Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Fiber Pharm: The Threadaholic's Dream

Need threads but you don't have a shop?  Fiber Pharm to the rescue!

You can buy a collection of fibers, or just a skein, or you can purchase what they call a "Curated Collection," which is a selection of fibers for a variety of canvases.  The canvases are purchased separately.  Designs featured come from Alice and Blue, Rachel Barri, Bad Bitch, CSH Needlepoint Designs, Crude Canvases, A Dragon's Tale, Emily G Stitches, Evelyn Designs, Everyday Needlepoint, Fire and Iris Designs, Frances Mary Needlepoint, Jenny Henry, Hudson Stitchery, Jenya Rose, Kayla Lu Designs, Lazy Lane, Mopsy Designs, One Part Whimsy, Over the Hill Needlepoint, Oz Needle and Thread, Poppy's Designs, Judy Tasch, Rowdy Designs, Ruscella Designs, SBT Stitches, Silver Stitch, Skooter's Designs, Elizabeth Crane Schwartz, Texas Safari, Three Thimbles, What a Gem, WIP Stitch, Audrey Wu and Ziggy Stitches.

Never heard of the designer?  No worries.  Click on the thumbnail for a canvas you like and you'll see a link to the designer's website at the bottom of the listing for the threads for it, which is usually an Etsy page. Makes it easy to get threads that will work and then go pick up the canvas (although I suggest that you make sure the canvas is in stock before you buy the threads for it).

Many thanks to Deborah of A Dragon's Tale for telling NP Nation about this new website!

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