Saturday, July 29, 2023

Bohin's Colorful Embroidery Scissors

Bohin is a French company known for their high quality stitching tools such as needles and seam rippers.  I didn't realize that they have colorful limited embroidery scissors, too.  Needle Nook of La Jolla carries some of their birds, cats, and Russian nesting dolls series.

The Bohin website shows all sorts of fun scissor patterns, including a seahorse, Eiffel Tower, lobster, octupus, squirrel, tiger, etc.  I haven't seen these in person so I can't judge their quality but they are relatively inexpensive.  Some Bohin decorated scissors would make a good present for your stitching bestie or something to tuck in a travel bag.

By the way, I found this gorgeous mother of pearl scissors fob while looking for Bohin scissors.

There are two versions, one with a larger clasp for regular scissors.

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