Friday, July 21, 2023

The Christmas Ribbon Sampler

Brenda has picked up a chart from Mindy English featuring Mindy's "Christmas Ribbon Sampler."

This piece is on 14 count needlepoint canvas and uses lots of reds and greens in DMC cotton floss.  I'll add to this article once Brenda starts stitching.  Right now she's just outlined all the ribbons.  You can see Mindy English's finished model here, at the very bottom of the page.

Brenda started with the poinsettia.

Now she's added three rows of "ribbons."

Two more ribbons are done, a vertical woven white one and a plaid worked on the diagonal.

Eight ribbons are finished now, which is half the sixteen in the project.  You can really see how the design is developing now.

Ten of the sixteen ribbons are done.

Fourteen of the sixteen ribbons are done but the background, some outlining and more wreath work still remain.

The project is done.  The background colors chosen by the designer are quite interesting.

And here it is, made up into a pillow.

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