Friday, July 9, 2021

Professor Pincushion Teaches Silk Ribbon Roses and Leaves

Professor Pincushion has two great videos on making ribbon roses and leaves of various sizes.  You can learn to make three sizes of ribbon roses in three different techniques here.

The leaves tutorial is here.  The first stitch she demonstrates is known as Japanese Ribbon stitch.  It's perfect for daisy petals, leaves, a variety of things.  Note that pulling too hard on your ribbon ruins the stitches which should be a little puffy and loose.  Tension is much different in silk ribbon embroidery than regular needlepoint stitches, which is something you have to get used to.

She is working on cotton fabric, not needlepoint canvas, so you may not want to knot the ribbon in the needle's eye to start.  You are likely going through the needlepoint canvas and perhaps a layer of stitching, after all.  A knot in the needle's eye is going to be harder to get through those layers.

The keys to nice silk ribbon embroidery flowers are to use a chenille needle, a good brand of silk ribbon that's either 4 or 7 mm wide for most flowers (I LOVE River Silk's ribbons!), and to watch your tension carefully.  

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