Saturday, August 23, 2014

Heidi Goes to Seminar with NJNA UPDATED 8/27

Heidi and her friends from the New Jersey Needle Artists Chapter have arrived in Chicago for the 2014 ANG Seminar.   They plan to blog about the experience and have invited us to listen in.  Here are their postings so far.  I'll update this article as classes begin.

Rosie is taking Chicago Blues from Joni Stevenson.

Carol's in the class as well.

Carol is also taking Margaret Kinsey's Little Yellow Basket class.

Heidi is taking American Mosaic from Gail Sirna.

So is Sue.

DMB is taking Puzzle Pieces from Jackie Murawski.

Heidi is starting her second Seminar class, Toni Gerdes' Geometric Butterfly Angel, explains what a class angel is, and reports on her door prize!

Rosie's also taking the Toni Gerdes class Geometric Butterfly.

Sue is taking Toni Gerdes' Jasper class and is finished!

Sue is taking Nancy Cucci's beading class and learning how simple changes can make a big impact.

Heidi is in Sue Reed's Spirit class.

Sue worked on Sedona: Cathedral Rocks from Lois Kershner and has finished it.

So of course everyone is hungry!

Wednesday is often a free day with no classes so Heidi took tours.

So did Sue and Rosie.

Diane has taken the time to summarize her Seminar experience now that she is home.

Heidi's home, too, and exhausted!

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New Source for Stumpwork and Goldwork Kits

Since I am talking non-needlepoint this morning, I might as well mention this new source of gold work and stumpwork kits.  Anna Scott, the former editor of Inspirations magazine, mentioned this on her blog and when I explored, I found this wonderful stumpwork owl kit. 

There are books for sale, gold work kits and more.  Not all the links work but what is visible seems first rate.  If you are a threadaholic, check out all the exotic threads she sells.  (She has silk ribbons that are13mm wide!) Just remember that you are ordering from Australia so shipping may cost more and be slower than ordering from Kansas.  (Or anywhere else in the USA--Kansas just popped into my head!)

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Henry Grace a Dieu

Fans of reproduction embroidery (particularly the 17th Century) will be charmed by the Henry Grace a Dieu project that Embroidery for Ducks has started.   This is a kit from Bothy Threads, which specializes in reproduction embroidery (second link).

Bothy offers needlepoint kits ("tapestry") as well as counted thread and cross stitch.  You may enjoy watching the tapestry video on the home page, just to see some of their silk screened pieces and their tips on doing needlepoint.  It is a really good introduction to traditional needlepoint for those coming to our art from cross stitch.

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