Wednesday, April 17, 2019

BREAKING NEWS: Abigail Cecile Gifts A Free Notre Dame Design UPDATED

Since the roof and spire of Notre Dame Cathederal burned this week, folks have been looking for canvases to commemorate the cathedral as it was.  Bucherie in Paris has several small pieces and one large canvas.

Sally Corey has one as well.

If you are a fan of counted canvaswork, Threedles has "Cathedral" in the Notre Dame color way.

Now Abigail Cecile has gifted us all a line drawing of the current profile of the cathedral.  Go to her website on your laptop or desktop (link below), put your cursor on the middle of the image, then holding the cursor down, drag the image off her website and to your desktop.  There's a link to her explanation on how to transfer this to needlepoint canvas here as well.

Thanks, Abby!

UPDATE:  Alice Peterson is providing a printed outline Notre Dame canvas.

By the way, Tricia Nguyen of Thistle Threads was right there when Notre Dame started burning if you need a good photo of how it was when choosing colors for your version.

UPDATE #2:  Deux Amis has a new large Cathedral of Notre Dame canvas.

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We Are Style Icons Now UPDATED

Thanks to sharp eyed shopper Melissa,  I know that Tory Burch's new purses include a limited edition needlepoint purse in tribute to her needlepointing parents.

UPDATE:  And it looks like there are more than just one needlepoint purse!

UPDATE #2 and 3:  More purses, all just tent stitching in 1970s colors and styles.

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