Sunday, May 31, 2015

Baseboards in Plastic Canvas

Now here's something you do see every day--or ever! Renee of Pepita decided to cover the inset baseboard of her kitchen cabinets with stitched panels of plastic canvas.  I confess I never would have thought of this myself but it looks very nice.

Needlepoint comes to the rescue once again!

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Annie Lane Stitch It Yourself Cards

Thanks to Sheena's sharp eyes, I can report that Annie Lane now sells do it yourself needlepoint cards in her Etsy store. Right now there are two styles.  If you are a fan of her work or you want to send one of her cards to a fan, this is the place!

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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Stumpwork Unclothed

If you don't follow reproduction embroidery, you probably don't realize that stumpwork figures are undergoing a huge revival. Thanks to the classes Tricia Nguyen runs through Thistle Threads, people are exploring stumpwork as never before.  Here's the link to her latest classes, by the way.

You can see the fruits of this at the Lady's Repository Museum, which is Rachael Kinnison's blog.  Rachel is creating a series of stumpwork figures to adorn her flat topped casket, which is a reproduction of 17th Century boxes.  The entry below shows how the clothing for the lady who goes inside the casket was created.  It's amazing to see the steps all laid out in one place!

This is another lady, who has a special piece of jewelry on her blouse, also built from the shoes up.

This little video shows the inside of Rachael's flat topped casket which is now done.  She will turn her attention to working the figures for the outside next.  Anyone who loves music boxes or secret drawers will adore this!

If the above interests you, then Rachel's blog will fascinate you.  She's creating two panels called "Dreams of Armana" based on Mary Chubb's book about Egyptian archaeology in the early 20th Century and is creating clothing for the current section--workmen carrying a heavy wooden box full of amazing tomb treasures--using similar techniques.    To see more, click on Dreams of Armana in the keyword cluster on the right side of the page to see Rachel's progress and test pieces.

I think we are in a second golden age of stumpwork, don't you?

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The Needlepoint Rescue Society

C'est Chouette is a vintage needlepoint recycling business.  They take yard sale and thrift shop  canvases and remake them into amazing pillows.  You can read a bit about Sharon Wollman, the owner, here.

There are two websites selling these vintage pieces.  Have fun finding the pillow that tugs your heartstrings.  Many thanks to the Needlework Retailer for posting about this on Facebook.

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Friday, May 29, 2015

Finishing Friday: The Framed Mindy Clock

Ridgewood shows off one of Mindy's clock canvases, which their customer had framed. It makes a lovely working picture.  I never would have thought to frame it.  Clever!

Mindy has a whole range of clock designs, many of which also come with buttons.  And since she also owns a needlepoint shop, you can buy directly from her.

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No Flying Monkeys: Background Stitches Part Two

Auditioning Footstool Stitches

Now it's time to reveal the results of my footstool stitch auditions.  The stitches on the left were all stitched with the dark or medium blue Splendor silks, using 4-5 plies.  I normally use 2-3 plies on 18 count so I added another to get better coverage as No Flying Monkeys is on 13 count.   The stitches are (bottom to top)  Henderson Variant from Tony Minieri via the ANG website, one of the Alternate Mosaic Variations from Carolyn Hedge Baird's Needlepointing in My Nest,  Roof No. 6 from Stacey Tombros' Ins and Outs, one of the Oblique Stitches from Carole Lake's and Michael Boren's Desert Island Stitches, and a charted version of a flying monkey I created.

Now let's talk about each stitch, working from the bottom up this time, and why I choose it and why I either used it for my footstool or rejected it.

The Henderson Variant is the bottom stitch.  See how small it is in scale?  It seems too tiny to make a good statement on the footstool.  It would work for the wall, which needs to be smaller in scale.  I could make it larger than Tony designed it but I didn't. I moved on to the next stitch.  By the way, the Henderson Variant stitch is all in the darkest shade of blue.  The color variations you see are caused by the light falling on the stitches differently according to how they slant.

Next up is the Alternate Mosaic variation from Carolyn Hedge Baird, who charts lots of compound or complex stitches in her books.  I thought this was quite pretty but I discovered that if I choose this stitch the inner section will need one more ply to cover the background than the X shape does.  You probably have noticed that thread coverage is better in the diagonal stitches than in vertical or horizontal stitches.  I have plenty of thread (Lori at Waste Knot sent me two cards of each color, just to be safe since we had no idea what stitch I would choose) so this isn't a problem--just something to remember.  This stitch seems a little large to me but it is a much better choice than the first stitch I tried.

Roof No. 6 is similar to Carolyn's stitch but smaller.  I went with it to see how a smaller scale stitch worked.  I don't like it as much as the Alternate Mosaic one but the size is better.

By the way, I judge scale by judging how many repeats I can do of the stitch I'm considering.  You need to be able to fit 3-4 in a space in general for a stitch to look good.  If you are going to have a lot more repeats than that, the stitch (like Henderson Variant) is too small.  Too few and you'll still have a problem.  Using this rule, Alternate Mosaic will fit four repeats on one side of the footstool.  You can see it borders on being too big.

The Oblique Stitch variant looks like Xs and Os, doesn't it?  It is my favorite so far but as you can tell from the sample I stitched, there is a lot of open space in this stitch.  I am not certain I want that much white showing and I don't want to fill in with beads or tent stitches, either.

While I pondered all of the above, I charted a flying monkey shape with the vague idea of stitching rows of these across the footstool or putting one on each side of the lettering in the background. I'm not sure I like it, though.  It's a little too indistinct, something that didn't show up well in the diagram I created.  You don't really know how a design you make up will work until you stitch it, though.

Studying all my stitches I auditioned, I had a big ah-HA moment.  I suddenly realized what my theme to unify the footstool and wall backgrounds with the crossed legs and martini glass would be.  It's the letter X.  The legs make an X, the martini glass looks like the top of an X, the two background stitches I thought I'd use for the wall background use cross stitches (also an X).  Can't make it any plainer than that!

So what stitch did I choose?  Naturally, none of the above!

However, you'll have to wait until next time for the reveal.  (Sorry)

Remember, I am collecting the links as I blog stitch this Point of It All Designs piece and posting them in a tab on the CH Stitch Guides blog. You can catch up on what you missed by going there--just click on the flying carpet photo to magically be transported to my other blog and then back again.

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Columbus Show Gossip (May 2015)

The upcoming TNNA trade show in Columbus, Ohio has some really interesting things going on. First of all, fans of Mary Engelbreit designs will be thrilled to hear Painted Pony has licensed some of her art for painted canvases.  Mary Engelbreit needlepoint designs will be available again starting Fall 2015.

Secondly, has signed up to attend the show as a retailer.  This means like your local shop, they'll be browsing the designer booths and trying to arrange orders.    The brick and mortar stores are worried about this new online competitor although I personally think that ordering hand painted canvases from Amazon instead of a real shop is a greater danger to us stitchers than the shops' bottom line.

If Amazon runs our local needlepoint shops out of business by undercutting them on price, we won't have classes, stitch guides, help kitting threads, anyone to match dye lots for us when we run out of thread, assistance with color changes, places to see designs and threads in person while chatting to other stitchers, or any of the other one thousand and one things the shops do for us now.  It will destroy needlepoint as an art form.

Think about that the next time you start shopping for online bargains.  You get what you pay for, after all.

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Thread and Needle Clutches

Ridgewood Needlepoint posted photos of what they call thread and needle clutches. These resemble jewelry rollups for travel. I've seen these in large sizes for knitting needles but I can't tell from the photo just how wide or long these are or what will fit comfortably in them. Still, if you are going to a class or on vacation and want your stitching supplies well organized for the trip, this might be just the thing.

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Tony Minieri Class Alert

The Needle Works has updated their class page with photos of Tony Minieri's "Austin Patch" which he designed for the shop and will be teaching July 21-22, 2015.  Class details are on their website as are photographs of the threads used in the four color ways.  I know fans of his designs will want to see his latest.

Note that this is a teaching piece only.  I am not certain it is exclusive to the shop but it may be.  I don't know if Tony will allow ghosts in the class but Needle Works will be able to advise you.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Needlepoint for Fun's Top Background Stitches

The latest e-newsletter from Needlepoint for Fun talks about their favorite background stitches.

What are your favorites?

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The Sensible Man Stitches

This very sensible almost 90 year old guy in Michigan is a long-time needlepointer.  You'll enjoy reading what he says about stitching and sympathize with his quest to find needlework shops in his local area.

Many thanks to The Needlework Retailer who found this article and shared it on Facebook.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Donna and The Needlepoint Book

Donna posted a fun update about the 2015 edition of Jo I. Christensen's Needlepoint Book--she shows off the colored photo of the piece she contributed for the book that is black and white inside its pages.  Who knew the colors were so pretty!?  Thanks, Donna.  It's fun to see more of the amazing needlepoint that illustrates the book.

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Needlepoint Portraits from Maria E. Peneres UPDATED

Thanks to Amy's sharp eyes, I have an interesting article on the needlepoint portraitist Maria E. Pineres to share this morning. She takes photos of her subjects, adjusts and manipulates the photograph using PhotoShop, and then stitches the piece on needlepoint canvas.   Her website, second link below, shows more portraits and her gallery schedule.

UPDATE: Orna is stunned.

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Where Needlepointers Refuel

"Where Needledpointers Refuel?  Aren't We Special?!"

Beth P. posted this photograph on Facebook and gave permission for me to repost it here. Don't fall out of your chair laughing, ok? 

(By the way, Beth says she found this near the Indianapolis airport.  Bet the gas station will be a Must See for all needlepointers in the area.  Can you imagine how the staff will feel when cars start pulling up and take photos of and selfies with their pumps?  LOL)

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Attention Debbie Mumm Fans!

Are you a fan of Debbie Mumm's art, particularly the painted canvases that Melissa Shirley produces?

Then you will be thrilled to hear that Wichelt Imports offers cross stitch and perforated paper designs from Debbie's artwork--and they have buttons, pins and needle magnets!  I think the right button or pin would be the perfect finishing touch to that cute painted canvas from Debbie.  Or if you are a needle magnet collector, there are some wonderful ones available to enhance your stitching fun.  Enjoy browsing.

Wichelt is a distributor but Sew and Sew in the UK has a huge stock of buttons for sale.

Julie's X Stitch has some of her needle minders.

Apparently the Debbie Mumm magnets and buttons are under the Mill Hill name, so Google may help you uncover more sources.

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Photo Composition Tips Video

This video explains how Steve McCurry sets up the composition of his famous photographs. Betty found it online and mentioned it on Facebook which I am grateful for.  The design tips are interesting and helpful, particularly for those trying to create their own needlepoint or figure out what to emphasize in a painted design with possible multiple focal points.

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Profiling Pat Mazu

This morning I wanted to share a profile of the counted canvaswork designer Pat Mazu I stumbled across when updating the Counted Canvaswork Designer tab.

You may have seen Pat's wonderful free designs in Needlepoint Now or Needle Pointers.

There is also a free project from Pat on the ANG website.

Pat's charts and her book on basic finishing are available from Stitches From The Heart.  I haven't seen the finishing book myself but it gets very good reviews.

I hope you enjoyed reading about this very talented lady and working some of her terrific stockings.

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Luxury Leather Needlepoint (Lee Tougas and IC Images)

It's about time! Lee Tougas has set up a website to showcase his custom leather belts, guitar straps and camera straps!  Lee creates custom designs and then stitches them for his customers, finishing up with luxury leather touches from Chuck Pinnell's Pinnell Custom Leather.

It doesn't get any better than this when it comes to a custom piece.  Cross your fingers Lee adds to the website soon.

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

More 2015 NAN Award Winners

The National Academy of Needlearts has posted more award winners on Facebook in the "Professional Non-Original Without Instruction" category.  The names of the winners are in the comments section for each photograph.  DO NOT MISS Shay Pendray's "Oriental Rug."

By the way, the NAN website has the 2016 class descriptions up on their website. Have fun here--Ann Strite-Kurz's "Elfie Selfie" is my favorite but you'll want to see them all.  

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1950s-60s Vintage Needlepoint Handbags

While looking for something else I found a vintage handbag website with a little information about 1950-1960 era needlepoint purses. They don't actually have needlepoint handbags in stock but it's still fun to read about them.

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Friday, May 22, 2015

No Flying Monkeys: Stitching Order

Before I show off my footstool test stitching for my No Flying Monkeys witch, I want to talk about stitch order a bit.  Because I choose silk threads for my footstool and wall backgrounds, I don't want to stitch these areas first, even though I normally do stitch backgrounds first.  Instead, I want to stitch the stockings and the hand before I tackle the backgrounds.  That way I will be less likely to snag a stitch done in silk reaching over the background to work the stockings, for example.  Once I have a general idea of how I plan to stitch a piece, I try to figure out the most logical way to stitch it.  In this case, working the stockings and hand first is important.  The footstool should be next, and then I'll work on the martini glass.  After that I'll probably turn the canvas upside down and stitch the ruby slippers, followed by the wall background area and finally the lettering.

So I tent stitched the stockings with black and white High Cotton, which is a five ply cotton floss with a slightly rough texture to the plies, making each ply slightly thicker than one ply from a strand of DMC cotton floss.  I stripped the plies apart and then recombined them.  I ended up using four plies to basketweave the stockings but if your stitch tension is tighter than mine, you might need all five.  (This is a 13 count canvas.)   I didn't have any gray High Cotton for the shadow lines on the outside of the stockings but a gray size 5 cotton perle worked nicely there in continental stitch.  I was careful to tie off after I worked each stripe so I wouldn't drag a thread across the white areas on the back and cause a shadow on the front.  Then I stitched the hand in basketweave using pink Flair F505.  This thread is semi-transparent so the shading shows even though I used only one color.

Now I am ready to start the footstool stitch auditions!

Remember, I am collecting the links as I blog stitch this Point of It All Designs piece and posting them in a tab on the CH Stitch Guides blog.  You can catch up on what you missed by going there--just click on the flying carpet photo to magically be transported to my other blog and then back again.

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A Custom Summer Vacation Times Three UPDATED

I think you'll be as impressed as I was with the three custom belts Ridgewood's painter came up with for a customer. The design was created from summer vacation snapshots, chosen and ordered by the customer and then painted onto three identical belt canvases.  This makes a very special family souvenir, doesn't it?  I sure hope Ridgewood posted a finished photo when belt number one is made up so we can all ogle it!

UPDATE:  The belts' owner just posted this message in the Comments.  I'm quoting her here so everyone will see:

"These are my belts,our family vacations at Chautauqua Institution in western NY each year. I am making the belts for my father's birthday (he turns 83 in July) and for my son and husband. I just completed my Dad's belt last night and it is going to be finished today. The store painter did a great job. It made me think that I could do one for our small town for my son with his elementary school, high school, town pool, library, town hall, etc. You could also do this with buildings from a college campus for a graduate or professor. Thanks for sharing the belts!"
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Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Needlepoint Video Channel UPDATED AGAIN

BeStitched has announced their needlepoint video channel, a by subscription series that allows you access to videos about needlepoint starting at $9.99 per month.  (It also appears you can rent just one video but it's unclear what that charge is.)  It's called Needlepoint Flix and you can learn more by watching the video on their home page.

Looks like they plan to add new videos each month.

UPDATE:  Lisa added this in the comments--
"Jane, Needlepoint Flix will be adding new videos each month. The Pay to View Videos (specialized videos) are currently a 24 hour rental for $1.99. In the near future we hope to offer the option to rent a series of videos for a longer term and the price will be determined by the number of videos and the length of the rental. Thank you so much!'

UPDATE #2:  Lisa posted a video on Facebook explaining the difference between the Stitch Addiction boxes the shop sells and the subscription video series of Needlepoint Video Channel.  Basically, Lisa says that with Stitch Addiction you get a box with a DVD explaining a certain technique and the supplies you will need to try it out.   You keep the supplies and DVD and can review the video on the DVD as often as you like.  With Needlepoint Video Channel, you subscribe to the stitch videos and can review them as often as you like as long as you pay the monthly fee.  It's like subscribing to Hulu or Netflix, in other words.

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Barbara's Needlepoint is Raising Money

Barbara's Needlepoint is raising money for an employee who is about to give birth to a baby who will need major surgery. This limited edition Ann Santa will be auctioned to raise funds. The details are on Facebook as Barbara's doesn't have a website.  Contact the shop for more information.

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The Bank Card Protest

This is cross stitch but it's still hilarious. And sad.   Many thanks to the Needlework Retailer for point it out on Facebook.

Rinky Dink Local Bank, are you watching?

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Treat Yourself

If you need to treat yourself, how about a pair of hand made French scissors?

Besides the French Sanjou brand of scissors, this site also carries those made by M. Roulet.   Each is a handmade masterpiece.

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Embroidery Across the "Pond"

Kreinik's blog highlights the work of the English designer Yvonne Close who runs West End Embroidery this morning.  Like cupcakes?  Like counted canvaswork?  Then check our Yvonne's full range of charts in the second link below.

If counted canvaswork isn't your thing, then you might like Mary Whelan's art embroidery from Ireland.  She incorporates beads and stumpwork techniques into her pieces, some of which are for sale.  Mary's style is very restrained and very very beautiful.  I don't think I've seen anything exactly like it before. She also does mosaics, which you can see if you click on Portfolio and then choose the Mosaic section of her site.  The greeting cards are in the Store area.

It's inspiring to see needlework from Great Britain that's totally unlike American needlework.  Keep up the good work, ladies!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Army Life (and Later)

Virginia has received her wonderful Lee Army ornament back from the finisher. This is a tribute to her husband's military career.  It turned out wonderfully!

Speaking of the military, you may have noticed the fund raiser for Sandy Sandell that has appeared on the right side of Blog.  Sandy has intestinal cancer.  He is a minister in northern Thailand, close to the border of Myamar, who practices dentistry among various tribal groups who don't have access to a dentist.  He's been doing this for decades.  The insurance his church sponsor offers covers a third of his medical treatment costs and friends are trying to raise more money.  If you can help, please do so by clicking on that link to donate.  You can read more about Sandy's amazing careers here.

Are their kids in your family who play the Call of Duty games on video game consoles like the xBox and Playstation?  If they are playing Call of Duty:  Black Ops they are playing what Sandy did for real in Vietnam.  Fred Lindsey's book has excerpts of some of the things Sandy did for his country in the war to keep South Vietman independent of the North.  I've heard many more stories about him along the same lines.  His spiritual descendants are carrying out covert missions today, with much better equipment, but the same tactics Sandy and his friends devised 40 years ago.

The media have portrayed Vietnam vets as either crazy maniacs or damaged Jason Bourne-type superheroes since the Vietnam War ended.  They have no idea how heroic most of them still are in their daily lives.  We lost a saint when Sandy Sandell died.

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Stories from Renee and Ellen

Renee of Gone Stitching talks about why her customers stitch.   I see myself in some of Renee's stories and you will, too.

By the way, Ellen at Serendipity Needleworks is also talking about the meaning in stitching Christmas ornaments.

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Montenegren Made Easy

The May newsletter from Bedecked and Beaddazzled is full of class information but this time there is also a great diagram of Montenegren Stitch which Ruth used as a border on a current class piece.  I personally find this a hard stitch to understand and this is the best diagram I've ever seen.  Thanks, Ruth! 

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Odds and Ends

Randi celebrated Mother's Day this year with a wonderful pillow she designed for her mom.

Jenny Henry celebrated with a DIY project to create a lavender sachet for Mom.

Melita has created bookends by combining two charts from Jean Hilton and Pat Mazu. Very clever!

Ridgewood shows off two collages--one for police and one for fire fighters.  Here in a very rural area we celebrate the volunteer rescue squad but these are perfect for more urban areas.  Sorry, I don't know the designer.

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Making Beaded Stars

Colleen at The Needle Works in Austin goes the extra mile in her Share-a-Stitch weekly blog posting with two stitch diagrams--and one of them shows you how to make a beaded star!

Thanks, Colleen.  We love this!

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Reading the Label (Kreinik)

Kreinik posted a very useful article on how to read their spool labels.  I am always forgetting what the letters after the numbers mean so I plan to bookmark this.  Thanks, Kreinik!

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Why You Need to Belong To a Stitching Guild

Mary Waldsmith explains better than I ever could why you need to belong to a stitching guild.

One of the most common questions I hear on Facebook at the Needlepoint Group is whether there's anyone near (fill in the blank city) who'd like to get together and stitch?  The need to hang out with other stitchers is universal.

The American Needlepoint Guild has chapters all over.  If you aren't close to one, they also have a Cyber Chapter available so you can meet online with other stitchers who can't make it to a local meeting.  (Note that ANG is having trouble with their website so be patient if you don't get answers right away.  Their webmaster is trying to fix the issues ASAP.)

The Embroiderer's Guild of America also has many chapters including an online one.  Although their focus is broader than needlepoint, they have many needlepointers in their ranks.

Both organizations have annual seminars and regional meetings as well as local get-togethers.  Both send out inspirational magazines as part of your dues.  Time to sign up and help spread the word about needlepoint and needlework!

Thanks for the reminder, Mary.

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sandy and the Skein of Pepperpot

Sandy Arthur just taught her students in her "Harvest" mystery cyber class (pumpkins and grapes and fall flowers from Robbyn's Nest) how to open a skein of Pepperpot silk.  And now she is sharing that tutorial with the rest of us.  Thank you, Sandy!

Here's "Harvest," for those who are curious.  It's a mystery so only her students know how things are progressing....

Not to worry, though.  Once class is over and the mystery solved, Sandy will probably be willing to sell kits to those who missed class.  If you ask nicely, that is.

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Sabbatical and Serenity

Kathy of Needle Delights Originals is taking a break from designing, giving herself a sabbatical to see what happens when she doesn't design counted pieces for a while.  She's still teaching, though, and shows off the class pieces underway when she taught Serenity at her local guild chapter.

I sometimes take a break from my usual practice of stitching every night for 1-3 hours but it never lasts for more than a day or two.  I wonder what would happen...?

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Bargello Belt Stitch-a-Long UPDATED

Althea has announced a Bargello Belt Stitch-a-Long over at where she is the needlepoint guide.  Here are the details.

Here is the direct link to the fun.  Rummage in your stash and see what colors you have to stitch with Althea.


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Peels (Thread Spool Wraps)

I happened across an ad on Facebook for's Peels, which are a spool wrap system.   The company's website has a little video of Peels in action.  The Guterman thread spools in the video are the same size as the spools used for Trebizond, Accentuate, and other similar threads.  I have not been able to find any reviews on this new item, though.

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Suzanne Finds a New Tool

Suzanne found a new use for the little backlight she found in the kids crafts department.

Suzanne, you just won the Smart Cookie Award for today!

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Finishing Friday: Variety from Nimble Needle

Wait'll you see all the fun finishing that Nimble Needle just got back for customers!

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No Flying Monkeys: Background Stitches Part One

 Now that my No Flying Monkeys canvas has been divided into the "wall" background and the "footstool" background, it's time to choose stitches for these areas.  I have to have something small in scale for the wall so that the lettering stands out.  That stitch needs to be easy to compensate as well, since I have all those little wall bits among the letters.

For the footstool I want a medium scale design so I can get quite a few repeats in the 7 inch width of the canvas and I also want something that creates a pretty pattern that doesn't detract from the black and white stripes on the stockings. I think a diagonal pattern would be good for the footstool since I want the eye to travel from the footstool to the martini glass.

Time to consult my stitching books!  I always look at SharonG's SENSE book when I need to browse stitches by texture and whether they have a diagonal flow or not.

I didn't see anything in the diagonal pattern section that did much for me but in the section on medium texture I found my old friend Double Stitch, which is very versatile and small in scale.  It reminded me of Staggered Crosses, which is somewhat similar.  I think either might work for my wall.

Now I need footstool patterns so I looked at my Got Stitches? book from the team at Gone Stitching.  It is full of multi-layered stitches that are very pretty patterns.  But nothing really caught my eye.  So I kept looking, rummaging through my stitch diagrams, books and photographs.

I just auditioned Tony Minieri's Henderson Variant for another project and knew how pretty it was. If you turn the diagram so that it runs in horizontal rows, it might just work nicely as it echoes the stripes on the stockings and also will point the eye toward the martini glass since it is a diagonal pattern.   This diagram is available online from ANG's Stitch of the Month for June 2009.

Tony Minieri's Henderson Variant, Rotated

Here is the diagram rotated.  See what I mean?  I think it will make for a nice footstool.

Now I need to audition the stitches above to see how they actually look and how much thread I will need for my 13 count canvas.  Stay tuned!

Remember, I am collecting the links as I blog stitch this Point of It All Designs piece and posting them in a tab on the CH Stitch Guides blog.  You can catch up on what you missed by going there--just click on the flying carpet photo to magically be transported to my other blog and then back again.

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Linda's Pretty Bird

Linda at the Spilt the Needles blog has just finished her cardinal ornament from Melissa Prince Designs and it is fabulous! The feathery stitches she chose aren't traditional but they look grand.

Here are more of the Melissa Prince bird rounds, just in case you don't like cardinals best.

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Studying the Winter Table

Brenda got to take a class with Laura Taylor at Louise's Needlework in Ohio last week.  Laura was teaching Melissa Shirley's beautiful "Winter Table" and Brenda tells us a lot about how the class was organized.  Louise's did a fabulous organizational job and Laura has some amazing techniques on this piece.

You can check Laura's website to see if she'll be teaching near you.  If you don't travel much, you can also see what stitch guides Laura has available so you can study with her in your own stitching nest at home.

If you live in or visit Ohio, check Louise's website to see what else is happening at the shop this summer.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Don's Basketweave Beading in Video

Oh, boy! The Kreinik website has filmed a woven look done with clear beads using size 4 Kreinik very fine braid.  The video stars Associated Talents' Carol Gantz who works with Don Lynch (also Associated Talents) who invented the basketweave beading technique.  It's sometimes called Don Beading in his honor.

If you fall in love with canvas M-189 ("Starfish Frieze"), Associated Talents has a free stitch guide for the canvas on their website.

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The Whys and Hows of Koma and Japanese Gold Thread

If you ever wondered what koma are used for in Japanese Embroidery, Susan at Plays with Needles lays it all out. (By the way, koma come in pairs because in Japanese Embroidery, gold threads are laid in pairs, so you need two, one for each thread in the pair.)

If you'd like to read more about koma, the Kreinik blog has a great article.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mr. X Stitch Interviews Gay Ann Rogers

Dena from Kreinik occasionally writes a column for Mr. X Stitch. Her latest is an interview with Gay Ann Rogers which I think you'll enjoy.

If you fall in love with her Catherine the Great, act now.  The sale of the kit will end Sunday, May 17th, 2015.

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Jenny Henry Interviews Hannah Bass

Jenny Henry has done us a favor by interviewing an English tapestry designer I've never heard of before--Hannah Bass.

You can see nice closeups of Hannah's designs on her website.  She has a Facebook page you'll want to check out, too.

If you aren't familiar with Emily Peacock's vibrant 1960s style lettering needlepoint, here is her website.  She has an Etsy store, too, which is the second link below.

It's lovely to see that English needlepoint designers are trying something new these days.  Thanks, Jenny!

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Going the Extra Mile: Add a Border

In this blog post Mary Waldsmith shows how she added something special to an Eye Candy Halloween collage--a border!  It really enhanced the canvas, didn't it?  This is something I will have to think about as I stitch No Flying Monkeys....

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Road Trip with Melita UPDATED

Melita has taken another road trip, this time to the New Jersey Needlefest. Of course she stopped by several shops!  You can read all the fun and glimpse the insides of several stores at her blog.

UPDATE:  Melita also visited Virginia Beach to attend a meeting of ANG's Sandpipers chapter in Hampton Roads.  It sounds like a blast!

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Peeking Through Joan's Window

Joan Eidman of Fiori shows off her studio during her annual thread sorting party.  Alas!  There don't seem to be refreshments but there is a great brick cover lion from Susan Roberts and three Melissa Shirley dragonflies.  There is also a pillow and a seat cover that I can barely see but I think are Joan's own designs.

I hope the next time Joan puts away her threads by color she invites us over.  I'll bring the drinks!  (in covered cups to protect the stash)

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Suzie Hits a Home Run

Suzie of Enriched Stitch was able to arrange an exhibit of stitched pieces at the local community center. And guess what happened....

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Dressing Wonderland (Sandra Arthur and Sandra Vargas)

Sandy Arthur was just at Bedecked and Beaddazzled, teaching two Sandra Vagas Alice in Wonderland designs. Check out what she did for hair and clothes!   Easy hair, easy sleeves, but unique looks.  That's why we take classes from fabulous teachers like Sandy.

Thanks for sharing, Ruth!

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Recycling That Painted Canvas

Suzanne has a great tip on recycling a painted canvas whose colors you don't love.   Very clever, Suzanne!  She also kindly included a diagram for everyone to play with.

Here Suzanne uses her houndstooth pattern inside a heart she traced onto plain canvas.

Suzanne shows off the finished houndstooth mitten, along with a lesson on turkeywork.

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Advice When You Run Out of Thread

Sue has some great ideas for coping when you run out of threads, particularly when getting more isn't an option.

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Friday, May 8, 2015

Finishing Friday: What Shops Go Through

I know a lot of folks don't understand why they need a shop to help them with finishing. Why not cut out the middleman and go to a finisher directly?  I think Mary Agnes explains how finishers and shops work together for the benefit of us stitchers very nicely.

Uh, MA, can I come play with your piles of fabric?

lusting after all the pretty backing material here in CH

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No Flying Monkeys: What's in YOUR Background?

The No Flying Monkeys canvas is a tabula rasa when it comes to the background, isn't it?  The feet are up in the air unsupported, while the lettering floats above.  This means we can do anything we want as long as the stitch is small scale enough that compensation around the letters isn't hard.  Check out what Mary Waldsmith did for her penguins stocking.  I'm going to do something similar, but what?

I started to think about what the witch's feet were resting on.  Two possibilities came to mind.  Her legs were propped up on a footstool or her heels rest on a railing or chair rail.  Hummmm....

A chair rail could be broad enough for me to create a decorative band with flying monkeys across it....

Or I could put flying monkeys on a footstool.  The footstool has the added advantage of creating two background areas--one under the legs and one on the wall where the lettering is.  I could do something fancy and larger scale on the footstool and then work a smaller scale pattern on the "wall" around the letters.

I had not put my canvas on stretcher bars yet, so I used one of my stretcher bars to take photos of my canvas showing several positions for a dividing line on the canvas.  Here they are--

The higher bar on the left is where I thought heels would rest on a chair rail on a wall while the lower bar on the right is where I thought the edge of a footstool would be.  I think a footstool space looks better.  But then I consulted a stitching friend who thought the footstool looks better lower down, nearer her calves.  Like this--

Hope you can see this.  I think it is better, although I will put the footstool area up a bit higher, but not as high as in the other two photographs.  Now all I need are two stitches for the two background areas-- one for the footstool and one for the wall, both of which have to look ok with the stripes on the stockings.

Any ideas?

Remember, I am collecting the links as I blog stitch this Point of It All Designs piece and posting them in a tab on the CH Stitch Guides blog.  You can catch up on what you missed by going there--just click on the flying carpet photo to magically be transported to my other blog and then back again.

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Columbus TNNA Trade Show May 2015

New items released at the May-June 2015 TNNA trade show in Columbus, Ohio will be listed below, latest on top in red.  

Keep your eye on the Facebook page for TNNA's Needlepoint Group for photographs of booths and new designs as the show starts.


Mary Tussey has posted photographs of four of her Stetson hat canvases on Facebook. These are exclusive to Nashville Needlework.

If you are a fan of Threedles' designs, you'll be happy to hear Treenway Silks has kitted up the Westminster Abbey colors for "Cathedrals" with silk threads and ribbons kits.

Ridgewood is offering the Kate Dickerson miniature butterfly tote as an exclusive through the shop. Details here.  Click on the ad for a larger view.

Natalia's Fine Needlework has a new miniature rug design available.  This one is called "Mayflower" and it comes in three different variations.

Devon Nicholson has a charming new design--"The Cure for What Ails You."  (Hint--it's CAKE!)

Kate Dickinson has posted four new large travel themed designs on Facebook--Chicago, Israel, Philadelphia and Venice.

Laura Wheeler Designs has three new patterned scissors cases on 13 count.  They can be personalized.  Use the side arrows to see all three designs.

Hingham Square Needlepoint has exclusive American flag canvas and matching coasters with ocean themes.

Annie Lane Designs is now selling "private edition" (probably limited edition?) canvases through their Etsy store (second link below).

Laura Perin just announced a new design called "Seaside Blues."  It's a sort of quilt pattern in lovely cool summery poolside colors.

Vicky DeAngelis shows off new (and old) items from Market.  If you are taken by the Penny Macleod portrait, check out The Collection's website (second link below) which has quite a few of her distinctive women.

Absolutely Needlepoint has posted a new limited edition ornament that celebrates the Cincinnati pig on a carousel in a just opened park.

Moore Than Needlepoint has announced their 2015 limited edition Christmas ornament by Jean Wallen.  There is a photo on Facebook.  Contact the shop to order.

Needle Delights Originals has released photos of Starstruck, which will be released in August.  The second link below has more color ways and a glimpse of Oasis, the next design to be released.

Just in time for the 4th of July, Kate Dickerson/KSH Needlepoint Collections has a new 4th of July Star.  It comes with its own sparkly stick for finishing, too.

Adornment Needlepoint has a new Wake Forest stand up - The Demon Deacon.

Rogue Needlepoint has announced a new line of larger canvases that are the trademark sayings of our favorite tv personalities.  All are on zigzag backgrounds apparently.

Terry Dryden has announced that the new "Secret Garden" kits (intended as quick and fun projects to try out new stitches and threads) are now available.  There is information about them here and a link to the Secret Garden page on her website.

Laura Megroz of CBK has a new black lab stocking that's a charmer.

Bedecked and Beaddazzled has started selling their project bags that class materials are shipped in.

Chandail has a new kit--EyeCandy's Fourth of July Cracker which comes with threads and a guide from Ada Hayden herself.

Kate Dickerson shows off her 3 inch Sorority rounds, new at Columbus.

Barbara Bergsten has posted photos of the new Summer 2015 items on her blog.  The front page of her website has even better photos (below).

Lisa Krause just posted another of her custom frames for Maggie.  This one is a cork board matched to the Maggie canvas "Moon Over Roadway."  Nice and also very functional!

What's the Point? Needlepoint has three new rainbow love canvases exclusive to the shop from their in-house designer.  Use the side arrows to see them all.

Ridgewood has received new canvases they ordered at the Columbus show.  The designers are uncredited but these are mostly new to me designs, so enjoy.

Tango and Chocolate has two photos of new colorful lamp work bead scissors fobs posted on Facebook.  Use the right side arrow to see the closeup.

Down Sunshine Lane has added a lot of new magnets to their online store.  I think the sock monkeys will be particularly popular but there is something for every taste.  I like the colorful sand dollar and the crab, Little Red Riding Hood, and the castle plus the Fairest of Them All mirror.  The hand drawn wooden needle minders from Michelle Palmer are lovely, by the way.

Color Complements is starting to dye a new thread--a very narrow flat ribbon.  It's actually a tubular chainette of rayon viscose about the width of  Neon Rays but it is smaller than Flair and can't have another thread snaked through the middle.  I don't know about beads, though....

Ridgewood has received a new shipment of needle magnets.   The enameled little Christmas elf and the patriotic star are new to me.

Knotted Needle posted photos on Facebook of the six Patti Mann "Super Heros" canvases.  There are five single heroes and one larger canvas with all of them.

Baseball fans, Absolutely Needlepoint has limited edition baseball canvases available.  Photos are on Facebook.

Vicky DeAngelis noticed the heat so the new photos of canvases from Market she took are all of snowmen from Labors of Love, Machelle Somerville, Pepperberry and The Collection.  Stay cool!

Raymond Crawford Designs has posted more photos of Raymond's new Route 66 series on Facebook. Featured are Los Angeles, Flagstaff, Gallup, Amarillo, Oklahoma City, St. Louis and Chicago.

CBK Needlepoint has set up a new Facebook page.  Here's the link.  If you are a fan of their work (and who isn't!) you should Like the page to help you keep up with their latest.

Laura Wheeler Designs has a new series--the Mushroom Maidens!  Let me quote her from Facebook--"Meet Margo Mushroom with the feathers in her cap, Myrtle Mushroom and her butterfly bonnet, Millie Mushroom the bird lover, and Madge Mushroom with her Carmen Miranda fruit hat; they would love to come live in your garden. These designs are 8" x 10", hand-painted on 13 mesh canvas."  I see lots of fun mushroom garden hats in our future...

Needle Deeva has a new design called "Corporate Cats in the Rat Race. " Hilarious!

Patty Paints has a new style of ikat pattern frame that comes in various colors. Red and white is planned and apparently she will do other colors upon request.

Needlework Retailer shows off the red version of the Threedles Christmas 2015 ornament.  This design doesn't appear to be on the Threedles website yet.

Devon Nicholson Design has a new series--chimps!  There is a chimpanzee for each month of the year, each decked out with something no monkey should be without--particularly fireworks!  LOL

Joan Eidman of Fiori shows off her St. Nicholas ornament from her "Victoriana" series and promises to design more for the set.  Fiori is represented by Dream House Ventures which has updated their website with her new Angel series, the rest of the Victoriana series and more (second link below).

BB Designs also posted a great owls piece on Facebook.

BB Designs has a wonderful new butterflies and butterfly bush pattern posted on Facebook.

Moore Than Needlepoint in Pinehurst, NC has announced a new needlework line called "Carolina Inspirations" designed by Jean Wallen. The first piece is a Bargello pattern inspired by the pottery of Anne Crabbe.  Carolina Inspirations will feature products by Carolina artisans and stitchers.  Keep an eye on their Facebook page for more pieces as they only have a minimal website.

Adornment Needlepoint has announced a new piece in their series of Winston-Salem, NC themed ornaments.  This one is the Moravian Church, designed exclusively for the shop by Squiggee.

Maggie has updated her website with the new designs.  I think you'll particularly like the geometrics from GeeWorks. I also like the "Happy Trails" seahorse from Susan Reis on page two.

Accoutrement Designs has new magnets--an olive and a buckeye!  There is an Ohio magnet, too, and new scissors fobs based on fancy alcoholic beverages.

Vicky DeAngelis shows off two new summery designs by Raymond Crawford and Pepperberry.

Looks like Elizabeth Bradley Design now offers little needle minder magnets based on their floral needlepoint designs. They are called "Mini Blooms" and there are four designs made for EB by Accoutrement Designs.

Ridgewood Needlepoint has posted photographs of new items they ordered at the Columbus show that have just arrived.  The designers aren't credited but I think at least some of these are from Colors of Praise.  It's a fun browse, regardless.

Accoutrement is now making magnets for CBK reproducing some of their fun Scott Church designs.

Louise's Needlework added six photos of a new Charley Harper and JP Needlepoint canvases to their Facebook page.

Carolyn Hedge Baird has announced a new book on Facebook. It should be available in 4-6 weeks from your local shop.  The title is "Teeny Tiny Needlepoint Stitcher" so I suppose it is smaller scale stitches.

Victori-Anne just posted photos of a lot of the new Accoutrement Designs needle minders released this summer on Facebook.

Barbara's Needlepoint has posted two photos of their painter Cindy's new Patriotic Stars.  These come in a mix of 13 and 18 count.  Contact the shop via Facebook for more information as they don't have a website.

Rishfeld Designs has released a new geometric mezuzah design which you can see here courtesy of the Needlework Retailer.

Ruth Schmuff reveals her plan for a new thread line--overdyed floche!

Barbara's Needlepoint just posted a photo of two beginner kits from Elizabeth Bradley.  (I didn't even know they HAD beginner kits!).  These come with everything according to the posting but I imagine you have to provide needles and scissors.

Mary Tussey also posted a photo on Facebook of her brand new "Parade of Boats" belt canvas.

BeStitched posted a photo of the "Whimsy Stork" piece from Colors of Praise on Facebook. I think this is pretty new.

The World of Needlepoint (which is sponsored by TNNA's Needlepoint Group), posted photographs taken by Pete Poitras of JP Needlepoint taken at Needlepoint Showcase which opens the show.  You'll see small displays of the very latest canvases and models here.

Vicky DeAngelis profiles Curtis Boehringer, one of the designers whose work Fleur de Paris is making more widely available.

Mary Tussey has posted new photographs of her double sided floral purse rounds on Facebook.

Julia Snyder has posted photographs of and information about % More's new Z Bar lights on Facebook. These used LED bulbs and have a five year warranty, come in two sizes and assorted colors and can be used in a base or clamp.  There are six photographs so use the side arrows to navigate.

The Needlepointer shows off new colors in Pepperpot Silks and Straw Silks.

The Kreinik blog profiles the new cat art series from MAP designs.  There are lots of photos including some of the stitched pieces, many of which come with stitch guides.

Natalia's Fine Needlework has a new dollhouse rug chart.  This one is called Kazak.

Starke Art Designs just posted new things to the CBK website (CBK is her distributor). Love the "You Just Mermaid My Day" canvas!

Just Nan is a cross stitch and counted thread design that also has some darling accessories, like these needle sliders.  I think they all come with a magnet inside to help corral those errant needles, but for sure they are quite pretty.

Needle Artworks just announced that both Genny Morrow Designs and Ann Strite-Kurz have new websites under construction.  If you are a counted canvaswork fan, this is a Big Deal.  Genny's daughter is doing her website to release her mother's designs.  It's not quite ready yet but you should bookmark this.

Ann Strite-Kurz's website is here and it has lots of new goodies shows.

More Columbus booth photos from TNNA's Needlepoint Group on Facebook:  Purple Palm Designs-

and Voila! and

A. Bradley and NeedleDeeva!

Plus frames from Doodlin' Around Designs.

TNNA's Needlepoint Group is posting more photographs of booths at Market.  This is Custom House.  It publishes books (Finger Step Designs for one), classic crewel and sampler patterns, and imports the lovely Gumnut line of threads from Australia.

Next TNNA visits the Maggie/Ewe and Eye booth.

Finally TNNA ends up at the Leigh Designs booth.

Carol Eix has new frame weights, new bead trays and Snap trays, new magnifier covers (to keep the sunlight from burning a hole in your carpet or chair), and new laying tool button holders.  Photos from Pocket Full of Stitches which has these babies in stock.

Ridgewood Needlepoint in NJ has posted photos of their favorite painted canvases from Market.  I'm sure these will be showing up in the shop soon.

Finger Step Designs' newest book is out.  This little booklet is jam packed with darning stitches.

Needlework Retailer shows off the new "Stik Sacks" from Ashland Sky, distributed by Leigh Designs.

JP Needlepoint just showed off the model of one of their newest "brick" purses.  It's elegant in browns and ambers!

Melissa Shirley just posted some of her personal favorites from her new designs that premiered in Columbus on Facebook.

Sandy Arthur went to Market and met EVERYONE!   The tales are here.  She came, she saw, she shopped and she had a blast.

Kate Dickerson has a new artist--Jilly Walsh of Jilly's Jubilee.  The Kate Dickerson website isn't updated yet but you can see Jilly's rabbits here.

Art Needlepoint now has jewelry box kits, with a canvas and lovely box.  Looks like they have coasters and pincushions as well.

Fleur de Paris just posted a photo of Curtis Boehringer's Rocking Horse Santa.

Vicky DeAngelis shows off some real beauties she saw at Market from Purple Palm Designs.

Patty Paints posted a new blue ikat design on Facebook.  You can see more of the ikat series and her new welcome signs on her website (second link below).

Sheena shares her picks for the best new canvases and also shares a great oblique fishnet stitch.

Puffin has a new metal magnet--a new design for their series of quilt block themed items.  If you are a quilter or just love the varied patterns, this is for you.

BeeHive NeedleArts has eight new bracelet canvases!  They would be great stash busters and look lovely on the wrists of stitchers everywhere, wouldn't they?

Susan Jones of Finger Step Designs (more counted!  Hurrah!) has a new tent stitch booklet out.

Laura Perrin has a new design!  It is called "Arabesque" and takes full advantage of Kreinik's wired metallic called Hot Wire.  Counted canvas workers everywhere are rejoicing!

New Accoutrement magnets, including Ohio themes, just posted on Facebook by Park Avenue Needlepoint.

Moore than Needlepoint just posted a lovely new beach collage from MM Design.

There's also a nice penguin and polar bear ornament, also from MM Design.

Needlepoint Group of TNNA has posted new booth photos for JP Needlepoint, Pepperberry, Alice Peterson, and DJ Designs.

Needle House is showing off new scissors and their logo magnet.

Family Needle Arts just posted a photo on Facebook of new colors from Rainbow Gallery in Silk Lame Braid, Entice and Alpaca 18.

Is it the bee's knees?  No!  It's the "Cat's Pajamas: at Devon Nicholson Designs with a series of smiling cats outfitted for bed.  Ping in her Chinese red PJs is my favorite but there is a cat for every sleeping style.

Louise's Needlework posted five pastel Easter eggs on their Facebook page as new items from the Columbus Market. They look like Associated Talents designs to me but are uncredited.

Lani shows off one of her newer pieces stitched by a student.  "Jeweled crown" doesn't begin to describe it!

Needle Delights has a new chart ready--"Americana!"  This is in her Color Delights series and features stars and the colors red, white and blue.

Keep an eye on TNNA's Needlepoint Group Facebook page as they've started posting photos of designer booths from the Columbus Market.  Rebecca Wood and Melissa Shirley booths are featured right now.  More will be added over the next several days.

The Needlework Retailer says & More has a new designer, Roseanne Beck Designs.  They've updated their website to showcase her work (second link below) which has a lot of beach and floral pieces, some simple kid's pieces and some charming larger Christmas and seasonal pieces including a smashing snowman in a flowing red scarf.

The Collection Designs has updated their website to show their very latest designs on top, including the very popular Christmas shells tree on the beach.

Theresa of Homestead Needle Arts has posted another report about the Columbus market, including a nice review of SharonG's new darning book.

There are two new Petei designs!  Painted Pony (the Petei distributor) just posted photos of the Little Drummer Boy (for the Nativity series) and the Cajun Santa on Facebook.

What's the Point? Needlepoint is having a Brenda Stofft trunk show so they posted photographs on their Facebook page, including what I think are new double-sided animal ornaments.  Brenda doesn't update her website often so if you are a fan of her work, browse this to see if you find anything new and Must Have.

Vicky DeAngelis is back from Market with a new chatelaine and a new favorite canvas from The Collection.

Melissa Shirley posted a photo of her huge booth on Facebook.  That's a lot of canvases!

Melissa also posted four closeups of the goods.  Please do not drool on your keyboard.

Brenda Stofft has updated her Facebook page's Custom photo album.  These are one of a kind designs Brenda created for customers but great fun to drool over regardless.

Crystalettes has added tiny pearl buttons to their line!  They also have 5mm Swarovski crystal buttons now.

Blue Dogwood Designs has collaborated with River Silks to create six "Kits to Go" to allow folks to create little self-finishing lavender sachets with stitched inserts.  You can see the colors and flower designs available on their Facebook page.  It's a very fun way to experiment with silk ribbons.  You can see more sachets and other new designs on the Blue Dogwood website (second link below).

Zecca's updated their website.  I particularly like "Elephant Ride."  I think we all might be in trouble....

Theresa of Homestead Needle Arts reports in on the new designs she got for the shop.  I think many of these are from Patti Mann, but I am not sure.

In Stitches Atlanta posted two photos of new Melissa Prince clutch purse canvases on Facebook. What you see are the unstitched purses folded into the clutch shape.

Gayla Elliott posted three photos on Facebook of her finished dreidel. posted photos of favorites from Market on their Facebook page.  You'll see raccoons by Birds of a Feather, Purple Palm's lighthouse ornament, Princess and Me's sock monkey ornament and their wedding party, a cute butterfly collage, a colorful formal rooster, and Rebecca Wood's reindeer travel ornament for France.  Use the side arrows to navigate.

Pocket Full of Stitches is heading home from the trade show but bringing small canvases from Associated Talents, Hummingbird Designs, Mile High Princess and Artists Collection with them.

Amy Bunger's shop newsletter shows off some of the new things coming out from Ashley Bradley, Eye Candy, Rogue, Kate Dickerson, SharonG, and Accoutrement Designs plus more including a Sherlock Holmes magnet, the latest chapter in Amy's Mysteries of Needlepoint series, and the canvas she will use for her Home Study this fall.

The Needlepointer posted a photo of the newest Silk Straw colors and promised more will be released in June and again in July 2015.

The Wool and the Floss also posted two photographs of a plain cow canvas (I think it is from Elizabeth Turner Collection) and the made up pillow.  Nice!

The Wool and The Floss posted three photos of new Santa designs from Little Shoppe Canvas Company. posted three photos of The Artists Collection's new mini tree skirts on Facebook.

Pocket Full of Stitches posted one last set of Market photographs.  You'll see goodies from & More, Associated Talents, CanvasWorks, Kristine Kingston, Leigh, Labors of Love, Little Shoppe Canvas Company, and The Collection.

Geri of Pippin Studio has posted five photographs of the new small angel, snowman and Santa canvases from Pippin on Facebook.  She says there are a dozen of them, but I'm unclear if there are twelve total or twelve Santas, twelve angels, etc.  There are four wonderful small beach critter pieces, too.  They are called Chomp (for the shark), Peek (for the seal), Snap (the crab) and Squawk (the seagull).

Leigh Designs has a new Ashland Sky bag style -- the "Stick Sack."  It's a good place to put those stretcher bars, large scissors and other big items you want to carry without damage.  They come in nine colors (second link below) and are 14.5 inches long by 6 inches wide.  Plenty of room for your stretcher bar collection, or even your knitting needles.

Rachel's Needlepoint has posted photographs of new purses from Sophia on Facebook.  These are self-finishing and lovely.

Pocket Full of Stitches has posted a whole slew of photos of new things from Market from Alice Peterson, Associated Talents, BB Needlepoint, CBK (I think Scott Church pieces have SC in their official number), CanvasWorks, Elizabeth Turner,  JP Needlepoint, Melissa Shirley, Rebecca Wood and The Collection.

The new series from Leigh Designs is live.  Meet the Gold Diggers.... posted a photograph of their new red Kirk and Bradley lighthouse design. posted four photographs of Melissa Prince models from the trade show. posted four photographs of Beth Gantz stockings.

Labors of Love have new girl/boy stork double-sided birds.

Here's a new Pippin Halloween design.

The Wool and the Floss has added photos to their Facebook page.  The red party dress is from Elizabeth Turner I think, while the pirate owl is from JP. I don't recognize the Christmas pink flamingo and it's not credited.

I think CBK has updated their New section on their website.

The Nimble Needle in Atlanta has updated their Facebook page with a lot of photographs.  There's nothing we haven't seen before except more Maggie/Ewe and Eye framed pieces, but if you want nice photos of Vicki Sawyer's animals, Melissa Shirley's Witches on Parade, Mary Lake-Thompson's Bow Wow Christmas dog ornaments, Elizabeth Turner's wood violet and new colors from Rainbow Gallery for various thread lines, this is the place.

Kate Dickerson has posted three photographs of her current piece on Facebook.  This is called "Mexican Embroidery Circle."

In Stitches Atlanta has posted two photographs of Alice Peterson beach-themed canvases on Facebook.  The shop also posted a floral design from JP and an unidentified patchwork sun in the second link below. has posted five closeup photos of Associated Talent models from their booth, including Christmas pieces and the new Halloween mice.

Checking on Bedecked and Beaddazzled's website to see if they have anything new out, I did see Kimberly belt canvases I've not seen before.

Serendipity Needlework has posted four photographs on their FB page.  Two are Associated Talents Halloween models.  Fun!

Needlepoint Studio of Sarasota has added five photos of Melissa Shirley Halloween and Christmas canvases to their Facebook page.  These have been ordered for the shop and are due to arrive in late June. has posted five photographs of Maggie/Ewe and Eye pieces on Facebook.  All five come with either a custom frame (love the old barn board shutters around the snowy sleigh scene!), a custom mirror or a custom dry erase board.  Use the side arrows to navigate.

Sandra Arthur and Sharon Garmize (SharonG) pose in front of some of SharonG's canvases at the Fleur de Paris booth. Fleur distributes Sharon's wonderful books and canvases now.

Nimble Needle (Atlanta) posted two new photographs of Associated Talents' Halloween mice on Facebook.  Many of these come with stitch guides.

Alice Peterson will update her website tonight (Sunday 5/31) or tomorrow morning.  Stay tuned!

Painted Pony Designs posted five photographs of their booth on Facebook, including models and new items.

Pocket Full of Stitches posts photos of wonderful new things on their blog from Beth Gantz, Denise DeRusha, DG Designs, Ewe and Eye, Hummingbird Designs, Heartstrings, Kirk and Bradley, Labors of Love, Maggie, Mile High Princess, Pepperberry Designs (check out the dog in Santa hats rounds), Pippin and Purple Palm Designs (which has new Southwest themed pots and cactus pieces).

Enriched Stitch has posted photographs of new magnets (I think are all from Elizabeth Turner) and new Elizabeth Turner Collection canvases on their blog.  The Dalmatian, elephant and parrots magnets are new and I haven't seen the cute animal mini socks for kids before.

Janet Perry summarizes the new items from TNNA Market.

What's the Point? Needlepoint has posted a lot of photographs on their Facebook page.  I see Leigh Designs, Melissa Shirley, Maggie, Princess and Me and much more.  Nothing is credited so there are things I can't identify but if you want to see Leigh's Gold Diggers, this is the place to glimpse half of them.

You can also see three of Leigh's new Gold Diggers in the background of the photo Cynthia Thomas took of Leigh's Jungle Heat:  Sultry Outback pillow.

Needlepoint Studio of Sarasota has posted a dozen photos on their FB page.  Nothing is credited so I can only guess at who is represented. has set up a special page on their website for ordering things they are getting at Market.  The page will vanish 6/2/15 but until then these items are fifteen percent off.  Remember, these are pre-orders. You'll have to wait until the shop orders are filled to get these.

Rachel's Needlepoint posted three photographs on FB of Sudberry's new boxes and rocker.

Cynthia Thomas posted a photo of new adjustable stretcher bars from Edmunds.

Cynthia also posted photos of two models she did.  The guides are ready for folks who have Scott Church/CBK's parent and child polar bears or the pretty White Christmas piece (Betsy B. Originals/Painted Pony Designs).

In Stitches (also Atlanta) just posted two Curtis Boehringer Santas on Facebook.  Curtis is distributed by Fleur de Paris now but since this just happened his available work isn't on their website yet.

The Nimble Needle in Atlanta posted two photos of SharonG's new book on darning stitches on Facebook.  They also posted a photograph of "Peaceful Hamsa" from Pajamas and Chocolate (second link below).

Birds of a Feather has some lovely new things from Susan Winget at the bottom of this page. The chickens and wild critters are wonderful but the USA maps are outstanding!

Binkwaffle has two sizes of cute bags.

Alexa Designs has a new size of stocking.

& More has updated their website to show off their new Z-Bar and Z-Bar Mini lights.

Rebecca Wood has updated her website with the latest fun.  There are stockings, cuffs, ornaments and snowmen and reindeer travel rounds (love Hawaii and the CA surfer reindeer!).  There is a Snowman Nativity set, too, either as a stocking or individual pieces.

The Elizabeth Turner Collection booth is nearly ready!

Meredith has posted photographs of new ETC canvases on Facebook.  Use the side arrows for these two groups to see everything in the two batches. There is a beautiful moth in each set.  Then look at the booth picture above to see more new goodies.

Leigh Designs posted on their website they won't post their latest on their website until the show ends Monday.  But trust me, if TNNA's Needlepoint Group couldn't get photos of their display because of the crowds, it'll be worth waiting for!

The Kirk and Bradley booth.  Use the side arrows for more views.

Needlepoint Studio of Sarasota posted photos of their Elizabeth Turner Big Buddies magnet haul on their FB pate.

BB Needlepoint's booth.  Use the side arrows to see more.

Photos of The Artists Collection booth.  Use the side arrows to see more.

Labors of Love has updated their website.  Folks seem to like the big Halloween stand ups but I prefer the parrot pillows.  The little mermaids are cuteness personified, there are new clip on birds, there is a "bridal tree" club, new dimensional turkey and some cute double-sided snowmen.

Annie Lane Designs posted three photos of the "Crab Ass" canvas, needle minder, and scissor fob on Facebook.

Barbara Bergsten's booth at market--

Here are four photographs of the Silk Road/Pippin Studios joint booth.  Use the side arrows to see them all.

The Eat Sleep Stitch booth at market features lots of wearables and Beth's teenaged son.

The Needlepointer is having both a Dream House Ventures and a Pepperberry trunk show this month.  It's a good place to see the latest from these wonderful designers, particularly since Dream House Ventures doesn't update their website often.

Kirk and Bradley has posted a photo of their new Miami travel round ornament on Facebook. It packs classic Miami icons in one small design.  There's also one for Chicago (second link below).

The NP Group of TNNA has posted photographs from last night.  Not everything is identified, sadly, but there is only so many hours in the day.  We are lucky we got photographs!

MM Designs has a very nice snow globe.  Moore Than Needlepoint posted a photo on their FB page.

Pepperberry Designs has updated their website.  I like the Crow Banner but the Cool Reindeer is hilarious!  She also has dog ornaments like Melissa Shirley does.  Do we have a theme developing?

JP Needlepoint has updated their website, too.  There are a whole series of Aesop's Fables nursery rhyme pieces ("A Liar Will Not Be Believed Even If He Speaks the Truth" features a shepherd and sheep for the boy who cried wolf.), little owl rounds that are very cute and quick to stitch, plus two Halloween banners of skeletons, one an orange pumpkin skeleton and one the traditional white human skeleton.

Associate Talents has updated their website with new things, including a lot of their signature shaped creatures full of patterns--stars, masks, Christmas balls, ears of corn, acorns and mice.  There is a cute Ducky piece for babies, too.  The second link below shows off their patterned mice.

Pocket Full of Stitches went to Sample It last night and grabbed some things to bring home with them from Scott Church Creative/CBK, A. Bradley, Kristine Kingston, and Little Shoppe Canvas Company.

Enriched Stitch collected photos of new pieces from Maggie and Ewe and Eye off Facebook and posted them together on their blog.  Well done!

Melissa Shirley has updated her website with a lot of new designs from her line as well as wonderful things from Debbie Mumm and Vicki Sawyer.

A quick peak at Fleur de Paris' display.  That's SharonG's new darning stitch book in the front, then a very pretty design I don't recognize and the Sandra Gilmore wolf portrait with stitch guide from Laura Perin in the back.

The National NeedleArts Association (TNNA) is posting photos on Facebook of various activities at the trade show.  No goodies but plenty of people.

Maggie has more than hex patterns from Kathy Dennett--how about bunnies in the cabbage patch?

New for world travelers--Rogue Needlepoint has double-sided world globes and flags of any country available now.  Check the ad on their Facebook page.

Pocket Full of Stitches just posted a preview of items from GailVail Designs. GailVail also includes Fancy Carole and Di Hiller.  There are lots of small Christmas socks and ornaments and some stuffed animal-type designs pictured.

Needlework Retailer shows off one of the new Kitten Purses from KAMALA at Julie Mar.  If you like these, there are pups in purses as well. (second link below)

Louise's Needlepoint shows off the class they took at Market yesterday.  I think this was taught by Libby Sturdy. Nope, Vicki DeAngelis says this was taught by Deborah Mitek.  Vicki didn't say whether this was a Libby Sturdy piece, though. Vicki updated me with the information that this is a little design created by the Painters Threads folks to showcase their thread line.  Thanks, Vicki!

Robin King just posted this on Facebook--"New upcoming color names (and their threads) to debut at this weekend's TNNA (Needlepoint Market) in Columbus, OH from Rainbow Gallery.
Close your eyes and imagine...
Peach Nectar, Surf Blue, Spruce, Mink, Chestnut, Pistachio, Dark Pearl Gray, Bluebird, Surf Blue, Mood Indigo, Banana Crepe... just to name a few.'

Accoutrement Designs shows off their new needle minders and needle/bead cases that will be available in Columbus. Personally I love the enameled pine cone and the rhinestone chai symbol.

Barbara Elmore plans to use these darling dolls to create a world for them on needlepoint canvas.  The first of these little elfish creatures will be painted by the Dallas market in September (hopefully).

Here is a new Denise DeRusha travel square.  Use the side arrows as I think there are more posted than just this one.

Here are five new Melissa Prince designs, ranging from classics to whimsical. I love the wreath with the robin and its nest of eggs myself.

Quail Run has posted a list of the new Kreinik colors in their 1/4 inch ribbon line on their FB page.  There are 9 colors now.

Labors of Love plans to display Jack O'Lantern (stitched by Laurie Walden) in their Market booth.  Laurie is working on the companion Hal O'Ween and Labors of Love will introduce a third in the set, Bea Witch, at the Columbus show.  ttps://

Elizabeth Turner Collection has a colorful new magnet, a chocolate kiss!  Use the side arrows to see the pink bra, the yellow duckie, the regal lion, and the elegant green and gold dragon.

Elizabeth Turner also has more new magnets:  a green dragonfly, elegant mushroom and starfish, and a purple and gold dragon, plus two cocktails and red Christmas bells.

Purple Palm Designs is putting Ellen's "Key West Cruising" into the Silent Auction at Market.

Denise DeRusha Designs has a gorgeous new American eagle piece.

Enriched Stitch's in-house artist has new small ski resort-themed canvases.

Fleur de Paris just posted photographs of some of Trubey's new underwater pillow series on Facebook.

Pocket Full of Stitches shows off the cover of SharonG's new book on darning stitchies.

Needlework Retailer shows off "Lemons," a new 10 count kit on interlock canvas from Elizabeth Bradley Design.

Vicky DeAngelis is about to leave for Market.

Ewe and Eye has posted a photo of their new "Fruit Basket with Bird" on Facebook.

Ewe and Eye has also posted "Penny Flowers."

Kangaroo Paw Designs is now licensed to create designs for Phi Kappa Theta, Beta Theta Pi, and Delta Upsilon!

Pajamas and Chocolate (that's the hand painted line from Patt and Lee) has updated their website with their new designs for Columbus.  There are photo frames featuring their colorful animal line, patterned bones and--my favorite--a new carousel series that is panels showing kids on various carousel animals.  Very cute and there is a stitch guide for each panel from Ilene Levine.  There are new crosses and a new witch, too.

Maggie just posted a new design for Columbus on Facebook. It's one of six hex signs from Kathy Dennett. It's based on fish and is very clever.

Here is another Kathy Dennett/Maggie hex sign.  This one has quilt and plant motifs.

A third Kathy Dennett hex from Maggie, this one with sharks.

A fourth Kathy Dennett hex from Maggie, based on houses.

JP Needlepoint is introducing a new artist at the TNNA show-Jamison Kaufman.  Here's a photo of her "Camel Sunset."

Pajamas and Chocolate just posted a new pink and orange floral on Facebook.  There are three photos, one of the new canvas, one of the Lee bag it was designed for and one of the older orange and turquoise floral in the series.

Kurdy Biggs of Threedles just posted three different color ways for her new "Pendant and Cuff" design--wearable string art!  Use the side arrows to see all three colors.

Melissa Shirley just posted the newest Vicki Sawyer canvas on Facebook.  This is "Wedding Party."

Ewe and Eye has posted a photo of their new "Hydrangea Tree" on Facebook.  It's just out at Columbus so your shop can order for you then.

Oh, boy!  K's has added a tablet holder to their floor frame accessories.  Many thanks to BeStitched and Tara for cluing me in on this.

Canvas Art by Barbi has a new fairy door added to her series called "Faerie Doors in the Myst."

Barbara Bergsten Designs outlines her plans for Market.  Don't miss her models in the Silent Auction!

A. Bradley Designs has three new Halloween drink designs, all with stitch guides from Mary Waldesmith, all posted on Facebook. Use the side arrows to see all the pieces.

Sally Baer of BB Designs has just posted two small tree pieces on Facebook.  The design is called "Night and Day" and apparently the two trees are two halves of a whole.  Neat!

Maggie has posted a photograph on Facebook of the newest Kathy Dennett design--a vegetable still life in an almost abstract style.

Theresa of Homestead Needle Arts tells about her planned classes at Market and points us to new canvases from Unique New Zealand (second link below).

Painted Pony Designs just announced they will start distributing Mary Engelbreit canvases this fall.

Gail Vail Designs just posted a bunch of designs from Di Hiller on their Facebook page.

Wellesley Needlepoint has a new Kathy Schenkel Red Sox baseball set that's exclusive to the shop for now.  The rumor mill says Sharon Quick has done guides for the series.

SharonG's new book on darning patterns is ready!  Order from Fleur de Paris at the TNNA show.

Karen Hennessey of Zecca shows off her stitched Peacock Portrait on Facebook.  Very nice!

Rosie just finished stitching her pilot piece for Ann Strite-Kurz, the new "Pair of Puffins Perched on a Prominance."  (Try saying that three times in a row--fast!)  It turned out very very well.

I know Ann will teach this for EGA this fall and I imagine it will be taught elsewhere.  I just don't know of other classes yet.  This class description will show you what Rosie did on her piece in more detail.

Kate Dickenson just posted a new game board in her signature pinks and greens on Facebook. There are two photos so use the side arrows to navigate.

Planet Earth Fiber is starting to distributed kits that include small painted ornaments, threads and stitch suggestions.  These are not on their website but there are two small 18 count rounds featuring the Statue of Liberty's head in two colors and styles in their 4th of July kits.  They offer three Scandinavian sweater pattern-like kits on 13 count in white and green (highlighting their wools), white and red (highlighting their silks), and white and blue (highlighting their Opal line).  Then they have a hydrangea round ornament and a race horse round ornament, both meant to showcase their lines of ribbons.

Fleur de Paris reminds folks they will be distributing Curtis Boehringer's Santas now.  Here's "Snowfall Santa," posted on their Facebook page.

Elizabeth Bradley Designs says their summer catalogue is available.  Sign up for a copy on their website.

Juli Poitras of JP Needlework is stitching one of her new designs for her husband.  It's lovely--an oriental in purple, black and golds.

Terry Dryden Needlework Design is making more "Funky Rose" and "Harlequin Hearts" kits.  Fans of Terry's colorful designs and her wonderful classes, take note and pick these up while they are available again.

Pamela Harding shows off her "Jester," which will be one of the classes at the 2016 ANG Seminar, which will be in New Orleans.

Kelly Clark has updated her website with new items like her "Welcome Home Sampler" and the new "Holiday Sayings" series, plus photos of her bee skeps stitched.  Watch the slide show, then click on "What's New" on the left side of the home page.

Curious about the additional items you can order if you bought the Catherine the Great kit from Gay Ann Rogers?  Here is the needle set that you can buy.  Kate makes it easy to get your supplies if you don't have a shop nearby.

Rebecca Wood Designs has an updated website. This link is to the new designs for 2015.  Thanks for the tip, Needle Works!

Janet Perry lists some new items that have come out.  Some are not brand new but premiered in January.  Other items are from the Needlework Retailer ads, so Janet doesn't have links to see anything.

Brenda Stofft is doing a bluebonnet rabbit ornament for Needle Works in Austin.  Here are the details so you can order.    I don't know if this will be available anywhere else, so if you fall in love, order now.

Elizabeth Turner Collection is going to introduce four new parrot designs at Market.  Use the side arrows to see all four.

Robbyn's Nest Designs has a new Asian double frame that is lovely.  It has holes for two of the Robbyn Nest canvases that are part of the whole pattern.  This was posted on Facebook.

Liz Morrow of LizArt has three new charts available.  LizArt specializes in Bargello designs, so if you love counted canvaswork and modern Bargello patterns, check these out.

Wichelt is now distributing Anette Eriksson designs for needlepoint and cross stitch and embroidery (I think).  This Scandinavian designer isn't well known in the US but her website is fun to browse.  Some charts are available for free download, too, although it isn't clear which are intended for XS and which for NP.

Laurel Wheeler Designs has four new op art designs for those who are amused by optical illusions.

The Quarter Stitch in New Orleans has a new website that they say has all the Clementine Hunter canvases available.  If you like folk art, you'll want to see these.  If you are interested in New Orleans-themed designs, browse the entire site.

BB Needlepoint Designs posted sneak peeks at two new designs on Facebook.  The first "Hooty the Owls" is a cluster of owls in soft pastels and grays while "Checker Flower Vase" is colorful flowers in a striped vase on a checkboard patterned table.

Ridgewood Needlepoint has a new little spiral bound book of graphs and lines, suitable for diagramming stitches and writing notes.  If you are organized, this is for you!  You also might take it to classes sort of like an autograph book and get famous teachers to add a stitch to each page for you....  Just saying.

ABS Designs shows off "Born to Shop" which was created in honor of Anne Stradal's mom's shopping skills.  You can see more about this fun piece on the ABS website.

Ehrman Tapestry in England is having their traditional summer sale.  When I looked at the items they have selected, I noticed quite a few I'd never seen before.  I'm not certain they are brand new, but they are new to me.  Have fun browsing traditional kits here.

As a companion to the Needlepoint Now article in the May/June 1025 issue, Eye Candy adds close up photos of Ada's "Meadowlark Bracelet" to her blog to help stitchers see how it turns out.  Thanks, Ada!

Sandy Arthur just posted about her next two cyber classes, one featuring A. Bradley's "Bunny with Easter Egg Wreath," and one featuring Leigh Designs' "Bejing Butterflies."  The Easter class starts in mid-July and the Asian butterflies class starts in mid-August so if you are interested you need to read about the classes here and act fast.

Terry Dryden has a new, charming small geometric design ready.  It's called "Secret Garden" and I think it is lovely.  I believed it's available as a kit from Terry so you don't have to hunt for the triangle beads.  By the way, her current inventory of kits is listed in this article if you want to know if a favorite is available from her.

Natalia's Fine Needlework has a new miniature rug chart available.  It's called "Blooming Carnations" and is full of stylized carnations, roses and apple blossoms.

Marlene's has added to their line of Marlene Makes It Fun self-finishing items with cute purse ornaments.  The website is called One Stop Needlepoint dot com.

JP Needlepoint just posted a photo of "Silver Tabby" on Facebook.  Very nice!

Painted Pony Designs just posted two new Santas from their artist Lynne Andrews.  "Cardinal Courier" shows Santa on a redbird and "Joy Ride" has Santa riding a goose.

Melissa Shirley just posted a new design in her Table Series on Facebook.  It is called "Autumn Table with Birds" and is on 13 count canvas and is 18 inches by 14 inches.  Very nice!

Juli Poitras of JP Needlepoint is posting photos of new designs underway for the Columbus show on her JP Needlepoint Facebook page.  Here is one of the cats completed.  Check out the site for a series of photos that show the designs being developed.

Devon Nicholson Design just posted two new Mothers' Day designs on their Facebook page.  Devon's new website (second link below) is a fun browse as she has a wide range of designs that match the wide range of needlepointing personalities we have.

The Needlework Retailer just posted a photo of the RN piece that is the latest in Melissa Prince Designs' careers series.

Accoutrement Designs has posted photos of two new magnets they are introducing in Columbus on their blog--a squirrel and a pirate flag.

Raymond Crawford continues to post photos of new canvases on his Facebook page.  This is "Santa Railroad."

Painted Pony Designs posted a good photo of the new Lynne Andrews "Polar Express" Santa canvas.  I think this was introduced in January but this is a better photo than the one I saw then.

This may be a new Raymond Crawford design, just posted to his Facebook page.  The little colorful jingle bells are charming!

Sign of the Arrow's "2015 Limited Edition Ornament" is now available to order from the shop.

Diane has some tips on stitching Sign of the Arrow's 2015 ornament on her Facebook page.

Needlepoint Now's May issue features SharonG's yellow hibiscus for a canvas stitch guide.  I hope Sharon did the guide.  She is wildly talented!  Guess I'll find out when my issue arrives in a week or two.

Pocket Full of Stitches has brand new canvases from the January who which have arrived.  Included are more goodies from Ann Wheat Pace,  DJ Designs (still love the jaguar and his Maya carving!), Pippin, Patti Mann (love the colorful cat face!), Stitch Its (don't miss the cute bunnies in cute outfits),  and The Point of It All Designs (they have No Flying Monkeys and a darling dogs at a lobster feast design).

Ruth Schmuff introduces a new Ryn monster piece called "Freedom" which comes with a stitch guide.

Karen Hennessey of Zecca just posted a photo of their third counted design on Facebook. It's called "Jewels."  The second link below is Jewels framed.

The Needlepointer is highlighting brand new canvases that have just arrived from the January Market.

J. Malahy Designs has new sock monkey canvases out. C U T E

Associated Talents just posted a sneak peek at what I'm guessing is a Halloween sign on their Facebook page.  This will be introduced at the Columbus Market.

Painted Pony Designs posted a photo of a new "Celtic Santa" from Lynne Andrews in his green robes on Facebook.

Debbie talks about her new DebBee's Designs chart (it came out in January) in the Glitz and Glamour series--"Silver."

Melissa Shirley is getting ready to introduce a new Vicki Sawyer piece called "A Cardinal Family Christmas."  It's lovely!  It's 18x6 inches on 18 count according to Melissa.

Barbara's Needlepoint has a fabulous series of spring animals (rabbits, chicks and sheep) with patterns on their bodies done by their in-house artists.  Here is a magnificent sheep stitched and finished beautifully by The Flying Needles in Belleair Bluffs, Florida.

Jan's latest Thread Medley chart is ready!  It's called "Nain Diamond" and will appear to the Jean Hilton fan.  You can buy directly from Jan herself (second link below).

Painted Pony Designs just posted a new small sheep running through a meadow at dawn piece from Diane Pederson on Facebook.  At 4x5 inches on 18 count it is a good size if you like folk art themes but aren't up for a larger piece.

Vicky DeAngelis shows off the Elizabeth Turner and Pepperberry classes she will teach at the trade show.  Think Halloween and snowmen!

Kimberly Smith is showing off her new dragon and castle piece called "My Castle, My Dragon."  She is stitching the design as we speak so when it is released there will be a stitch guide, too.

Sandy Arthur just posted a photograph of the three pieces she's teaching the shop owners who go to the Columbus show.  If you want a sneak peak at Leigh Design's newest series (yes, I am stitching another one of them), this is the place!  You can also see a wonderful regal owl from JP Needlepoint and charming flowers in bloom from Susan Roberts.

Fleur de Paris has posted a new dede Odgen piece on their Facebook page.  It's called "Bunnies in a Basket" and is for spring and tulip lovers.

Painted Pony Designs has posted a brand new Diane Ulmer Pedersen folk art piece called "Sheep Farm" on their Facebook page.  If you love Vermont, check this out.

Moore than Needlepoint has posted a Bonnie Alexander canvas on their Facebook page.  They are featuring her Hunt Country-themed pieces this month.  They aren't new but hard to find so I'm posting this here for her fans to see.

Planet Earth Fiber has introduced a new silk ribbon called Freckles.  The ribbons are spotted and splattered with another color or a darker shade.  Pretty!  You can see more on their website.

Amy Bunger has announced her 2015-2016 Home Study Project--it will be Melissa Shirley's new "The Pumpkin Parade."  The class will start in the Autumn of 2016 so the signup deadline is July 1.

Magnets by Attraction has five new magnets to enjoy:  two tropical fish, a mermaid, a blue cocktail and a hummingbird.  Visit Debbie Owen's Magnets by Attraction Facebook page to order.

Kurdy Biggs just posted three new counted ornament designs that will be released in June on Facebook.  Watch for these on the Threedles website.

JP Needlepoint just posted a purse design that Juli Poitras is stitching for a model for the Columbus trade show.

Dorothy Lesher just announced on Facebook that her "Victorian Christmas" design of a woman in a long gown decorating her tree in front of a window with a view of the winter landscape and full moon will be taught via Shining Needle Society sometime in 2015.

Fleur de Paris just announced they will distributing Curtis Boehringer's designs.  He's famous for his Santas and Fleur de Paris posted a typical one on Facebook.

Painted Pony has posted a photograph of their most popular new angel from the January trade show on Facebook--"Pink Princess."

Melissa Shirley has posted a new design on Facebook called "The Pumpkin Parade."  It will be available at the Columbus show.

Vicky DeAngelis shows off the new colors of Sundance beads and metal findings and their new rayon raffia.

Kelly Clark has brand new Christmas signs in the traditional reds and greens as part of the trunk show of her work at Beadecked and Beaddazzled.

Anna Pearson has a new color ways for her Tudor Rose design and is working on a rhino with an elaborate border.  Both designs can be ordered from her, but note that she's in England so you may have to wait a bit for things to get through Customs.  I've never had any trouble ordering things from England but you never know.

Kimberly has a new design.  It doesn't have a name yet but it is pink and spiky and pretty in a floral petal sort of way.  She also shows off some of her hand painted canvases from previous years, too, just in case you haven't seen all the fun things Kimberly is capable of.

Vicky DeAngelis has a new Pepperberry Snowman model ready to teach at the TNNA show.  The stitch guide will be available in June.

Susan Roberts has a new series of shell pillows.  Here's the "Geo Pattern Tulip Shell."

Purple Palm Designs has posted another fabulous cactus floral from Sharon Weiser on Facebook.  This one is called "Desert Light" and might be my favorite.

The Needlework Retailer shows off Sally Corey's new Pucci-type design, available from Julie Mar and Friends.  You can see more at the Julie Mar website (second link below).

Natalia's Fine Needlework has a new rug chart available, this one in the Kazak style which she talks about in the first link below. Natalia has the kit for sale in her Etsy store (second link below).

Magnets By Attraction has posted new magnets and a few braided leather scissors fobs on their Facebook page.

Sally Corey has posted a new design in her French scenes series on Facebook.  This is called "Paris Opera" and is also on her website for those who can't see the FB page.

Kreinik has new colors in their new wide 1/4 inch metallic ribbons.  What fun!

Rogue Needlepoint's King Henry VIII has a stitch guide underway from Lori Carter.  She also has guides for four of his six queens, each with a lovely setting in the background (second link below).

Advance copies of Jo I. Christensen's third edition of the Needlepoint book are out!

Randi of The World of Needlepoint also picked up an advance copy and is posting thoughts on Needlepoint Nation.

Finally, I have one more new chart for you, this time from LizArt.  It's a small Bargello piece, suitable for a beginner.  You can see it here, but Liz doesn't have it ready to sell just yet.

Zecca posted a new small heart design on Facebook.  Home is Where the Heart is!

Speaking of charts, it's a good day for counted canvaswork lovers as Laura Perin also has a new chart.  Laura's new design is called "Springtime Wreath" and it is the latest in her seasonal wreath series.  If your local shop doesn't carry charts, check the tab on Blog for shops that do or order directly from Laura herself at the second link below.


Jan at Thread Medley has released a new chart called "Hearts and Flowers."  It's a simple graphic floral pattern, perfect as decoration for a small item, and totally different from her ethnic rug patterns.  To pick up a copy of the chart, visit Jan's webste in the second link below.

Natalia's Fine Needlework has a new rug chart available. This is "Vera."  If you fall in love with this oriental beauty, Natalia has the kit for sale in her Etsy store (second link below).

Thanks to Tess I just discovered that Gayla Elliott Designs has a Facebook page.  Here are four new designs from the January Market--

Here are three more Gayla Elliotts.

Four more Gayla Elliott pieces.

And finally nine more from Gayla Elliott.

New ski-themed designs from Doolittle Stitchery are on the Ridgewood blog.

I just realized that Wellesley Needlepoint (shop and also Annie Lane's distributor) has three pages of Annie Lane designs on their website.  (Yes, I am slow.)  Some I've never seen before.  Have fun exploring.

Thistle Threads has a new "needlework nibble" to benefit the Lexington Historical Society in Massachusetts.  Thistle's website has also been revamped (second link below) so it's easy to visit the classes or go shopping for the fabulous items that Thistle Threads offers.  Don't miss the metallic scissors (Accessories), the April Sale (check out the silk gimp and gilt spangles!), or books (Browse), or any of the fabulous and exotic items available here for the adventurous or history-obsessed needleworker.

Kimberly introduces a new design called "Little Lamb" which is packed full of springtime flowers and will be available from Ruth Schmuff shortly.   Other new things are on the drawing board, too.  To see Little Lamb and his friends, visit Kimberly's blog.

Tapestry Fair has licensed the artwork of Pat Scheurich and has started picking designs to translate to needlepoint canvas.  Let Peggi know if you see something fab on Pat's website (second link below) you'd like her to adapt.

Point of It All Designs has new custom name and college designs.  They will create your favorite name or college in whatever colors you prefer.  Three examples are up on Facebook.

Viola has new mini flask canvases (which presumably come with the tiny flask to self-finish) according to the Needlework Retailer.  They are very cute!  (xecond link below)

Magnets By Attractions has a new cross magnet for Easter and several sports-themed magnets.

Sharon at Purple Palm Designs has a new entry in her Blue Pot series, and it's a honey!

Ruth Dilts and Joan Lohr will teach JP Needlepoint's Happy Hopper at the TNNA show.  This is one from a new series by JP that will debut (I think) at the Columbus show.  Make your shop owner sign up!

Accoutrement Designs has posted photos of their newest magnets for March and April 2015 which range from chevrons to peacocks and deer (and more)

Sandy Arthur has posted models for the classes she's going to teach shop owners at TNNA. There's the Gold Digger from Leigh Designs,  The Tudor Owl Queen from JP Needlepoint, and Susan Robert's Flower Sampler.  If you aren't a shop owner, don't worry.  Sandy will make the guides available after the trade show.  AND she's got a new book on backgrounds and darning stitches in the works!

Ruth Diltz and Joan Lohr are going to teach this wonderful LOVE design from Kate Dickerson at the TNNA show.

Designers Desk's latest newsletter talks about the new book from SharonG.  The title is It's About Darn Time - darning stitches!  I can't wait.  I love Sharon's first book (SharonG's Simple Essential Needlepoint Stitch Explanations, also known as SENSE) and use it a lot.  I'm sure I'll use the new one almost as much.

BB Needlepoint has posted three new belt designs hot off the drawing board on Facebook this morning.  These are for the Columbus show in very late May.