Monday, January 17, 2011

Stars and New Canvases

Last night I finished the first step of the trellis pattern that fits between the legs of the central star, and got three-quarters of the way through step two, which adds small tent, reverse tent and large cross stitches on top of the purple trellis.  In the photo only the right side quadrant lacks the black touches.  A third step goes on top of the first two. I hope to finish step two and complete step three today.

In other news, Needlenook of La Jolla has started to add photographs of new canvases from the January 2011 TNNA show to their website. Click on anything that was updated this month, then look at the canvas titles to see the 1/11 new additions.  In most cases there are only 1-2 new designs but hey!  We'll take what eye candy we can get!

Speaking of eye candy, I've had a request to see Lani's new Halloween collage piece but it's not on her updated website.  Anyone know where we can see a photograph on a shop website?  For those who are not familiar with Lani's collages, here is her website.  The newest ones are on the home page and older canvases can be seen by clicking Needlepoint and then Collage, but the Halloween one isn't shown either place.  If you know where this can be seen, please let me know.

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Barbara's Chandelier and the Masks

More new things are turning up all over as designers and shops get back home from the TNNA show and get unpacked.  Whimsy and Grace has new sleep masks in their line.  Click on the small photo of their booth at the show to see even more of their classic designs, from gingerbread men to a double bee pattern and flower canvases that are lovely.

Barbara Elmore is back from California and showing off the latest of her fantasy chandeliers.  This one features teapots, lace, teacups and fancy little cookies.  Reading what Barbara says about using open stitches and unstitched areas on her canvases is inspiring.  (And there is another glimpse of her amazing slippers!)

Lani has updated her website with lovely finished examples of her designs.

Written by Jane/Chilly Hollow Blogging at Archived Yahoo 360 postings at