mt. Vernon and Woodlawn Plantation in Virginia) has posted about their new Market goodies. The first posting was all counted thread and cross stitch, their major focus, so I am only posting this message about a few NP things they picked up.

There are more new goodies Pocket Full of Stitches brought home from Market posted on their blog, mostly Sew Much Fun figures and a Needle Deeva flower canvas and a Patti Mann series of fun Christmas designs that I think are to be assembled into a five-sided ornament.

Facebook: Atlanta Needlepoint has posted a lovely new canvas of a corgi on their FB page. Sorry, I don't know the designer.

Facebook: Debbie Mumm's new First Thanksgiving set are on the Melissa Shirley Designs FB page.

Facebook: Two of the newest clip on birds from Labors of Love Inc. are on their FB page.

More new goodies that Pocket Full of Stitches brought home from Market.

Facebook: Deux Bijoux Bijoux by Jim and Lisa Krause has posted a new frame for a Maggie canvas on their FB page. If you like the "In The Forest" rabbit pair in a sampler style from Maggie, you'll want this matching frame.

Ruth Schmuff of Bedecked and Beadazzled has new canvases posted on her blog. These are distributed by her but since Ruth doesn't go to the trade shows these haven't been seen by the shops. You are among the first!

Pocket Full of Stitches has started publishing photos of the new items they bought at Market. Some are brand new, some aren't.

Needle in a Haystack published a list of the new Rainbow Gallery colors by thread name. Click on the links to see them in the NIAH online catalogue. I think I want them ALL!

Facebook: Kirk and Bradley has posted a few photos of their new party animal series on their FB page as well as their pudding ornaments. They have a new website as well (second link) and also post to a Pinterest page.

Facebook: Kangaroo Paw Designs Handpainted Needlepoint Canvases has announced new Delta Zeta and Alpha Gamma Delta designs.

BB Needlepoint has updated their website with some lovely new underwater and quilt-themed canvases.

Facebook: has posted photos of four new Kirk and Bradley (formerly Kirk and Hamilton) ornaments on their page. They are called Florentine Baubles.

Facebook: Orna Willis just posted a closeup of one of her new 40 count silk gauze designs on her FB page.

Fleur de Paris (another distributor) has also updated their website with three pages of new canvases and products.

CBK Designs has posted some new designs from this summer on their new site. They are a distributor so I'm not sure the designer names for all of these.

Melissa Prince has new 5x5 designs meant for those acrylic boxes or paperweights. I think the African Inspired section is new, too.

Facebook: The National NeedleArts Association (TNNA, folks) has posted photos taken on Day One of the St. Charles market on their FB page.

Leigh Designs has posted the new Familiar series. Black cats galore!

Facebook: Dinky Dyes has posted photos showing the colors for their new silk/wool thread.

Rogue Needlepoint has added to their growing set of Henry VIII and Wives collection with new Katherine Parr and Anne Boleyn figures. They also are adding figures of saints (second link).

Traditional Stitches is a counted thread shop with some cross stitch but they are posting new things from Market that I thought some folks would like to see.

BeStitched has photos of all the new Maggie bird canvases we keep seeing in a photo here and there.

Facebook: Amy Bunger is updating her personal FB page with more photos from Market. She is promising a stitch guide for Melissa Shirley's new Halloween basket but it will be on 18 count, not the original 13 count. She's posted really cute egg shaped bunny portraits and carrot shapes from Associated Talents, the fun new cartoonish birds from Maggie, has mentioned new coffee mug magnets from Accoutrement Designs (no photos yet), and a new Ewe and Eye canvas of houses on a series of hills.

Pocket Full of Stitches is at St. Charles. Here are some of the items they particularly liked from Annie Lane, Alice Peterson, Birds of a Feather, Danji, Kelly Clark, Leigh, Melissa Shirley, Needle Deeva, and Rebecca Wood.

Needle Works has added more photos to their blog. Some are from Kelly Clark, some from Kirk and Bradley, and some from Alice Peterson but the rest are unidentified.

Needle Nicely is at St. Charles, shopping. She hasn't posted photos (those will come when she gets home) but she does talk about what to expect from these shows and how shops do their ordering. This is very interesting for those of us interested in the business side of NP.

Needle Works has added photos of new Kelly Clark topiary canvases and the decorated Ho Ho Ho canvas, new Puffin Co. magnets, new 3-D chickens in pastel colors from Sew Much Fun as well as their Pirate doll, Julia's Wizard of Oz roll up set, and some of Melissa Shirley's small Thanksgiving figures set.

Facebook: What's the Point? Needlepoint has posted two new Kelly Clark canvases, both a topiary with other items in seasonal colors on their FB page and offer a ten percent discount for pre-orders. They have also posted a new Kirk and Bradley floral.

Facebook: BeStitched Needlepoint has posted several new Maggie canvases on their FB page. All are cartoonish birds, some wearing hats, some on black and some on bright colored backgrounds.

Facebook: Maggie Co. has posted a new photo of a Lisa Krause frame on their FB page.

Facebook: Amy Bunger has a photo to her FB page of little hearts on a stick for Halloween from Needle Deeva. There are new Melissa Prince and Alice Peterson canvases on her website as well (second link).

Facebook: Needle in a Haystack is posting photos of new painted canvases on their official FB page. There are candy cane Santas from Samjib, some of Melissa Shirley's new Sourpuss Pumpkins series, Christmas topiary with partridge and a decorative Ho Ho Ho by Kelly Clark plus a photo of a canvas with wrapped Christmas packages closeup that may be Kelly Clark as well. They also posted a blue door canvas with a wreath and pairs of boots standing ready on the stoop from Cooper Oaks.

The Needle Works has posted a photo of Leigh Design's new Familiars canvases. These all feature groups of black cats. There are stitch guides for the one with the scarecrow and three cats on the fence (Sandy Arthur) at the top right and for the one with the trio of cats with skulls on the bottom right (Jane Wood of Chilly Hollow).

Facebook: NeedleDeeva Hand Painted Needlepoint Canvases has posted photos of their canvases all laid out in their hotel room for happy shop owners to browse and buy. Check their FB page.

Facebook: Amy Bunger is posting new photos of new goodies from St. Charles on her official FB page. So far she has posted photos of four new Silk Lame Braid colors and a new shorter green acrylic laying tool, new magnets from Dream House Ventures that seem to be metal with rhinestone accents, a nice photo of Melissa Shirley's new Halloween basket design, two new Birds of a Feather canvases (a cartoonish pig and a woodpecker sitting on a branch), a Cooper Oaks kissing fish canvas of bronze fish on a dark green background, and a beautiful Once in a Blue Moon fall leaves piece on a faint leaf pattern ecru background. There's also a new Melissa Shirley birdhouse grouping in oranges and yellows with touches of apple and lime greens.

Facebook: Park Avenue Needlepoint is posting photos of the hotel at St. Charles on their FB page.

The latest Thread Medley rug chart is available for sale--you must see the amazing Beluchi Rug!

In case you missed the excitement on Blog's main page, Petei designs are back. The line has been purchased by Painted Pony and a selection of the most popular Santas and other items will be available for pre-order at the St. Charles show.

Facebook: Hingham Needlepoint has posted a photo of their exclusive Sampler Tree.

Lee's Needle Arts has four new stockings which you can see here.

Facebook: Fleur de Paris has posted several Trubey pieces on their FB account. Fleur de Paris distributes Trubey's work. The second link is to new Joy Juarez pieces (new last June).

Facebook: Melissa Shirley Designs is posting photos of a six pumpkin series called Sourpuss Pumpkins that Melissa herself is stitching. I'm pretty sure she'll publish stitch guides for these eventually. Use the right hand arrow to navigate back to see others in the series.

Facebook: new Pajamas and Chocolate Halloween painted canvas that comes with a Sandy Arthur stitch guide. If you don't have a FB account, it is a decorated witch's boot with a litlte black kitten peeking out of the top of the boot. There is a neat background of ghosts holding hands, too.

Sandy Arthur is going to teach Pinkletoes at the TNNA show Friday. Interesting in 3-D rabbits? This is for you!

Speaking of Sandy Arthur, her newest Shapes Book IV (this one is horizontal, diagonal and vertical stitches) is starting to arrive in the shops.

Kelly Clark has added new canvases from Dan DiPaolo to their line.

DMC has announced sixteen new colors in cotton floss will be available in October! There are eight muted neutral colors and eight crayon bright colors which you can see (and order) here.

Joan Eidman has created a new design, "Silent Night," available in the original German but in English also. Joan's work is distributed by Dream House Ventures, by the way, and most of the larger pieces come with Joan's stitch guide.

Ruth Schmuff's Bedecked and Beadazzled has new small beaded scissor fobs that can also double as project bag zipper pulls. Cute!

Squiggee has a new witch design just in time for Halloween. Their newish gingerbread style Wizard of Oz designs are on the home page of their site also. Apparently they are doing a Frankenstein family as well.

Facebook: Dinky Dyes is releasing a new silk/wool fiber as well as new colors in their cotton and silk thread lines.

Planet Earth Fiber is introducing four new variegated colors in their popular Planet Earth Six Ply Silk.

Facebook: Patt and Lee Designs just posted a few new designs on their FB page. There are four tiny witches hats (each with a stitch guide), a larger hat shop exterior featuring those little hats and several tiny Halloween animal pieces.

Laura Perin just released a brand new Western collage canvas as a companion to her popular "Turquoise Bear Collage." The new design is called "Long Horse Collage" with Indian blankets, horses, Western colors and even a horseshoe. Perfect for the horse lover, the fan of Westerns and the lover of Out West!

Accoutrement Designs won't be bringing their Fob Friends and Mag Friends to St. Charles because they are going to the ANG Seminar instead. However, they are showing off some of their newest magnets on their blog and you'll be able to shop for their goodies at the Seminar shop.

Ruth Schmuff has revealed new dog canvases from Eleanor Grosch in her signature half abstract style.

Facebook: Raymond Crawford Designs has posted photos of the new Robots and Rockets series on their FB page.

Needle Paint has a wonderful new Inlaid Heart printed canvas design that I think a lot of folks who love samplers of stitches will want in their stash.

Facebook: Melissa Shirley Designs has posted a photo of the newest October Basket design (this one has a Halloween theme with Boo and a black cat and a crow, fall colors and a small squash) on her FB page.

For those who don't have a Facebook account, Vicky also posted about the new Melissa Shirley October Halloween Basket.

Needle Delights shows off the newest releases and a new class that will be available through Shining Needle Society.

Plus, Needle Delights has finished "Autumn Logs," the last of Kathy's seasonal log cabin designs. Counted canvas workers rejoice!

Kimberly has taken elements from her Mother's Rocker design to create a new biscornu piece she will teach at her old guild later on this year. Keep your fingers crossed that this one is released as a Kimberly Designs chart some day!

Facebook: Pajamas and Chocolate has posted photos of new Asian designs on their FB page, including custom built pagoda style frames from Lee. (For those who don't know, PJs and Chocolate is the hand painted branch of Patt and Lee Designs.)

And More has released a new linen thread called Flixen. It comes in 24 colors. It isn't on their website yet but Peacock Alley Needlepoint posted a photograph on their shop Facebook page.

Facebook: Pajamas and Chocolate has added four new patchwork cats/dogs to their FB page in the Colorful Animals Album.

Facebook: Raymond Crawford Designs has posted new ornament designs to their FB page. So far the ornament designs are of a dragon, corals and tropical fish.

Susan Roberts has posted photos of her new designs for Summer 2013 on her website. There's a new Ashley Dillon "March" canvas for Valentine's Day!

Julia's Needleworks is posting the new designs for St. Charles on their website already, starting with their Wizard of Oz roll ups. Not all of the Wizard pieces are designed yet, but you can see most here.

Barbara Bergsten has new summer patterns for her "shift" series.

Barbara Russell now distributes some of the HP Designs canvases since the owner of HP Designs has retired.

Needle Delights has released photos of the newest design framed (Mint Julip) and the newest class piece (Inchies) for the counted canvasworker!

Facebook: Raymond Crawford Designs has posted a slide show of their new ornaments on their official FB page.

The Needlepointer is introducing a new thread called Silken Straw Fiber. When I get details, I will add them here.

Vicky DeAngelis has posted photos of the newest DJ Designs, dede Odgen, Lee/Colonial Needle and BB Designs canvases on her blog. These were all out in June, I think, but it is July already so I am posting these here instead of with the Columbus show material. Don't want you to miss anything!

Pocket Full of Stitches has posted photos of their newest Barbara Elmore, J. Mahaly, and Machelle Somerville designs. These came out at Columbus I think but I'm putting them here as fewer and fewer people are looking at the Columbus tab and will miss out seeing designers that we don't often get a good look at.

Facebook: Brenda Stofft Designs has posted photos of two new designs on their FB page. There's a witch cat sitting among the pumpkins and a gypsy fortune teller sitting behind her crystal ball.

Or Nue Book at Last! UPDATED

Kreinik's blog has a review of the newest Must Have book--Sue Dulle's Celtic Origins, which teaches the pattern couching technique of Or Nue.

UPDATE:   Sue commented below with further information about what's in her new book.  Be sure to read before you buy!

Or Nue is basically couching gold metallic thread on the surface of canvas (or fabric) using colored silks to create a pattern against the gold background.  Nimble Needle just took a class from Brenda Kocher on the technique and has posted plenty of photos and a link to Jane Zimmerman's interesting online article about the technique.

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Ada Hayden doesn't post to her blog often enough for me, but when she does, the eye candy is amazing! These are Ada's original designs, distributed by Ruth Schmuff under the EyeCandy name. Appropriate company name, isn't it?

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Textile Conservation Resources

Needleprint mostly deals with samplers but the links they have published to museum guidelines for textile conservation may be of interest to anyone with needlework they want to repair, clean or put away safely for the next generation.

The first article talks about storage, maintenance and display with many practical tips and illustrations.  It mostly talks about clothing but a lot of information is very useful for anyone with antique textiles under their roof.  I found the storage section especially interesting.

The second article lays out the guidelines for textile conservation in Britain and has much more reference and source information.  I found the information about conservation materials particularly interesting.  This starts on page 73.  Both documents were written for British museums so not all sources for information, supplies and advice are going to be practical for those in other countries.

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