Saturday, January 4, 2020

Threadaholic Alert: Sue Spargo Threads

Thanks to a recent newsletter from Inspirations magazine in Australia, I have learned that the famous quilt designer and teacher Sue Spargo sells threads perfect for quilting and hand embroidery.

There appear to be three threads:  Eleganza, which is a perle Egyptian cotton in size 8,

Eleganza Variegated, which is the variegated version of regular Eleganza, still in size 8 perle cotton,

and Ellana, which is a thin fine Merino wool/acrylic blend.  I don't know the diameter of this but I suspect it is thinner than crewel wool.

Inspirations sells thread packs which you can purchase above.  These threads are made in conjunction with Wonderfil, which sells another two Sue Spargo-branded threads:  Razzle (which is a size 8 nylon perle thread that is available in both solid colors and variegated) and Dazzle (which is a six ply metallic rayon bend, also in size 8).  They also sell Sue's wool fabric in coordinated colors.

If you want something truly different, this is worth exploration although the website is wholesale only.  They do offer help in finding stores, however.   If you know any rabid quilters, you might want to raid their stash!

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