Friday, January 20, 2023

New Light Magnifier from VivaLux

According to the Needlework Retailer, VivaLux has a new rechargeable light/magnifier.

BeStitched seems to have them in stock.

VivaLux has all sorts of lamps for all sorts of uses.  This one is called the ViviLux Rechargeable Cordless LED Task Lamp with Wireless Charger, USB and Magnifier.  It has a removable 3x magnifier that clips onto the light's main arm, bendable arms, is charged through a USB port or wall plug, has a built in Qi phone charger, and LED light.  There are three light levels and the magnifier is large at 4x6 inches.  I can't find out how much it weighs but it is described as "light weight."  Apparently it comes with an extra base so you can use just the magnifer without the light if you wish.

There is also a version without the magnifier.

I think this is the no magnifier version.

You can also buy just the magnifier.

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