Sunday, August 27, 2017

Threads—A Needle Necessity Reissued - UPDATE

Ruth Schmuff just announced that Threads—A Needle Necessity has been updated! Copies will arrive from the printers shortly but you can pre-order yours now at a slight discount.

If you want to know about all the various threads that are available without having to visit every shop in California and Texas and along the East Coast, this is the book for you!  (I know it would be more fun to visit all the shops, but really, who has time with work, family responsibilities and all the housekeeping chores?!)

UPDATE:  Just heard from the authors who added this information—

"Thought you might enjoy reading a little information about our new book Threads: A Needle Necessity 2nd Edition that doubles the number of threads described in our first book. We are delighted to introduce stitchers to some incredibly beautiful silks, classic wools, contemporary blends, glittering metallics and other irresistible fibers that are stirring the imaginations of thread lovers everywhere.Amazing artists are producing imaginative painted canvases which has stimulated the production of beautiful threads specifically for needlepoint and all the needle arts from embroidery to the creation of temari designs.

Our tips section is full of information like: Do I stitch white thread or black thread first, how do I handle fuzzy, metallic, silk or variegated/overdyed threads?

Use this book as a guideline to develop an individual stitching style. Experiment with an array of threads to reveal the beauty of the painted canvas, look for thread alternatives, then stitch with confidence and imagination. 

The laminated quick-reference guide is great to take along while thread shopping to answer questions in a flash.

May your stitching journey-of-discovery never end,"
Jane Evans and Liv Weiss"
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