Saturday, May 18, 2019

Woodstock for Christmas Santa Hat

Background Done!

I finished the background for my Woodstock Christmas ornament! Hurrah! I like how it looks in the dark Christmas green.  Of course I may have to adjust the shade of brown I choose for the guitar but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it, right?

Speaking of getting to it, now that the background is finished, I need to decide what to do next.  I'm pretty sure I want to bead the ornament hanging from the guitar, so that needs to be last.  I find it easier to wait until everything else is done to add beads because threads catch on them.  Since that's going to be last, I think it makes sense to work the remaining parts of the ornament from the top down.  That will keep my hands off areas I've stitched.  Well, except for the background, of course.  I will be careful, however.

That means I will do the Santa's cap next.  I think it makes sense to do the fur on the cap first, then the red part of the Santa hat.  With that decided, I turned the canvas upside down to reach the area easily and worked the white fur with Planet Earth Wool in French knots.  I'd not used this wool before and it is quite nice.  It's a soft thread that is 90% merino wool mixed with 10% nylon, with a light twist, making it a bit thicker than Caron's Impressions.  Once I'd finished the trim around the face and the ball on the end of the cap, I used regular red Very Velvet and a size 18 needle to do long slanting stitches \ \ \ to create the rest of the headgear.

The Bird has A Cap!

The next area I'll work will be the bird itself as I work my way down toward the bottom of the canvas.  Stay tuned!

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