Saturday, June 16, 2012

Columbus Goodies Before The Show Starts

Because the TNNA show is about to happen, all sort of new things are appearing all over the Internet. Which is a good thing or else we'd have to storm the trade show, right?

Ruth Schmuff has revealed the new fairy tale collages (and more) from Eye Candy.  I love fairy tales--that's all I read when I was seven--and canvases that celebrate the stories I've adored for decades are something I really like.  Besides, a pirate mermaid and a Texas witch are a must in our lives! Follow the link to see everything on Ruth's shop site.  (She distributes Eye Candy.)  If the crown fits....

Kristine Kingston's getting ready!

Barbara Bergsten has added beach babes to her line.  Hilarious!

Vicky gives us a glimpse of the Needle Deeva kits that will be briefly available at the TNNA show and that will also be featured in Needlepoint Now later this summer.

Patt and Lee has three new types of designs this year.  There are the colorful animals series, the holiday goodies (Halloween and Christmas) and Other (which included religious symbols, people and more).

I am pretty sure TNNA doesn't want to be overrun with panting needlepointers, who "need" new canvases, charts, threads and tools.  (And we need them NOW.)  Thanks for the photos, folks.  TNNA owes you one.

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Feeling Crabby

I'm feeling crabby but in a good way. Check out the progress that a shop in Florida is making on several of Barbara Bergsten's crab frame weights.

I've been told that Edie and Ginger created the first frog shaped frame weights.  These little critters are decorated with various design on their backs, then made up into stuffed animals that have weights inside so you can put one on the corner of your canvas when it is on stretcher bars, let the bottom of the canvas hang over a table edge, and stitch with two hands.  Great for travel and for those who love working at a table but don't use a frame or one of those hardware store clamps!

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Finishing Is In The Air

I've been enjoying some wonderful finishing various folks have photographed and posted for us to all enjoy.   Do you love needlepoint pillows?  Then you'll want to see Needle Nicely's new shop models.

Ridgewood has a great pillow just back from the finisher also.

They also are showcasing a darling framed Barbara Bergsten piece with pegs to hang dog leashes.   Watson, did you see this?

Of course if you'd rather, the canvas can be finished in a more traditional style.

Speaking of Barbara Bergsten's designs, look at this darling purse!

If you've wanted to stitch something for a child but couldn't think how to finish it, Linda's got the answer for you.

Do you need a serving tray for a party or get-together?

Ruth Schmuff has a custom frame for her last mystery class piece.  Lisa Krause will make these for folks if your shop asks, however.

How about this wonderful JP Needlepoint "treasure box"?

Or these EyeCandy pillows finished by Marlene;s?

My favorite finished pieces, however, are these two SharonG compositions called CatWalk and DogWalk.  I own this version of CatWalk which I plan to stitch for my cousin who loves cats one day.  Congratulation on the wonderful stitches chosen for these, Robin!

SharonG has expanded the series to include owls.  There is also a small version of CatWalk I can't find a photo of online.

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