Tuesday, September 20, 2016

My Personal Favorites from Destination Dallas 2016

Cool Drink - Erin Nelson

Now that the Destination Dallas show is over and we are moving into the fall holiday season, I wanted to point out designs I really really liked. This is a personal list, just things that whisper "stitch me" when I look at them.  The first on the list is a new artist at Purple Palm Designs.  The "Cool Drink" zebra shown on the left is so appealing due to the cool colors Erin Nelson choose.

Pair of Quail from Quail Run Designs

How about the quails in this Quail Run design?  I just love them!

Alice Peterson Does Mahjong

I'm also crazy about the mahjong canvases from Alice Peterson.  There are three different designs.  I think the one on the right is my personal favorite.  I like the mix of red, yellow and gray, the gate and the lanterns.

Julie Mar's Peppermint Stick Mouse Sock

I have to say this peppermint stick mouse stocking from Julie Mar is the cutest thing ever!  Of course I love pink.

Laurel Birch Flowers

Continuing my fascination this September with floral and animal canvases are these two from Laurel Burch/Danji.

Another Laurel Burch from Painted Pony Designs

I love the simplicity of the horse and birds design.

Beauty, by Zecca

Zecca's new Beauty Bird is lovely and the saying is quite inspirational, too.

Deco Detective, from Eleanor Grosch

Unlike any of the other pieces, my last favorite treats are not straight from nature but are people--here's Eleanor Grosch's "The Deco Detective, " straight from the Golden Age of British detective stories.

Lani's Lady with Peonies

And here is one of Lani's new Asian ladies.  They are stunners!

Carolyn Hedge Baird says she noticed a lot of donkey canvases and lots of dogs in clothes when I asked her what trends she noticed at Destination Dallas.  What trends did you notice and what were your favorites?

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Stitches for Animals

In August Mary Legallet treatied us to stitches and threads for animals.   Some will even work for insects.  (Are bugs animals?)







By the way, Donna has a great fur stitch, too.  So I thought I'd include it here.

Written by Jane/Chilly Hollow
Blogging at http://chillyhollownp.blogspot.com
and at http://chstitchguides.blogspot.com
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