Saturday, August 26, 2017

Breaking News: Amanda Lawford is Retiring UPDATED

Suzie at The Enriched Stitch just got work that Amanda Lawford is retiring.

Follow the link to Amanda's website to see her lovely work while you can.

UPDATE:  Amanda's son Derek (DC Designs) is also retiring.  But they will be at the Dallas show with new items and will be delivering orders through December, 2017.

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Mythic Crafts Has a New Website—And New Products! UPDATED

Mythic Crafts, the Canadian family business that turns out gorgeous slate frames, has a new website.

And they have new products!  They are now making legs for their slate frames so that folks who need a raised frame can have one by the addition of these little legs.  They are available in two lengths.  Here is what their blog says about these "beading/couture legs."

They also are turning out very pretty wooden needle minders.  The frog caught my eye, but they are all wonderful.  These are available painted or unpainted, depending on what your personal style is.  Don't see one that appeals to you?  Don't worry.  They are making a new design every day for the rest of the year so there is bound to be a needle minder with your name on it eventually.

In the planning stages but out soon are presentation boxes and eventually trestle stands for their slate frames.  And of course they will still make a custom sized slate frame for your stitching pleasure if the standard sizes they make aren't right for you.  Aren't sure what size slate frame you need?  Read their sizing page for help and then contact Mark if you need even more assistance.

Their Etsy site is still active if you prefer purchasing from there.  Right now only the slate frames are available on the site.  Shop their website for everything else.

UPDATE:  Mary Corbet reviews the new Mythic presentation boxes.

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