Sunday, June 3, 2018

The Newest Mystery Class is Fleur UPDATED

Ruth Schmuff has revealed the newest mystery class starting this July—it's "Fleur" the royal hamster from Kimberly!  This will be a quick class, as it is happening in the summer when there are lots of distractions, but it's a real cutie. I'll update this as Ruth posts progress reports.

UPDATE:  Stitching animals is always hard as folks are scared to death of needle painting (also called thread painting).  Looks like Ruth is doing a modified needle painting technique mixed with a variety of other stitches to create the little Fleur's body and paws and face.  Interesting!

UPDATE #2:  This was a quick class. Fleur has a tiara now (and some fabulous backgrounds).

UPDATE #3:  Here is Fleur the hamster made into a lovely pillow.

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