Sunday, December 27, 2009

Robin's Faux Bamboo Border

The somewhat messy looking charted stitch set above is what I worked out with major input from Robin King (of Amy Bunger fame) for O'jishi's border.

The first step is to backstitch over two threads all around the outside edge of the background.  I used my Soie d'Alger silk (one ply) for this.  This is the line of red stitches on the left.

In the center you see step two, two pairs of long stitches over eight threads.  The first lines up with the red back stitches; the second pair is offset two threads higher.  I used a strand of Felicity's Garden from my stash that is a shade between the dark milk chocolate and the tan of the background colors.  It is Fawn #010, by the way.  Lovely color!

Step three completes the Double Brick with Bar Stitch that Robin recommended from page 73 of Linda Corirossi's Canvas Embellishment:  Exquisite Needlepoint Stitches Made Simple book. It is just a horizontal stitch across the middle of each pair of long stitches.  Actually, this was the hardest part as it is easy to snug down the tied down stitch (done on my border with my milk chocolate/silver metallic from the background -- Kreinik size 16 braid in color 4002) too far and pull the long vertical stitches so that they curve.

But it makes a lovely border.  Here it is from the canvas.  You can see how I am working the corners, compensating as necessary.

There is one problem with adding a border to this canvas.  It wasn't designed to have a border, so Robin's faux bamboo border is covering up the designer signature and the black lines from that show through.  Tomorrow I'll show you how to handle this and show off the completed border. (There's a hint in the photo above....)

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