Saturday, April 11, 2020

Running Low

Enriched Stitch is worried about being able to restock threads and painted canvases as the epidemic lock-down measures means that canvases painted overseas are going to be hard to get for now. And of course Rainbow Gallery and Kreinik have both closed their factories.  Their thread production has stopped for now.

I won't lie to you, this is going to be hard on the shops.  They may not be able to kit out canvases the way they normally would.  As for us stitchers, we have a lot of options available.  Already Needlepoint Nation is being used to source a certain canvas or thread.  Folks post there asking for any shop that has such-and-such to message them.  It helps the shops with sales during times when they can't have visitors and it naturally helps stitchers.  We just have to work a little harder and be more inventive.

If you want to try something new, see if you can order your perle cottons and cotton flosses directly from Colonial Needle which distributes Presencia threads.  These are exceptionally high quality and come in a very wide range of colors and sizes (for the perle cottons).

Need some Kreinik?  Check out the overdyed versions from Colour Complements or ThreadworX.

You can't order from ThreadworX directly but something there might be just the thing and your shop might have it tucked away in a corner.

Can't find what you want locally and you don't belong to Facebook to take advantage of Needlepoint Nation and other groups to hunt for supplies?  Rummage around Etsy and eBay.  We can do this.  It won't be as convenient or easy as it has been in the past, but sacrifice for the common good means we are going to have to get creative while we stitch in order to keep as many people safe as possible as long as possible.

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