Monday, April 11, 2011

A New Look for Needlenook of La Jolla

Needlenook of La Jolla has changed the look of their website.  The first thing I noticed is the new cyberclass "It's All About the Shoes" by David McCaskill.  The class is unique because of all the video demonstrations.  Two videos are up to introduce the class and the on-camera participants and to show what the instructional videos are like.  Class starts May 1, although you can join at any point during the life of the class.

There is also a video library that currently has David demonstrating how to use a laying tool in two videos.  "Strip, stroke and lay."  If you have questions you'd like David to answer, his email address is on this page above the videos.

If you are charmed by the Witch Shoes canvas, you may wish to explore the designer's website.

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Where to Dispose of Excess Stash

Several folks have asked for information on places to either donate or sell items from your stash you no longer want.

ANG's Yahoo Group has contact information for the Ohio Women's Prison and the Pine Ridge Reservation, both of which accept stitching items, in a file labeled "Donation Places" on their Yahoo Group site.  If you don't belong, email me and I'll copy the information for you.

ANG's Auction Chairman will be thrilled to have donations of items that can be auctioned off to support ANG's educational programs.

I know some guilds have White Elephant sales, with donations of unwanted stash being sold to raise funds for local programs.  See if your local chapter has such a program or would be interested in your organizing one.  Some chapters do a yearly sale or exchange instead of a fund raiser.

Canvases Be Gone sells unwanted items for stitchers.

The Stitching Destashing Blog helps stitchers dispose of excess stash.

Stitch in Peace is a company that sells excess stash for stitchers on eBay.  Of course you can always set up an eBay account and sell items for yourself.  UPDATE:  Two Blog readers have commented that they have not been paid for items they sent to Stitch in Peace that were sold.  Buyer beware!

I have no business relationship with any of the above (although the owners of Canvases Be Gone and Stitching Destashing are friends of mine) and I have stitched many items for the ANG Auction.

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