Monday, March 25, 2019

How Internet Business Works for Needlework: A Tutorial

Tricia Nguyen of Thistle Threads has written a blog about how Internet Retail works for small needlework companies.  It really is about how PayPal works to allow you to buy from various online businesses without having to share your credit card or bank information with them.  Tricia spells out problems her customers often face with a "subscription" to her classes.  They are expensive so she allows a spread out payment plan.  It also covers how it is easy to steal your password if you aren't careful and why Tricia deletes emails she's sent with private information.

The bottom line is that the consumer needs to be aware how this all works so that you don't expect instant service from a 24/7 representative when you are buying from a one person business, that you are careful about using the services involved and that you understand that you have to log into a variety of databases to use her classroom.  You don't take Tricia's classes?

You still need to have a general grasp of the Internet in the 21st Century to be able to function there, to take classes, handle problems and keep your personal information secure.

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