Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Needlepoint Nation Saga (and Magnet)

Once Upon a Time I set up a Facebook account so I could keep up with my family.   My nieces and cousins were posting photos there, so I had to have an account.  I don't much like Facebook, especially its emphasis on sharing everything, but you have to keep up with the times. (And the family!)   Once I had my Facebook page, I started exploring how it worked and discovered Groups.  Was it possible I could set up a group for my family and make our photos a little more private?  I set up a test group I called --for lack of imagination-- Needlepoint.   This was in 2011.

Fast forward to 2014.  As of this morning, Needlepoint has 5877 members.  They just all showed up!  I didn't invite anyone, although I think I did mention it on Blog once after people started arriving uninvited.  I now know what Internet billionaires feel like when their ship comes in (minus the cash of course).

Now there is a magnet designed by Rogue Needlepoint in conjunction with the online shop Needle Little More using the nickname of the group (Cynthia Baldwin's husband came up with it and it stuck).  Stitchers who belong to the group are starting to add it to their collection.

Here's where you can pick up your own Needlepoint Nation magnet if you are interested.  Say hi to Jill for me, ok?

I should add that I have no affiliation with the companies that designed and sell this magnet and I do not profit from it.  Neither do the other admins I conned into helping asked to help run the group--Hi, Tara and Carole!--although Needle Little More did sent us and Cynthia Baldwin each a magnet, which was kind.   I expect there will be other merchandise eventually (two shops are considering designing NP Nation canvases), but I have no plans to be involved in their development and I won't make any money off merchandise based on the group.

I should also add my nieces and cousins have moved on and rarely use Facebook any more.  I am terrified of asking what social media they use now....

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Eleanor Pigman's Beading

Beads have become quite popular on needlepoint canvas but as Eleanor Pigman's website, blog and Etsy store show us, we have only begun to scratch the surface of beading.  Eleanor lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, which has obviously influenced her subject matter.

Here is a video that explains the process Eleanor uses.

Her blog hasn't been updated in a while but it is fascinating nevertheless.

If you would like to add a piece of Eleanor's art to your collection, visit her Etsy store.

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