Thread Colors for Faces and Skin

Folks are always asking what threads are good for creating different skin tones. Traditionally needlepointers have used the late Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum's list of DMC colors to choose the right thread for their Aboriginal/Asian/African/European skin tones.

Here's a new source, passed on from the ANG email list to me from Deborah. Thanks, Deb!

Carousel Charts is a cross stitch company. They've also published a guide to changing colors in general that I found very interesting.

Colleen of Needle Works in Austin just posted a list of skin tone shades from her Mom's old copy of The Needlepoint Book. There are two colors for eyes and lips as a bonus. I think these are DMC colors, by the way.

Carole Lake suggests these DMC floss colors:
Lips: 309, 938
Pinks/corals: 818, 761, 819
Porcelains/peaches: 948, 712, 754
Tans: 712, 437, 738, 3774, 739
Peaches/tans: 948, 754, 3778, 758
Asian: 739, 3774, 950
African-American: 632, 3772, 3773
A chart from Lord Libidan

I have a series of articles on Blog that talk about threads for various skin colors.  As a bonus there is a link to an article about how to do sparkling eyes.

Lots of thread companies have thread collections for skin tones.

Fleur de Paris sells a set of DMC cotton floss colors they call "Sandra's Skin Colors."

Kreinik, Access Commodities and Rainbow Gallery all have such thread sets.

Here's a good look at the Rainbow Gallery Design Collection skin tones threads.

Folks love Pepperpot silk, so I've started exploring doing skin tones with their colors.

Good luck creating that perfect face!

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