Monday, December 13, 2010

A Monday Morning Treat

Are you interested in food?  Do you like reading about history?  Is period clothing your thing?  Are you a fan of British fiction?  Do you adore (and re-read annually) Jane Austen?  Whichever of these things caught your eye, this is the website for you!  Erudite without being dull, I find this site a great escape from the pressures of holiday prep.  Even reading the list of recently read books is a delight!  My only quarrel is that many of the TV program links don't work for those outside Britain and that's the fault of the BBC, not the author.

Jane, exiting to look at the boxes of Jello in the pantry in CH

UPDATE: Due to the kindness of a friend, I learned about this movie, which sounds interesting to a stitcher.

My friend was charmed by a shrug in the movie (she says the costumes are fabulous) that resembles one Sophie Digard has created. This is for the crocheters out there. Isn't it lovely? I'd adore one of those myself!

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