Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Book for Castaways UPDATED

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Guess what? Carole Lake and Michael Boren have a new book out!   It is called Desert Island Stitches:  Volume One -- Ideas for Small Spaces and is the first in a series of little books that concentrate on stitches that Carole and Michael find very useful and which they'd take with them if they were planning on being stranded on a desert island.  (Hopefully one with a great hotel, room service, and a pool with cabanas and a bar.)

Sneak Peek Inside
The Desert Island Stitches:  Small Spaces book is divided into five sections: tent stitches, diagonal stitches, oblique stitches, straight stitches and cross stitches.  Above is a page I picked at random from inside the book so you could see what the diagrams are like.  It's 78 pages long and the diagrams are black and white and are not numbered.  Each page has multiple stitch patterns diagramed on it.  Carole says it is about the size of the Stitches to Go book, so it is definitely tote bag or briefcase-sized.

The book is intended to be something you flip through when you are looking for ideas for small areas.  Carole says, "It's for when you have that stupid little space and you want something flirty and cute but not out of proportion to the space."

Start Packing for the Remote Stitching Island....
The book will be available through Rainbow Gallery at the TNNA show.   Carole says shops can preorder from Rainbow Gallery now.  Here's to a bunch of happy Robinson Crusoes in 2015!

UPDATE:  Needle in a Haystack has copies and tells us a bit about the book size and layout on their blog.

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The Peace Ornament (Needlepoint Now)

Needlepoint Now's latest newsletter is out online, and it includes a free Christmas ornament.  Of course there's a profile of the new issue and more.

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