Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Devil Doesn't Glow in the Dark

With Halloween ornaments so popular these days, thread companies have created threads that glow in the dark.  Rainbow Gallery just came out with a Neon Rays Plus in a glow in the dark thread, in fact.  But how well do they work? What do they look like and where can you get glow in the dark threads?  Don't look at me.  Despite my huge stash of threads, I only have one that glows in the dark and I can't find it right now.  However, Robin King is ready and able to step up and share her experience with these threads.

We can now glow with confidence!  Unless we are a devil ornament, of course.  LOL

Thanks, Robin.

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Stars Update

Sadly, it isn't my Stars update, it is Coni's and Jan's and Liz's.  They have all been busy working their squares.  Coni is rocking a red, white and blue version from the bottom up, which means we get to see blocks that are new to me.

She's making great progress, too, with the determination and focus only the Spinster Stitcher can bring to projects.

Jan is doing a rust and olive color scheme.  She and Liz have finished the same block so you can see what different colors do with the patterns.

Liz is using turquoise and brown.  Well, of course there are other colors involved but those are the ones most prominent this month.

I will get back to Stars one day, but not for a while.  I have too many deadlines on painted canvases.  Sorry.  We'll all have to enjoy everyone else's versions until I have more time.

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